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ESO Gold Farming Guides

Earn Gold on ESO by farming materials

Farming materials on ESO is a great way to earn gold. Material farming can be done passively, while waiting for a dungeon queue or battlegrounds queue to pop, or it can be done actively, by following an established route and going from node – to – node in a timely and efficient manner. Check out our material farming locations, tips and tricks and guides below!

ESO Material Farming Guide

Featured Route: Blackreach, Arkthzand Cavern

Lot’s of high-valued nodes spawn here, including crimson nirnroots and runestones. There are also a lot of chests that can be acquired while traversing this route. All three gearsets that drop from these chests are valuable and can be sold at high prices because they are in demand for the current pvp meta.

Featured Video: The Reach Chest & Material Farm

Check out my favourite place in The Reach to farm for chests and plenty of expensive materials!

The Best Farming Routes

Farming Powdered Mother Of Pearl & Clam Gall

Peep my video all about soloing Summerset Geysers to be able to farm for all of that juicy powdered mother of pearl and clam gall all by your lonesome self! Soloing geysers really isn’t all that hard – you don’t need a group to help you complete one, you just need to know what to do!

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ESO Crafting Guide


Use the materials that you have farmed to craft expensive and highly sought after gear and consumables.

ESO Gold Farming Guide

Chest Farming

While you follow a material farming route, you may find yourself stumbling upon plenty of chests! Check out our ESO chest farming routes to see if you can maximize the efficiency of your farming adventures!

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