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The Best-Selling Items In ESO For Every Patch

What are the best things to sell in ESO?

The best way to make gold on ESO is to know exactly what is in high demand, how to best acquire it, and how to best sell it. The hottest items in ESO change every patch, but here at TTS, we’ve got you covered on all the insider knowledge that you need to navigate the market each patch.

Current Patch: Ascending Tide

Just Because It Is Popular; Doesn’t Mean It’s Worth Selling

The best items to sell in ESO and the most popular items in ESO are two parallel but not synonymous concepts. There are multiple factors that influence the supply and demand of a particular item on ESO. Things such as shifts in the meta, the introduction of new sets or events, and the population’s ignorance to these market demands are just some of many notions that must be considered when assigning any value to any item.

For example, while “Venomous Smite” was a popular pvp set in update 27 and update 28, that did not mean that it was a worthwhile investment to try to farm for it or flip it. The introduction of the Greymoor chapter in update 27 paired with the Western Skyrim event a few months later inflated the Venomous market. This coupled with the fact that sellers remained largely unaware of the fact that Venomous even had any demand at all (and subsequently resorting to selling their Venomous gear to all of the pvpers for dirt cheap prices) ultimately contributed to its low value.

These reoccurring posts are meant to serve as a means to guide you through this ESO market theory and help you understand exactly what you should be selling to be making the most gold every patch!

Previous Patches

Check out the best items to sell in ESO from previous patches to better understand why certain sets, consumables, materials and the like were in such high demand. Notice any trends? Perhaps you can use this information to make your own educated guesses as to what will be the hottest items in future patches to come!

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