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Get all of the insider tips on the ESO market

Be sure to check back often for updates on the current hottest-selling items every patch, as well as market theorycrafting that can help you predict what items are about to be hot.

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How To Passively Earn Gold In ESO

Making serious bank on ESO does not require a serious investment of time – you can actually earn a lot of gold passively, while playing other facets of the game. Find out how!

Chest Farming Routes!

Check out the most efficient farming routes for each of the most profitable sets in every zone!

ESO Summerset

Becoming a better player =
Becoming a better trader

Some of the game’s most expensive items come from the most difficult content.Check out the many resources that we have to offer as well as the other amazing sites, videos and addons that ESO content creators have published to help you become a better player, and subsequently, a better trader.

Getting Started: Gold Guides for Noobs

Check out the resources below to learn more about how you can start to earn your first few stacks of gold!

ESO Dailies

Zone Dailies

How to acquire valuable motifs, materials and set pieces

ESO Crafting


Crafting stations can make you rich on ESO – find out how

ESO Farming


The best, node-dense areas to farm for materials

Make money while you PvP

Making serious bank on eso is not exclusive to completing vetDLC dungeons, grinding out zone dailies or spending hours at the crafting stations – you can earn a lot of gold passively while pvping. Check out our extensive pvp related guides!


You may be farming gold in ESO wrong!

Are you being as efficient as possible with your time spent farming gold on ESO? Did you know that some items have cooldowns?! Find out more by watching the video below:

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Getting Sweaty: Gold Guides For Veterans

Check out the resources below to learn more about how you can step up your game and start earning some serious revenue!


Find out how you can make easy gold from “flipping” items in ESO

Creating Monopolies

By owning most or all of the supply of a specific item, you can determine the price

Selling Carries

Coming Soon!

The Best-Selling Items in ESO – Every Patch!

Check out our What’s Hot page every patch to catch up on all of the hottest ESO sets, consumables, materials and more!

How To Make Easy Gold During ESO Events

There are some items that sell better and are worth much more during ESO events than any other time of the year! Find out what they are so that you can sell them for yourself!

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Understanding The Meta

Understanding the current eso “Meta” is synonymous with understanding what is the most in demand. By being able to comprehend the current meta and predict the direction that it will take in the future, you can maximize profit

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What’s Hot: Blackwood

The following items are in high demand for the Blackwood patch: Armor Sets The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now! Do keepContinue reading “What’s Hot: Blackwood”


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