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Welcome to “Tamriel Trade Secrets”, a trading hub that provides all of the commerce knowledge that you will ever need for The Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you are looking to make a few quick bucks in the moment, or you are looking to establish a more long-term financial investment plan for your precious gold in ESO, you’ve come to the right place!

I have created this site to serve as a pocket handbook of sorts for all of your gold-making endeavors on ESO. By sharing my extensive knowledge of the game, I hope to aid you in your trading efforts by passing some of this information off to you. Much like the aforementioned quote suggests, it is the notion of learning about the market on ESO (as well as it’s trends, it’s farming routes, it’s popular items etc) that will ultimately be the most financially rewarding.

When I log on to ESO, I do so with the intent to experience all aspects of the game play that it has to offer. I like to spend my time in Tamriel running dungeons with friends, grouping up with fellas in zone chat to knock out a few zone dailies, healing my Aldmeri Dominion comrades in Cyrodiil, progging through veteran DLC trials with my PvE guild and getting my RP on as I complete the story quests for each zone. By understanding the ESO market and spending a moderately brief amount of time in the guild trader menu, I am able to partake in all of my favourite aspects of the game while subsequently earning a considerable amount of gold (millions every week). I am very satisfied with this situation, as I find that my gold-earning ventures do not disrupt my enjoyment of the game, nor do they take a lot of time, the way farming materials or doing writs on 15 toons would (no hate on farming mats and doing your writs, that stuff can be quite relaxing)!
Instead, I have found a way to passively make a lot of gold on ESO while I play the game the way I really want to, and the key to doing so lies within knowledge (I wont fault you if you read that last word with Tai Lopez’s iconic mannerism) of the game.

On this site, you can expect to find the following content:

…As well as other more niche and specific pieces of trade information that aren’t really discussed at all and that may be of benefit to you….Trade secrets, if you will. See what I did there?

I truly hope that you can learn a thing or two that can be of great assistance to you. Having an abundance of gold on ESO can make for a more enjoyable gaming experience, as you won’t have to worry about affording whatever gear or items you desire. Plus, it can be nice to treat yourself to shiny new motifs or crown crates purchased with gold from time to time!

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Shout out to @DrakarSnow for his wicked photography skills, and to Sneezes from Nexus Mods for creating the rad ENB that we use for the images on this site. You can download it for yourself here!

Sketch of Artemis Camoran (my stamblade main!) created by Cassius

What’s Hot: Ascending Tide

A New ESO Event – And It’s About Gold & Commerce!!

The upcoming “Zeal of Zenithar” ESO event is set to debut in a few months! Find out what this new event is all about and prepare yourself to make stonks!

The following items are in high demand for the Waking Flame patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

Do keep in mind the fact that different player bases across different platforms may respond to these changes differently.


With sets like “Robes of Transmutation” and the NEW RoTW set “Rallying Cry” in the game, damage dealers and supports alike are able to provide themselves and their groupmates ample crit resistances. The healing changes have also made it such that healing/cross-healing is incredibly strong. To counter this defensive meta, damage dealers are opting for sets that dish out a lot of up-front burst damage rather than damage-over-time.

Because it is so easy to build for crit resistances with the new sets, a lot of players are stepping away from utilizing impenetrable gear, and are instead looking at other options, such as “well-fitted”. A lot of pvpers are unaware of this or they do not play in optimized groups, so there will still remain a lot of demand for impenetrable pvp gear, but just be aware that selling pvp in other traits for a lot of gold may also be feasible.

Rallying Cry

Rallying Cry is a staple pvp set for supports and dps alike. It is a must-have in serious small-scale group compositions and it carries its weight quite well even in solo pvp scenarios.

Rewards of the worthy coffers
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: back bar weapons (particularly resto staves, shields & 1hers), and body pieces in impen/well-fitted.

War Maiden

The prices of War Maiden gear is quickly recovering after the recent Morrowind celebration event. Because it is such a strong non-trial gear alternative for dps, its demand remains consistent.

The ideal pieces for this set are: body pieces in divines.

Wretched Vitality

Although this set was introduced back in Deadlands, a lot of players were reluctant to utilize it. There was a lot of discussion concerning whether or not the set was overkill in terms of the amount of stat recovery that it bestowed (and its lack of offensive stats). With more content creators pushing builds with this set in recent times, the sales prices for this set are steadily increasing. Jewelry pieces from this set in particular are selling for substantial amounts of gold.

Craftable (3 traits)
The ideal pieces for this set are: jewelry, medium body pieces (save for light sashes and heavy cuirasses) in impen and well-fitted, stamina weapons in sharpened.


ESO Ascending Tide Gold Guide:

Check out the accompanying video to this post below:

This shot was taken from the new dungeon: “Coral Aerie”

Featured Post

The NEW “Annihilarch’s Chosen” motif style will have a chance to drop from Oblivion portal world events starting May 25th!

An Overlooked ESO Gold Strategy

A lot of players remain largely unaware of the fact that completing treasure maps are a very profitable endeavor! Some treasure maps have a chance to drop leads for ancestral motifs, and some of those ancestral motifs are worth a whole lot of gold! Check out the video below to learn more about this ESO gold-making strategy!

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Blackwood patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Blackwood.

Smoked Bear Haunch & Jewels Of Misrule

The combat changes that have promoted hybridity have subsequently promoted the usage of consumables that complement such a playstyle. Consumables such as Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch & the Jewels of Misrule provide max health stats as well as ample stamina AND magicka recovery. For players that regularly utilize skills that dip into both resources, these consumables are ideal. This is especially the case in PVP scenarios.

Both of these consumables can be crafted if you have learned the appropriate recipe and have the correct consumables. Both recipes can be purchased from other players (on the guild traders). The Jewels of Misrule recipe can drop from the Jester’s Festival reward boxes and the recipe for Orzorga’s Bear Haunch is a reward for completing Orzorga’s questline. She can be found near the Morkuldin Forge in Wrothgar.

Ancient Sandstones

The NEW Fargrave structural furnishings that have a chance to drop from completing Fargrave dailies require heaps of Ancient Sandstones in order to be crafted (usually 20). These Sandstones are not very simple to farm in light of the fact that they are not directly incorporated in any daily reward coffer. The low supply of sandstones and the great demand for them (which is further reinforced through the fact that it costs 20 sandstones a piece to craft a Fargrave structural furnishing) has encouraged the significant increase in the price of this once worthless style material.

Craglorn & Ra Gada Gear
Ancient Sandstones can be found in Craglorn. They have a chance to drop from treasure chests, event reward chests, delve bosses and celestial rifts in the zone. Gear that is of the Ra Gada style may also be deconned for a chance at receiving this style material.

Fargrave Structural Furnishing Plans

The daily world boss and delve quests in Fargrave now have a chance to reward you with Fargrave structural furnishing plans! This makes the Fargrave dailies among the most profitable daily quests in the game.

Fargrave daily quests can be picked up in Fargrave. Daily quest-givers have a light blue glowing quest marker above their heads to indicate that their quests are repeatable and may be shared with others in your group.

Deadlands Treasure Maps & Ancient Daedric Motifs

Despite the fact that this update is a part of the new year-long adventure called “Legacy of the Bretons”, a lot of updates to the Deadlands (last year’s DLC) in particular have been rolled out! The added structural furnishing plans and new daedric-themed motifs have spurred more interest in the thematically-similar Ancient Dadric Style. This motif style can only be acquired through the Deadlands treasure maps.

Deadlands Treasure Map 1 & 2
These treasure maps have a chance to drop from the same sources that any map can from – treasure chests, incursion reward containers, mobs, etc. Upon locating and digging up a Deadlands Treasure map site, you have a chance to receive a lead for an Ancient Daedric motif.


Featured Post

The demand for the Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch consumable continues to drive the demand for (and likewise, the price of) perfect roe.

Interviewing An ESO Carry Seller

One of the most profitable activities in The Elder Scrolls Online is the practice of selling carries for gold. Discord servers and communities exist that facilitate the buying and selling of carries for all of kinds of content in the game. While these communities continue to thrive, they are met with scrutiny from a vocal group of players that disagree with this endeavor and argue that it is a hindrance to the game and community. I asked a carry-seller on the PC EU server (who prefers to remain anonymous) a handful of questions regarding the controversy that surrounds this practice. They are as follows:

A fair amount of players look down on the practice of buying and selling carries. As someone who sells carries yourself, how do you feel about this notion? Is their disdain for carries justified, or are these players being unreasonable? Have you ever been bothered by players that think this way?

Personally, I do not see anything to be wrong with carry runs. Otherwise, I would not participate in them. This might seem like I feel this way just because I benefit from them, but the truth is, I was never bothered by other people taking this quick route even back when I just started playing and had trouble completing overland quests. I think that most of these ideas against carry runs originate from jealousy. I am not judging anyone here by the way, it is simply the way I see it. Internally, people might be unhappy with the fact that they are either unable to clear the content, do not have enough money to buy a carry run themselves or are unable to become a runner themselves. I have never been told any logical reason why a part of player base consider carry runs to be bad and thus, I do not get bothered by people who think otherwise.

Moreover, what do you have to say, specifically, in regards to the following most common criticisms about carries:

1) Buying a carry “cheapens” the achievement associated with such a run, therefore buying/selling carries is killing the integrity of the game.

As someone who has obtained multiple trial trifectas over course of four active years in ESO and have not bought any carry run (at least not yet), I have never felt this way about other players buying carry runs. It is impossible to pretend, for example, you have earned a trifecta title in a common way if you are unskilled in game. Hence, I disagree that carry runs harm integrity of ESO rewards.

2) Since selling crown items for gold is permissible in game, players can effectively use their real life money to buy crowns, sell those crowns for gold, and then use that gold to buy a carry – would this not be considered paying to win?

If ESO was a game where your performance heavily depends on equipment you wear or achievements you have, then I would agree. However, ESO is a game in which your own skill will do far more than your equipment. Someone who buys a carry run to obtain the best-in-slot gear but lacks knowledge of ESO gameplay will have much lower output than a skilled player with a cheap and easily accessible overland or crafted gear. This personal performance level is closely connected to obtaining titles or skins and personalities via carry runs. If an unskilled person, who bought those, enters group content, then the origin of their achievements is immediately obvious to everyone knowledgeable about the game. Furthermore, having log system prevents pretenders as checking logs is e a daily routine for most endgame groups nowadays. While buying carry runs might accelerate your progress, you will not get much more than collectibles and titles unless you are already a skilled player. Therefore, I do not consider buying carry runs in ESO to be pay to win.

3) Selling carries is a form of player exploitation,

I disagree it’s a form of exploitation. If carry runs are to be called exploitation, then it can be stated that a repairman who comes to fix your home appliance, or a mechanic who is fixing your car are exploiting your need for having functional machinery. Carry run is a process during which players sell both their time and skill and hence is a service, just like the others.

(I think the argument here is that carry sellers are supposedly taking advantage of the fact that some players can’t get clears, so they introduce a means to sell them a clear instead of recommending a prog guild or something)

Players who are serious about buying a carry run are buying it because they want the varying reward from clearing the content instantly. If they get recommended a progression group and join it, they are going to spend a variable amount of time clearing it. This can be, depending on personal skill, group skill, luck and difficulty of content, anywhere from a few hours to a year-long (or occasionally longer) progression with every joy and difficulty which comes with it. Players who buy carry runs might not have enough time or patience to go through this process and might just want to have a particular cosmetic collectible, title or a dye for roleplaying purposes and might not be interested in PvE at all. Other times, it might be a player transferring from other server who wants to skip through the process of obtaining gear all over again and accelerate their progress to get back to where they were on previous server.

Have you ever had a bad experience selling a carry before, and if not, have you ever heard of anyone who has? This could either be a bad experience with a client, or even a bad experience with a fellow groupmate was a part of a carry run.

This definitely happens. Be it while advertising or while in the process of carry run itself. While advertising, you might get called scammer, spammer and other strange words which are too rude for me to have them memorized. Sometime, a potential client does not believe a carry run is worth the amount of gold we ask and turns hostile. Sometimes you simply get to be a target of trolling by someone pretending to want to buy a run. Nevertheless, people also tend to be very nice and polite. It just depends on who you meet with whatever mood they currently have. During carry run, it can happen that client does not want to pay for the service in advance. In those cases, we simply cancel the run unless client changes their mind. Other times, it might also happen that client was a troll and does not show up. Client also might be late and the carry run is rescheduled resulting in a need to update the original roster for runners which can’t come at a new time. This all comes with price that, depending on content, either three or eleven players-runners were waiting for nothing. I have also had bad experience with fellow runners in terms of their lack of skill and experience for the content. Fortunately, those happens very rarely, and they tend to be quickly stripped of carry role for the particular content. Occasionally, one or more runners might end up not being able to come and fail to sign off in advance which also comes with extra wait time for everyone, including client.

Buying And Selling Carries For Gold In ESO

The topic of buying and selling carries in ESO has been a widely debated one. In the following video, I explain what exactly a carry is, as well as how a player can go about purchasing a carry for gold or getting into a position where they can participate in carry-runs to earn gold for themselves!

Selling Carries For Gold: The Most Controversial Gold-Making Method In ESO?

In the latter portion of this video, I read out a handful of opinions from the ESO community concerning this heated topic. You can view all of the submitted, unedited responses below.

I also interviewed a carry seller from the PC EU server for a separate article. They provided some really insightful comments regarding some of the most common criticisms that players have concerning this controversial topic.

Buying And Selling ESO Carries:
The Community’s Opinions

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

No. Also no. Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been? Yes. Also yes. In all seriousness though, the first carries surprised me up to the point that I recorded the run because I thought it was a scam. It was so much gold for not a lot of work, but the requirements were really high. If you’re committed and if you have a lot of free time, you can make lots of money and assure good spots in the most profitable carry runs. The requirements are very high though (usually trifecta and very clean logs or 95-100k dps for dds) and if you screw up, you’re being frowned upon, even if it’s a simple wipe. The runs need to be very clean, even if rng isn’t on your side.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

There’s lots of money involved and no mechanism to tell whether the person selling a carry is legit or not. It is mostly the fear of the unknown, but from what I’ve seen, the people that buy carries are never disappointed. One issue I see personally is the curated loot system – carry players usually have the essential items collected and that makes them drop less valuable pieces. Unless if they have all of them. Or if they’re filthy server transfers like me


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

Cool if people want to, I can see the appeal on both sides – it’s a great gold making opportunity and can get skins and the like for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

No, I personally stay far away from it.

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

Never have

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

While I’m cool with people buying carries if they wish, I try to stay away from it myself. I’m in quite a few trial focused discord servers and they often have a tag system to show which vet trials, HMs, and so on people have done, which aside from the bragging rights helps show one’s level of trial experience when signing up for groups. I feel that if I ever were to buy a carry I would lose standing in these groups – suddenly whatever run I bought wouldn’t be a ‘real’ clear, and I’d have to jump through more hoops to prove whatever runs I wanted tags for in the future weren’t ones I bought. This isn’t really an issue for someone who doesn’t plan to get into running these trials consistently, but with my being in these kinds of groups and seeing the meaning these trial tags have, I understand why some might have disdain for those who buy carries. It’s just two different mindsets, imo – one group cares immensely about clearing each thing on your own merit, and each clear being a badge of honor, almost, while the other doesn’t care at all and just wants the cool dro-m’athra skin, or whatever else. And those mindsets end up clashing


I think it’s a good way to earn gold, it’s difficult to do it well but if you are investing a lot of time to do end game content why don’t sell this carries? I never bought it because I want to do this things with my friends or muy guilds and I like to watch my progression with my character. I never participate in this kind of business because my laptop it’s a potato but if I could have a better pc definitely I would try to sell this carries. Maybe it’s because most people can’t understand all the work this carries represent and people thing it’s expensive but this is another way to earn gold. Another thing it’s there are some carry groups that abuse a lot increasing prices a lot so this kind of people ruin the reputation of carry sellers.


(a) I think provided someone is GOOD at carrying, I see no ethical issues with buying and selling carries; and I think there are plenty of people who either don’t make many friends or who don’t want to impose on friends to carry them for free. Time is money in everything, so if you’ve got two parties willing to participate in a paid carry, I see no issue.

(b) I have. In another guild, I did 1 hour of nBRP. My experience was quite unusual because I actually did it as part of an experiment to compare different exp farming methods, so I did it with suboptimal gear (blue training pieces and a 50% exp potion). My personal experience was great, perhaps because it was with a guild member. We jumped into discord, he spent a few rounds explaining to me what he wanted me to do, and then blitzed through it. I messed up a couple of times and he had no problem with that. Great overall experience.

(c) I would, but I’d be paranoid about demanding money upfront and then sucking at doing the carry; or requesting the money only at the end and getting shafted by the person I’m carrying.

(d) I think, same with perhaps buying and selling crowns, there is always going to be distrust in any financial transaction on a video game where there is payment for a service rather than a good, as there are few means to ensure that the other party will perform their part. A secondary factor may be that, a lot of the time, it’s going to be difficult to know whether the ‘service’ will be good (ie if the person carrying is any good or if they suck) until after it’s happened.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

I think it is a service that benefits both players. Some people cant or wont find a group to prog harder content and find the only means to getting this done is by buying a carry.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?


Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

Yes, we only had one bad apple during my time with my PS4 guild. Only one person tried to scam us. We had rules – no videos of carry runs, and to be polite to the payer. We would also try to accomodate special requests like people who wanted titles on specific toons, or if they wanted to participate in a meaningful way during the carry.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

Some people will fight for the sake of fighting. Some probably cant afford it and there is always going to be that one group who sells carries (looking at you, facebook group) that will screw the payer over.


I’ve never paid for a carry, even though my friends on PS4 who sold them (years ago) offered me a free VMA death free run, and another a very cheap vMol skin carry. I personally wouldn’t want the achievement/skin/gear if I didn’t earn it. That said, I don’t begrudge people for selling carries. They worked very hard to master end game content, and running trials is an expensive hobby between spell/weapon pots, high end food, and constantly keeping the latest meta sets golded out. Now that I’ve started over on PC, work a whole lot more than I used to, and have degenerative Multiple Sclerosis that effects my brain to hand signals/coordination, I better understand people who pay for carries as well. I’ll never be able to get GodSlayer or Stormproof on my own with my disabilities. I still won’t pay for them as a point of pride, but I get it. All that said, there is one instance of paid for carries that really irks me, and that is Emperor carries/pvp AP boosting. I don’t understand all the intricacies of how that is done, but from what I’ve heard it’s shady and can involve paying allies in other alliances to participate. In that case, I consider it flat out cheating. Pve carries don’t give you an unfair advantage of other players (though I’m sure many would argue it does via the gear you can get), but it doesn’t lock out other players from getting the same achievement.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

I don’t want one, but I think it is ok they are there. Some dungeons and trials are quite difficult, especially on HM’s, and I get that there are people that might want something from the place, but don’t have the time to do progressions or are just not having fun doing endgame or playing in a group. Personally, my favourite thing to do in ESO are dungeons and trials HMs, so I have no interest in paying someone to do them for me. Also, I’m rather poor (at least in comaprison to my more trading-oriented friends), so I wouldn’t be able to afford a carry anyway.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

I haven’t.

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

I don’t atm, but I would like at some point. The idea of making gold while doing something that I enjoy and would be doing anyway is very appealing. Currently I get most of my gold from selling motifs form dungeons and trials, but these are not crazy earnings. While dungeon motifs are selling quite nicely, trial ones not so much (except Dro M’Athra, but these are not a guaranteed drop, so no way of farming them reliably). Trials are not really profitable by itself, at least when you consider the effort vs reward. The motifs are relatively cheap, the plunder barely (if at all) covers the cost of potions etc. (I’m referring to PC EU prices). So to get gold I do a bunch of stuff that are not very fun to me. Having an opportunity to get a good amount of gold passively would be sooo nice.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

Because there is a lot of controversy around endgame itself. When I started playing I was mainly questing and hanging around in very casual guilds and the opinion that the whole endgame is toxic was very popular one. Also, a lot of people tend to believe that endgame players deliberately gatekeep them from content, just so they can make tons of gold from carries. Only when I started to dig into this content myself was when I realized that at some point carries are just a way to make gold. And a pleasant one 🙂 But people really add to it a lot based on their assumptions. My partner is a member of few carry discords and he’s doing carries in dungeons and BRP. It works as a simple gold for a service exchange, all parties seems to be ok with it at the end.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

I think it’s just fine. Have fun however you want. In either of your cases, if everyone acts like adults, why not? If you think it’s wrong/ cheating/ too expensive to buy or sell carries, just don’t do it.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

No, but I wanted to. I had a chance at an NRG run back when it had double loot drops. Guaranteed to get one of everything. But they wanted 6 million gold for it, and I didn’t have that much.

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

Yes, I’ve run non-guildies through Skyreach Catacombs for gold, a couple of times. It was easy gold, but I didn’t make much, since I didn’t want to gouge anyone.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

Too many people have chunks of their self esteem tied up in this game, so they view carries as a form of cheating.

As long as you’re not trying to tell people you’re teh G0d of the Sweat Vets, who cares!? For example, I got a free VSS carry from the big guns in one guild. But I don’t try to pass myself off as an expert on that, either. I just flex the title and skin, and leave it at that. In one of my guilds, the super sweaty core team is thinking of using top end vet carries to generate gold for the guild trader.


I feel like carries devalue the achievements. Since you can convert IRL currency into gold via crowns. It basically becomes, how much money is this achievement worth? And it kinda sucks that someone can pay like 20 dollars for a carry and get something you spent weeks or months working with a team to get. And eventually, some can start thinking stuff like: “Why would I work hard for this in game if I can just buy it if I skip 2-3 meals?”

In short: Fuck carries.


I personally do not see an issue with it seeing as ESO is a free market where players get to decide the value of things and titles/skins/markings, etc. are valuable so it only makes sense that players that are able to sell those things will capitalize on it.

I personally paid for my no death in vFL because I was getting frustrated pugging it with groups that didn’t know you can’t stand in the big red circles. I sometimes have trouble finding people to group up with for certain things so having the option to just buy a group is nice. However, because I purchased that run I will never advertise myself as someone that can help someone else accomplish their no death in vFL until I can actually get it myself in an unpaid run.

While I was in that run I spoke a little with the group that was carrying me and they said that a lot of their customers are people that moved to PC from console and are just trying to get back to where they were on console.


As far as I’m concerned, there is really nothing “wrong” with buying a carry. The act of buying it does not hurt anyone else. If a player has enough gold, then go for it. I somewhat understand the argument on the other side too. Some people don’t like the idea because it negates the need for the person buying the carry to truly earn the achievement through hard work and progression or what have you. While I understand that point, I still feel it’s ok to buy one.

The controversy surrounding this topic is understandable. It comes from the idea that the titles/skins/achievements should be earned through the work of learning and executing mechanics and grinding your way to victory. This is a valid point. However, my arguments supporting the people that buy carries are these: 1) Not everyone has the kind of time that I do. I can play eso 30 hours a week if I want to. Some people may only be able to play 30 hours a month, or less. If I were one of those people, I would be looking to buy a carry myself. Time is a big constraint in mmo’s in general. It takes a lot of dedication to get through some of the things people are buying. 2) There is a market for it that allows players that offer the “service” to make some gold by doing content that they have mastered. It helps both the person buying the carry, and the person selling the carry

At the end of the day, the ones that earned those achievements the hard way can walk proud and tall , and know inside themselves that they did it the hard way. Someone else that buys a carry is not going to negate that. Like I said, I see both sides, but I feel that buying it is relatively harmless overall.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

For cosmetics and titles I don’t see much wrong with it, lots of other games do it. However it can mean plebs can lie their way into Vet content.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

I bought a VCR3 because I had a kid and no more time to tick it off my list. Was one of my last HM’s needed before rockgrove came out

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

I have once and it was quick and pro. I used One More Carry from One More Pull server

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

I haven’t heard much tbh. I feel it is a reward for being elite at the game, the carriers put hours into getting good so its a nice way they can be rewarded imo


I recommend vet trial carries for gold to get the skins and furnishings that come from completing vet trials. The VCR purple skin is crispy. The normal nss door furnishing is nice and one could just do a pug in crag for that.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

I’m perfectly fine with it. Good way for guilds to make money, and it helps casual players get better gear. It might be less necessary if they added a trial or arena finder in the game, but right now it’s hard to find groups for certain content you might need to run for the gear.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

Yes, once. Nobody in my guilds or zone chat was willing to run vet Fang Lair with me and I needed the monster helm. So I gave in a paid for a run. It was quick and easy and the runners were super nice.

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

I do not. But like stated before, I think its a good gold making tactic for those that do. And plenty of people appreciate the help, whether they are willing to admit it or not.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

Certain players think that being carried doesn’t mean “earning” the gear for yourself. And because of how crowns work, you can technically buy gold that is used for these runs to get gear. Some might see it as “pay-to-win” but I think that’s a stretch. Also, I know a LOT of people who have bought carries and I think it’s common. I just think too many people are ashamed to admit it. I’m not.

Dan Hensley

Love the idea for your next vid, thought I would give you a new comer’s (6 months) perspective on carries. I personally don’t have an issue with it and have seen it other games as well, in particular those that don’t have match making (Destiny raids). This can be for a variety of reasons. Gatekeeping is one I am aware of where groups will not let you in a raid because you don’t have the right gear – the catch is that the gear they want you to have is from doing raids. Other groups only want people who are experienced so they will not want to go through the time it takes being a sherpa for new players. Perhaps the person wanting to pay for the carry also may feel better doing a run in that manner since they wont feel pressured to perform well and face toxic people in the raid group if they mess up causing wipes. That being said I have found that the ESO community members I have encountered and guilds I have joined are really friendly peeps and outnumber the less desirable members of the ESO player base. I feel if someone puts themselves out there and joins some groups then they shouldn’t have any trouble getting some good folks to do some end game activities with them.


So, I think selling/buying a carry could be a decent way to make gold for the guild (and the guild only) but nowadays the prices are awful. For example, the other day, I saw VCR+3 for 12 million gold. I mean, on ESO you can run a trial over and over again if you want to, I don’t think selling my house for a trial that takes less than 2 hours to complete is worth it. In ESO, I’ve never been a part of a guild that sells runs. I did it on another MMO and honestly, I just felt bad doing it. To me, this is player exploitation, in a way. It kinda sucks to see more and more of them. There are so many other ways to make gold in ESO. This type of stuff doesn’t encourage people to create a guild and try to be better. It’s bad. That being said, it’s your gold, you do what you want with it, it’s simply my opinion, I don’t have to tell you how to spend what you earned.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

It’s okay IF the seller brings a good service and the buyer know what is buying. (A run for X time that may bring more or less xp; and that the carrier is doing a job according to cost) I mean, know it may sound crazy to buy something you may get for free if you have fiends or close guildies, or even doing xp runs when u can just power level with master writs and questing zones, but, also is a service is tradeable, and a player can decide if he need to hire the service, if the expense is profitable in time and so.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

Nope, my friends help me with this and a lot of pve content (love and gratitude to them and to my kind guildies), or, I just go solo to skyreach and (sometimes) join to other random players there (have done some friends in that way indeed). But (having enough gold), I’d buy carries from friends or guildies if necessary (if I need the XP run and/or they need the gold or so)

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

Nope, at least for now just free help to my friends and guildies, because I don’t believe myself a good carrier, (unless the team leader tell me otherwise but that is in group content and not in carries) I just review my items, mechanics, stats, and then start attacking everything before me lol

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

’cause could be some uninformed (willingly or not) players selling or buying more or less that the other ppl expect. And there could be some ppl selling smoke (like some weeks ago when I saw a person selling in-game gold for irl money; and selling things that you only get by doing some quests and so lol). Also, ppl like drama (I suppose)


When I have been part of progression groups, the main goal was to improve team cohesion and achieve something as a group. Something like a skin at the end of a difficult trial was awesome, but mostly a bonus to the sense of accomplishment. I am unbelievably proud of my first progression group finally finishing vAS +2. It was a gueling 10 weeks that involved creating and leveling another character to help increase our chances. I rock that skin on my Argonian tank and love it, but I get more joy in conveying the experience to friends and guildies. Not everyone has the time or energy to spend weeks or months growing with a group. Cosmetics or gear shouldn’t be gated from someone more willing to spend gold for help than time and energy they don’t have. Carries are a great resource provided by the community.


I sell skyreach carries to make gold. I used to make 200k gold within an hour just selling skyreach runs now a days I don’t really see much people online tho so its going down. But if I can find a good customer 200k within hour easily. People usually pay 10k per run but some also pay 20k just gota convince them for that. In my opinion selling carries makes a lot of gold and buying skyreach carries is a really good way to power level your character. BRP has more exp but skyreach is fun for me to do.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

Completely fine, it’s your own choice whether or not you participate in such act. People react like it’s committing a crime meanwhile it’s pretty much the same as selling crowns for ingame gold. You’re speeding up a process for convenience sake. You as carrier are giving players that either aren’t as skilled as yourself or just don’t have the time commitment to achieve something in the game and would rather open their wallets to achieve it.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

Yes, for an achievement/skin, why? because I’m not that good pvm at all. I’m more of a pvper/market type of player than a hardcore pvmer, and skins are completely cosmetic. Which by the way lets remind everyone, fashion is endgame..

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

Sort of, I’ve carried a couple players to Emperor which was a some sort of carry, takes some dedication and planning but it’s the same story as for me with PvM. Those players absolutely despise or ”suck” at PvP but still wish to have the cosmetic rewards of becoming an Emperor which is fair, we all can help eachother achieve something.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

Achievements etc have a sense of accomplishment and when you pay for a carry, you get rid of those bragging rights. Sadly enough there are some people that purchase those carries and start bragging/lying about the achievement etc. Meanwhile they haven’t done anything special for it but empty their wallets for it, it diminishes the accomplishment/value of said achievement in some way.


Opinion on Buying/Selling Carry’s: I don’t like the idea of a carry, but I can’t say it’s wrong, it just leaves a bad vibe. I have never bought a carry. Never participated in a carry run. Controversy exists primarily due to the bad apples of this practice. The people who want the bragging rights with none of the work. I do feel it’s different in ESO vs say, Apex Legends. People pay in Apex Legends for someone to carry them (boost them) to a rank of play they are not so they can have the badges and bragging rights that come with it. ESO can have that depending on what you are being carried in. If, in ESO, you know you don’t have the right gear yet, but really want to run something, I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with paying someone with Gold to help you (carry you) through that content. Especially if you are a completionist or trying to get some rare items. I do feel it should be less controversial in ESO, but more than likely there are a lot of bad apples ruining the experience, or perhaps just the perception, of the issue at hand.

The Silence

1. When I first joined I definitely found it a bit weird that people “sold” carries. It seemed like it exploited new players.

After playing for a while my opinion changed alot. It became normal but it took a second. I think it was just like understanding how the game works more since I was one of those level 20s who grinded Skyreach to cp160 in a few days. (Not the best answer but it could help ig)

2. I have bought carries before for Skyreach. Everyone I bought from was extremely nice, I made sure to tip as well and some of them even declined the tip. I Found people practicing for carries and giving me free runs while they were perfecting their run to give the best experience to the people who would be paying them. I really didn’t feel like they were just trying to get money out of me. Before I bought them I really did thing it was weird/exploitative, but I realized its all just part of the game tbh and people are extremely nice about it. I’ve been given discounts before too by some. (Not sure if carries includes like skyreach or brp runs but ye, just tryna help) In terms of Trial/Dung carries as a new player (CP265) who hasn’t even begun doing Vet DLC dungeons or any trials, I think that paying for carries for actual gear isn’t a problem for the game, however I think it might even cause player burn out. If you play a game, and have nothing to grind for and don’t know how to do hard content, what are you going to do with the gear you get? Cosmetics are obviously endgame, and if you dont get them yourself, and know u have an easy way to get them by just paying what’s the point? I have no problems with paying to get a boost, I exchanged some crowns for gold when I played first for some spending money. It’s just my viewpoint that paying for content that is difficult to get/grind for, could make the game feel stale alot quicker and increase burnout.


Im “completely” against carry run. To introduce my reason i need to specify that i was “part” of a group that sell carry run like 2y ago. I only accept to do 1 carry at this time. Honnesly, that pay well, like 800k by member + a part for the commission and a part for the guild. And 800k 2y ago was a lot… But sometime after the raid i notice the same guy flexing whit his zmaja shadow skin, looking down on people telling them he was on of the greatest nightblade blablabla… Seeing that completely block me from keeping making carry, and after rethinking about the carry concept i realise that i don t help people by playing for them. -it ruins the game. i knows, having everything in a game i a thing now, but i think time/work is a part of the fun about archieving something. Beating a hard game (like dark souls) give you a different feeling that just beating you little cousin at mario kart. i want people to experience how i feel when i get dro-mathra destroyer after 2 months. -you are potentially creating a toxic player like the guy i describe before -you are potentialy ruining some pick up group (imagine you pick people to clear CR because they got archivement but they can t even do 20k dps…) it can be nice to get a archivement you want but its also ok if you haven t. I have never ear somebody flamming someone because he doesn t have GS


i have bought skyreach carries multiple times to lvl characters and most of the time the person that whispered back was really nice, even that i ended up tipping them extra and 1 even became my friend. only once was someone asking too much gold and i didnt get along with him


To answer your question about carries: 1. In my opinion, carries are fine. They help inexperienced or incapable players (by getting the clear, loot), reward skilled players (by getting paid), and don’t affect everyone else (they usually don’t make the leaderboards lol) 2. I’ve never bought a carry 3. I do not (currently) participate in carries to make gold. 4. I think the main reason it’s controversial is some players feel they “earned” their clears/gear/titles/skins etc themselves, while others can simply pay to be brought through the content. But honestly, I don’t know too many people against it. Most of my friends and guild mates don’t care what you spend your money on.


My experience with buying/selling carries comes from “buying” a skin run on Xbox. I put that in quotations because I didn’t actually buy this skin run myself. My good friend on Xbox had always mentioned she wanted to help me get a trial skin of my choosing, and she was willing to buy it for me since she knew I had trouble saving up my gold at the time. My skin of choice was Sunspire; on Xbox, that was 1.2 Mil when I ran for it. She gave me the gold and then set up a day to run it with her guild buddies, who I guess were a dedicated bunch who ran these trials pretty often. They were people I knew. The guy leading the run – he was someone I’d had a falling out with of my own making, but he still was willing to run me through for the skin. He didn’t even take the gold up front like I assume most of them do; he waited until we had finished the run before getting the gold. That meant he still trusted me, even after the past we had together. I didn’t know how to feel, other than grateful. They didn’t ask much of me. They had dedicated people to run the important mechanics, and all I had to do was follow direction where needed. I made sure to help with damage; because regardless if I was paying, I knew I wanted to help. They told me I’d done a good job after we finished. That is still the only trial skin I ever got on my Xbox account.

I’ve never been a part of one of these carry teams myself. I assume they expect a certain damage output from you, and I just never had the confidence in my DPS to try joining; not to mention I never really stuck around in a guild long enough to even be considered for something like that. I imagine it’s a pretty decent way to make gold, but I feel like I make a decent chunk of gold doing the boring stuff that I do already, and I’m content with that. As far as my opinion on these buying and selling of carries: I think they’ll be around regardless of whether people agree with it or not. If there’s a way to make money off of other people, then it’ll exist, just like it does in real life. It’s sad to think about, but… Yeah. I don’t judge anyone who sells these runs, or buys them, either. My advice to people buying it: if you can, make sure to run it with people you know, or maybe even try to get acquainted with the team who’s planning to carry you. But please, never feel pressured to buy those carries. Yes, the content on ESO is difficult and it is easy to want to pay for it and get it over with, but I believe everyone can get to a point where they can run those trials and challenges without having to pay them. DPS doesn’t usually matter in these cases, although it helps; for things like this, it’s all about mechanics. Take the time to learn them, run them with people who are willing to have patience with you, and then take those mechanics at your own speed, and you’ll do as good as any high-ranking CP person out there.


What is your opinion on the notion of buying/selling carries in ESO?

When it comes down to “how do I go about making the most gold”, which is something a lot of people find themselves asking at some point, the best methods will always be 1) Selling Carries and 2) Flipping. I’ve met Flippers who make more than Carriers, and vice versa. The amount of time a player is able to spend doing Carries obviously means alot as well. On the other side of the coin we have buying carries. Buying a carry can be a great option for a variety of reasons. I think the main reason, in my personal experience, is the group requirements. A player may be able to hit XXk DPS needed for a run. Finding a suitable group of 3-11 other players who are also able to clear the run can be more challenging and time consuming. So a simple option is to buy a carry. Other players may be after fashion items (i.e. Skins, Titles, Dyes, Mounts, etc). Personal opinion, a player who cant pull 80k DPS shouldnt be left wanting for Trial rewards. Making gold can be easier for some than parsing 80k. So they can simply buy a carry.

Have you ever bought a carry before? If so, what for? And how was your experience?

Yes, I’ve personally spent upwards of 100M on carries, for myself, friends, and a couple times as a way to do Twitch Giveaways for Skins (in which I would setup and pay the cost of the carry for the skin selected by the winner) The runs I purchase for myself have all been for Skins or Personalities. My experience with carries has always been pleasant. I attribute this primarily to my choice in Carry Guilds. There’s a ton out there and people can be seen posting in Zone chat all the time. I’ve strictly only ever bought from one Guild. They’ve always provided the absolute best service, overall prices, and the people there are super friendly.

Do you participate in carry runs as a means to make gold? How has your experience been?

I’ve joined some carry runs. Simply as a fill, and my experiences have been wholesome. I’ve never been one to consistently sell carries for gold. My brain simply could not handle that type of monotony in terms of running PvE content.

Why do you think there is a lot of controversy surrounding buying and selling carries?

The real meat and potatoes, as it were. I would personally say there’s more controversy surrounding the Buying of carries, more so than the Selling of them. In the end, everyone loves to make the gold. But when it comes to how other players spend their gold, judgement tends to get passed very frequently. I’ve personally seen a lot of toxicity in non-carry Trial servers when someone mentions buying a carry. People can say some nasty things about someone buying a carry. It gets worse when you see the outright hypocrisy of some players who themselves Sell carries saying things like “I would never respect someone who Buys a carry.” Well, then why are you facilitating the trade? line of reasoning I’ve heard before is that Buying a carry for the purpose of cosmetics or titles, devalues the effort others have put into running a prog of that content. I earned my Skin the right way, You paid for yours type mentality.

On the surface, this is somewhat understandable, if egotistical. My response to this has always been, What’s stopping the player Buying this carry, from running a prog themselves in the future? There are so many reasons why a person/player does anything in life. Everyone doesn’t have the time in life to prog Trifectas, +3s, +2s, etc. Why should they be denied access to the nice cosmetics awarded from that content? On the other hand, some players are more casual. Should the casual players be denied nice skins because they aren’t committed to farming the gear and parsing enough to be end game content capable? Personally, finding other players to prog with has always been my challenge. So I bought runs. Eventually, I found 3 other players to prog Trifectas. But the game had already begun to rot by then and we all ended up leaving for a time. We may pick up again in the near future, who knows…


I have lots of thoughts about carries! on the one hand, i certainly don’t begrudge people who SELL carries. i have lots of friends who do this, though i have never done it myself. everyone needs gold for different reasons and has different skills/interests to help them make gold. i love doing dark brotherhood dailies. i would do them even if i didn’t get motifs to sell! & it’s nice to earn gold from doing something i enjoy. some people love doing really hard content and spend their time getting really good at it. if they want to sell that service, then they should! everyone should be able to make gold from doing content they enjoy. i don’t really think, from the seller’s perspective, that this is any different from someone spending a lot of time and energy on research and leveling up crafting so they can sell crafted gear. on the other hand, there are the buyers. there are lots of buyers who just aren’t interested in vet trials or dlc dungeons — they are more interested in rp or housing or fishing or questing or whatever. especially the rp people, i can see them wanting specific skins or personalities that are perfect for their character, but are unattainable. maybe there’s something similar in the crown store, but now that involves spending real life money. and carries aren’t cheap! if someone has earned enough gold through farming and fishing and crafting and housing to buy a carry so their character can have the prettiest pony, then i don’t see any issue with that either. if you’re just not into trials and dungeons, it sucks that so many of the best dyes and skins and cosmetics are locked behind content you have no interest in progressing towards. and it gives you a different goal — raise enough gold through activities you do enjoy to pay for the carry! because, like i said, carries aren’t cheap! so this is all my pro-carry stance. but i do think it gets complicated in two ways.

1) not everyone earns gold through in game means. i know one person who spends an amount of money i literally cannot fathom on buying crowns, which he then sells for gold. he has an insane amount of gold — and he’s had an insane amount basically since the second he started playing. if people like that buy carries, then they are paying human money for carries, which seems… squicky to me. like, if you are going to spend human money on it, just buy crown store stuff. i feel like that’s what cheapens it for me, the knowledge that people like this guy are out there, just throwing real human money at stuff that would normally be a serious grind in game. 2) people who are interested in harder content, but pay for carries so they can have titles or other status symbols that they haven’t actually earned. because most carries are extremely protective of buyer identity, there’s no way of knowing if someone earned their title or was carried. i have met plenty of big ego people in the trial community. a guy i was in a prog with got kicked when he got caught photoshopping the combat metrics for his parse. when so many groups require clears to join, i can easily see people paying for carries so they can show off their pithkas and get a spot. honestly, knowing that carries exist makes me so wary of people i haven’t run content with — it makes me feel like a title means nothing, because anyone could have paid for that title if they had enough gold.

And then when you combine those two…. the guy i mentioned, the one who bought so many crowns and has been a bazillionaire since before he hit cp, he’s also really into trials and titles and skins and mounts and status symbols. it makes me not believe he earned any of it, even though maybe he did! just knowing it’s possible that he bought those titles makes me doubt him and that makes me feel like a bad person, not trusting that a friend really did earn their clears. blech. anyway! the CONCEPT of carries makes total sense to me, from both a buyer or a seller standpoint. i totally get why they exist and i don’t begrudge the role players who just want a glowy skin or the elite groups who need to pay for their potions. but the fact that they exist casts an unfortunate shadow over all actual accomplishments in the game. in the end though, i guess, the only person who really matters is yourself. i get titles and achievements for me, not for showing off to other people. some of the hardest achievements i’ve completed don’t even have any tangible reward! i spend forever progging on this one stupid 5-point dungeon achievement just because i didn’t have it. literally no one will ever know that i completed it, there’s no way of showing it off — but i felt SO accomplished when my group finally pulled it off! & so i just have to try to remember that achievements are for me — and other people buying titles that i worked hard for doesn’t cheapen what i accomplished, because that’s not the point.


The Most Valuable Style Materials In ESO

Every piece of gear that you collect in ESO, from dungeon gear, to overland gear, is crafted in a particular style. Just about all of gear (save for the gear that is of a default race style) have the chance to yield valuable style materials when they are deconstructed.

Did you know?
When you deconstruct gear in ESO, you have a chance at receiving its style material? Style materials are used for crafting gear in a particular style. Some style materials also have secondary uses, making them more valuable than others!

Besides style materials, deconstructing gear can also yield valuable upgrade materials! This is why you should always consider deconstructing unwanted gear (i.e gear that is of an undesirable and likewise unwanted set and/or trait), as opposed to simply selling it to the merchant for some spare change.

Style materials are often bought up by players looking to craft and complete master writs so that they can collect writ vouchers. It is for this reason that style materials of any kind are always a semi-valuable asset. A stack of 200 of any random style material can go for around 100,000g on PC NA, for example, just because it offers a wealthy buyer the convenience of having a life-time supply of materials for a specific style. So it is really worth deconstructing your gear just to passively collect these style materials in the event that, should you ever be strapped for cash, or you notice that you’ve collected a stack or two of a specific style mat, you can go ahead and toss a stack on the traders for a respectable sum of gold.

Learn More About Deconstructing Gear To Make Gold In ESO:

Check out the video that I made over on my YouTube channel that details all of the reasons why you should consider deconstructing gear for gold, as well as how to distinguish between valuable gear that should be upgraded to sell, undesirable gear that should be deconstructed for materials, and absolute trash that should just be sold to the merchant!

Some style materials are significantly more valuable than other style materials, and this is because they can be used for more than just crafting gear in a specific style. Some style materials are used to craft furnishings, and even provisioning recipes!

The most valuable style materials in ESO are the ones needed for furnishings that can be sold to other players – bonus points if the furnishings are new and/or popular with the player base!

While all style materials are valuable, these style materials that have secondary uses are so much more valuable that it is arguably worthwhile to go out of your way to farm for them, the way you would any other valuable material. The two best ways to actively seek out these extra valuable style materials are to:

  • Seek out cheap pieces of gear that are of a particular style at the guild traders to then deconstruct for a chance at those valuable style materials (be mindful of the fact that there is a 1/3 chance that you get a style mat when deciding what price is required for you to profit from this endeavour)
  • Complete dailies in the zone that drop the style material that you are after (either from the daily reward coffers themselves, or from the gear that you get from those coffers and from killing the delve/world boss/world event associated with that daily)

I have composed a list of the most valuable style materials in ESO. At most, these style materials can go for upwards of 5k each on PC NA, just to give you an idea. They are also in relatively high demand because of how frequently they are used, so you can count on your stacks of style materials selling fairly quickly if they are priced reasonably and of the following styles:

The Most Valuable Style Materials

These style materials are among the most valuable style mats in the game – if you have unwanted gear that is of any of these styles, there is no doubt about it – you should decon it!

With this in mind, hopefully you will be able to get more value out of your unwanted pieces of gear. Next time you are about to sell a green or blue piece of gear that is in a crappy trait like invigorating, stop and double check that the style that it is in is worth something!

What’s Hot: Waking Flame

Make Gold During XP Events!

A handful of xp-related events (namely, The Witches Festival!) are set to take place during the Waking Flame patch! Learn more about how you can make lots of gold during these 100% xp events!

The following items are in high demand for the Waking Flame patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

Do keep in mind the fact that different player bases across different platforms may respond to these changes differently.

-The no-cp campaign has been changed to also be a no-proc campaign. Meanwhile, the NEW ROTW proc sets that were introduced in this update have been wreaking havoc in the other campaigns. Everyone and their mother’s dog are wearing Dark Convergence it seems.

-Players are also much more tanky now in light of the changes to the battle spirit buff – it now grants more % damage mitigation than usual. This has encouraged seasoned pvpers to step away from slotting Pariah (seeing as high resistances will also make you vulnerable to Hrothgar’s) and opt instead for more offensive setups so as to be able to do more damage against those that are embracing this tanky meta.

War Maiden’s

This patch, templars’ spell and weapon damage was buffed. In light of this, sets that dramatically increase spell damage, like War Maiden’s, will synergize quite nicely with a magplar’s damage dealing capabilities. One of the best magplars in the game (@JustARedSofa) comments on one of his videos that pairing War Maiden’s with Bahsai is a great set combination for fights that are not stationary and would otherwise not be ideal for using Siroria in.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: weapons (particularly lightning staves), and body pieces in divines.

Companion Gear

While the prices of green, blue, and off-traited purple companion gear have dwindled over the past few months, it is evident that purple companion gear that is in an “ideal” trait will still sell for an excessive amount. Some pieces of purple companion gear can still sell for a few hundred million gold on PC NA, for example.

The ideal traits to look out for are “Aggressive” for damage dealing gear, “Bolstering” for tank gear (shield, 1h), “Soothing” for healer gear (restoration staff) and “Quickened” on Jewelry.

Anywhere in Tamriel
Companion gear has a very small chance at dropping from any mob in the game, but you are more likely to receive a higher quality drop from killing bosses (World Bosses, Delve Bosses, Dungeon Bosses etc). Your companion has to be active in order to have a chance at receiving a companion gear drop.


Stygian was reworked to provide hybrid stats instead of just exclusively magicka ones, and it now has an extra line of penetration. While there is currently a bug on the live server that prevents Stygian’s 5 piece effect from carrying over to the front or back bar, this set is still fairly strong and there has been newfound demand for it. Once this bug is corrected and Stygian is able to be one-barred, it should experience even greater demand.

The ideal pieces for this set are: jewelry, stamina weapons in sharpened (particularly daggers, maces, swords).

Meritorious Service

Meritorious Service has already been a very solid support pvp set, but now that it has been reworked so that it may proc on group members more reliably this patch, we can expect to see a surge in interest in obtaining and utilizing this set for group compositions in pvp.

Imperial City
Meritorious Service gear can be obtained from the respective gear coffers in the Imperial City. These coffers can be purchased from the IC gear merchant located at your alliance’s sewer base. Ideal pieces for this set are: body pieces (in impenetrable), and weapons (particularly resto staves in powered, shields in impen or sturdy)

Plaguebreak, Dark Convergence, Hrothgar’s

Three new sets have been introduced to the game this patch. They can be obtained from “Rewards of the Worthy” boxes, which you get every time you earn 20k AP in Cyrodiil, the Imperial City, or through battlegrounds. While Hrothgar’s Chill has since been nerfed in between patches to be near useless, Plaguebreak and Dark Convergence remain untouched and continue to prove that they are incredibly strong options in pvp.

Rewards of the Worthy Coffers
RoTW coffers appear in your mailbox every time you earn 20k through various pvp activities. Ideal pieces for these sets include: body pieces (in impenetrable), weapons (in sharpened).


ESO Waking Flame Gold Guide:

Check out the accompanying video to this post below:

Featured Post

The NEW Sul-Xan motifs can be acquired by completing the Rockgrove weekly quest!

HUGE Upcoming Changes To RNG?!

Have you heard about what is in store for next patch? You may want to consider not binding specific items this patch to prepare for the potential economic impact that may occur after Waking Flame…

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Blackwood patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Blackwood.

Ivory Brigade Clasps

The demand for these clasps remains steady, despite being introduced nearly 4 months ago. With so many new furnishing plans and homes being added to the game over the past several months, the amount of incoming clasps procured from daily rewards and deconning Frostbite gear just hasn’t been able to satisfy the thirst of housing enthusiasts, which bodes well for their prices! We can expect to see a slight decline in price in light of the Bounties of Blackwood event, but their price will surely recover because of their steady demand.

Leyawiin Daily Quest Rewards + From Deconning Ivory Brigade Gear
Upon completing and handing in a Blackwood daily quest, you will receive a daily reward coffer. Opening these coffers gives you a chance to receive an Ivory Brigade Clasp. You may also deconstruct gear in the Ivory Brigade Style (Frostbite) for a chance at receiving its style material.

Waking Flame, Sul-Xan and Black-Fin Legion Motifs

A handful of new motifs have been added this patch. They all look quite similar in nature and share a defining feature: they show off a lot of skin! These kinds of motifs have a steady track record of selling for a fair amount of gold because of this feature.

The Cauldron, Rockgrove, Leyawiin Delve Dailies (respectively)
Waking Flame motifs have a chance to drop from completing The Cauldron on veteran difficulty, and are guaranteed to drop on the hard mode difficulty. Sul Xan motifs can drop from the weekly trial quest reward coffers that you get from completing Rockgrove. The Black Fin motifs can drop from the daily delve reward coffers that you receive upon completing daily delve quests in Leyawiin.

Perfect Roe

There seems to be a perfect roe shortage! These rare materials that have a chance to drop from filleting fish have experienced a surge in price as the demand for them far exceeds their supply. Perfect roe is necessary for the gold magicka recovery food, Clockwork Citrus Fillet, and it is used to craft experience potions. Even more expensive xp pots require the use of a cheaper xp pot to craft, so do recall that perfect roe is necessary for more than just the psijic ambrosia. On PC NA, the price of perfect roe has risen from around 30k per unit, to closer to 55k per unit in the span of a few short weeks.

Perfect Roe has a chance to drop upon filleting fish. Fish can be caught from fishing in different kinds of fishing holes. To be mindful of the fact that certain bait should be used in certain fishing hole types, and that the failure to do so may lead you to reel in trash.

Public Dungeon Fragments:
Scaly Cloth Scraps & Inscribed Shards

The mobs from the two public dungeons in Blackwood (The Silent Halls and Zenithar Abbey) have a chance to drop collectible fragments that, once enough of them are collected and combined, can create neat items! If you collect 50 Scaly Cloth Fragments from The Silent Halls, you can combine them to create the Thrafey Debutant Gown costume. If you colect 50 Inscribed Shards from Zenithar Abbey, you can create the Replica Zenithar Adytum Gate furnishing. Considering just how many of these fragments are needed to create their respective items, it comes as no surprise that their price remains relatively high a patch after they have been introduced. Do recall that in situations like these, the more of these items you can sell at once (in a bundle) the better, so be sure to charge more per unit if you sell in bulk!

Blackwood Public Dungeons: The Silent Halls & Zenithar Abbey
Public Dungeon Fragments have a small chance at dropping when defeating enemies inside public dungeons that are located in zones that were released as chapters.


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Perfect Roe has experienced a sharp incline in price! If you’re looking for something more relaxing to do on ESO while earning a bit of gold, you may wish to consider fishing in the most profitable spot in the game!

What’s Hot: Blackwood

Make Gold From PVPing This Midyear Mayhem!

The pvp meta has changed and MYM is set to take place during the Blackwood patch! Learn more about all of the different ways to make gold by pvping in ESO!

The following items are in high demand for the Blackwood patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

Do keep in mind the fact that different player bases across different platforms may respond to these changes differently.

-Procs have returned to all pvp zones but have experienced some minor changes (they now scale off of your max stats, for example). This pvp meta is similar to that of the meta in Markarth, only players are going to have to look into building into their stats (max mag/stam, spell/weapon damage etc) as opposed to just stacking offensive proc sets.

-Health recovery has been indirectly nerfed in light of the new changes to how the buff, “Battle Spirit”, works. This change has pushed health recovery sets out of the limelight. Instead, sets that provide valuable defensive buffs and sets that provide resistances will be preferred when players are looking to build defensively for pvp.

Mark Of The Pariah

In light of the changes that were made to how “Battle Spirit” works this patch, Pariah has been the go-to set of choice for players that prefer to play tanky builds in pvp or are looking to incorporate a defensive set into their build. Previously, building into health recovery was a viable way to add bulk to a build, but now that this value is halved in pvp zones from the battle spirit buff, players have found that building for greater resistances is now the way to go. While the craftable set “Fortified brass” also provides resistances, Pariah will outperform this set starting at 90% health, so it is absolutely a better option.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons (particularly shields, 1h weapons, and surprisingly mauls, and inferno staves have sold well on PC NA as well), Body pieces in Impenetrable and Reinforced for the big pieces (Chest, Legs), Jewelry.

Companion Gear

I’m sure that no one is surprised to see this entry on the list. Seeing as companions have just recently been implemented in Blackwood, gear for our new adventure buddies is not only incredibly sought after, but it’s worth a fair amount. While many have theorized that these ludicrous prices for companion gear in the ideal traits will be short-lived (and for green and blue companion gear, it has been), there is no doubt that there is still a population of players out there willing to pay an arm and a leg for the best gear for their companion, especially if it is in the purple rarity, and the preferred trait. We will have to wait and see how long this demand for “BiS” companion gear will last!

The ideal traits to look out for are “Aggressive” for damage dealing gear, “Bolstering” for tank gear (shield, 1h), “Soothing” for healer gear (restoration staff) and “Quickened” on Jewelry.

Anywhere in Tamriel
Companion gear has a very small chance at dropping from any mob in the game, but you are more likely to receive a higher quality drop from killing bosses (World Bosses, Delve Bosses, Dungeon Bosses etc). Your companion has to be active in order to have a chance at receiving a companion gear drop.

Clever Alchemist

A tried and true damage set for magicka and stamina pvp builds alike. Clever alchemist is often used as a backbar offensive set. Backbar weapons and jewels have had a record of selling for a lot of gold. On PC NA, gold Clever Alch jewels were able to sell for 2 mil each.

Clever Alch items require 7 traits in order to be crafted. Access crafting stations for Clever Alchemist at your guild house (if available), or in No Shira’s Workshop in Hew’s Bane. Popular traits would be Impenetrable for light armor, Reinforced (on big, heavy pieces like Cuirass and Greaves), Infused or Defensive for backbar weapons (bow, sword and board) and Well Fitted on medium armor pieces. Gold Jewels of this set have previously sold for 2 million gold on PC NA.

Daedric Trickery

A strong (and craftable!) defensive set that can be used in place of Pariah in a pvp environment. This set can be crafted in any weight, making it a great versatile option for players of all specs and classes looking to incorporate some more healing, mobility and ult generation into their pvp build.

Daedric Trickery items require 8 traits to be able to be crafted. Access Daedric Trickery stations at your guild house (if available), or in the Randas Ancestral Tomb in Vvardenfell. Popular traits would be Impenetrable, Reinforced (on big, heavy pieces like Cuirass and Greaves), and even Well Fitted on medium armor pieces.

Diamond’s Victory

This new craftable set that came out with Blackwood has proven to work as an alternative to more “meta” dps sets in pve especially. Nightblades and Necromancers can benefit the most from this set as they can proc both the melee supremacy and ranged supremacy buffs at the same time, instead of in succession/in a rotation. Since Diamond’s Victory doesn’t require too many traits to craft, it won’t be as valuable as other previous craftable sets in the past that have performed well, like the 9-trait NMA, but crafting some divines DV gear to sell would still provide you with significantly more gold than if you were to simply sell the crafting materials required to do so.

Diamond’s Victry items require 5 traits to be able to be crafted. Access Diamond’s Victory stations at your guild house (if available), or at the Pentric Run crafting location in Blackwood. Popular traits would be divines body pieces, precise weapons (specifically bows, inferno staves)


A Handful Of New Ways To Make Gold In ESO!

Check out the video that I did before Blackwood launched about all of the new possible gold-making ventures that this new chapter will bring to the game! While I created this video from my time spent on the PTS, all of the topics discussed in the video are still very much relevant now that Blackwood has arrived on the live server!

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The NEW Ancestral Akaviri motifs can be acquired from finding a lead from a Blackwood treasure map chest, and then scrying and excavating for it!

Get The New Blackwood Furnishing Plans!

Check out my video to learn about some neat Blackwood furnishing plan farming locations as well as how you can go about farming these plans in an efficient manner!

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Blackwood patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Blackwood.

Ivory Brigade Clasps

The new Leyawiin furnishings have been a smash hit in the community. People have paid millions for these new plans to be able to craft these gorgeous new furnishings, but in order to do so, an Ivory Brigade Clasp (or two!) is needed! Much like Shimmering Sands and Culanda Lacquers and Arkthzand Sprockets, these Ivory Brigade Clasps are absolutely essential to all furnishing enthusiasts!

Leyawiin Daily Quest Rewards + From Deconning Ivory Brigade Gear
Upon completing and handing in a Blackwood daily quest, you will receive a daily reward coffer. Opening these coffers gives you a chance to receive an Ivory Brigade Clasp. You may also deconstruct gear in the Ivory Brigade Style (Frostbite) for a chance at receiving its style material.

Ancestral Akaviri Motifs

Ancestral Akaviri motifs were implemented in Blackwood and are highly sought after, much like their Ancestral Reach counterparts. Like all previous ancestral motifs, these motifs are acquired by way of the antiquities system. You must first find a lead for an Ancestral Akaviri motif by digging up a Blackwood Treasure Map Chest (a lead is not guaranteed). Scrying this lead will direct you to the excavation site where, upon successfully excavating the motif, you will be rewarded with a singular Ancestral Akaviri motif.

Blackwood Treasure Maps
A lead of an Ancestral Akaviri motif has a chance to drop from any Blackwood Treasure Map Chest – not just any chest, only the ones that are associated with treasure maps for the zone! Treasure maps can be found in chests, thieves troves, document satchels, Harrowstorm remains and occasionally from mobs.

Leyawiin and Deadlands Furnishing Plans

A plethora of new furnishing plans have been released in Blackwood. These plans compliment a lot of the newer houses that were recently featured in the crown store (Kushalit Sanctuary, Water’s Edge, etc) and are very versatile. These new furnishings have been highly sought after, with some purple plans selling for upwards of 1 million gold during the first week of Blackwood’s launch, and blue plans selling for anywhere from 80-300k on PC NA in the same week. The values for these plans will decrease as hype dwindles and the market gets more saturated with plans, but they will continue to be a good source of gold regardless.

Furnishing plans have a chance to drop from any container (backpacks, cupboards, wardrobes, cabinets, nightstands etc) in the zone.

Public Dungeon Fragments:
Scaly Cloth Scraps & Inscribed Shards

The mobs from the two new public dungeons in Blackwood (The Silent Halls and Zenithar Abbey) have a chance to drop collectible fragments that, once enough of them are collected and combined, can create neat items! If you collect 50 Scaly Cloth Fragments from The Silent Halls, you can combine them to create the Thrafey Debutant Gown costume. If you colect 50 Inscribed Shards from Zenithar Abbey, you can create the Replica Zenithar Adytum Gate furnishing. Because these fragments and the collectible items that they can create are new, people will be more interested and inclined to purchase them. In situations like these, the more of these items you can sell at once (in a bundle) the better. Be sure to charge more per unit if you sell in bulk!

Blackwood Public Dungeons: The Silent Halls & Zenithar Abbey
Public Dungeon Fragments have a small chance at dropping when defeating enemies inside public dungeons that are located in zones that were released as chapters.


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The NEW Leyawiin and Deadlands Furnishing plans look great and are quite popular among housing enthusiasts. Check out how you can get your hands on them!

My Preferred Wrothgar Chest Farming Route!

Where To Farm The New Blackwood Furnishing Plans

Where To Get Blackwood And Deadlands Furnishing Plans

Check out my video on farming furnishing plans in Blackwood and how to do so efficiently!

When it comes to farming furnishing plans in ESO, regardless of the location, there are a couple things that you are going to want to keep in mind:

Furnishing plans have cooldowns. This means that once you search a container (like a wardrobe, trunk, cupboard, etc) and it populates itself with a furnishing plan, you will not be able to find another furnishing plan of equal color for a set amount of time.

While cooldowns on furnishing plans have never been confirmed by the ZOS devs, the community has reached a general consensus that they exist. The community has proposed that there is no cooldown on green or blue furnishing plans, and a half hour cooldown on purple plans.

This cooldown is character specific, not account wide. This means that while you may be on a cooldown for receiving blue furnishing plans on one character, your other characters are exempt from this. In light of this, a lot of players like to “park” their toons in a furnishing plan farming location and then log onto each one to run laps around the place until they find a good furnishing plan and get put on a cooldown.

Councillor Jirich’s Manor

I’d like to give a quick shoutout to Manabu (@TheManabuSan on PC NA) for sharing this really resourceful location with my community on my discord server! He found this place instantly, on the first day, and was kind enough to share this spot with the rest of us – so thank you! There have been a handful of community members that have farmed this spot with all of their toons and made some serious coin selling the plans!

Councilor Jirich’s manor can be accessible after doing some of the first quest of the main storyline of Blackwood, called “A Deadly Secret”. After investigating some murders, your journey will take you to Jirich’s manor, where you are to speak with Eveli.

You can keep this manor accessible by refusing to speak to Eveli, and likewise continuing on with your quest. Once you progress past a certain point (where you enter the Leyawiin Castle) you will no longer have access to this manor until you complete the rest of the quest.

This is a great spot to park all of your alt characters at so that you may periodically log on to all of them to run a quick lap around the place.

The containers in Councilor Jirich’s manor are all searchable, meaning there is a greater chance at retrieving a Leyawiin furnishing plan from interacting with a container than there would be if you had to steal from these containers.

Leyawiin Castle

The castle in Leyawiin also serves as a pretty reasonable place to farm the new Leyawiin furnishing plans. All of the containers in this location are not searchable, but there are plenty of containers to loot from nonetheless.

What is quite convenient about this particular location is the fact that you have to experience a load screen every time you exit or enter it. This means that once you have finished emptying all of the containers inside, you can simply walk out and walk back in to have all of the containers reset. This saves you quite a lot of time as you will not have to port out to a player and then port back to Leyawiin and make your way back to the building.


While most of the containers in the buildings in Gideon can not be “searched” through, but rather “stolen” from, the sheer volume of containers in this location makes up for the lesser chance at receiving a furnishing plan via stealing.

When looking for furnishing plans in Gideon, I like visiting the following buildings:

  • The Gideon Courthouse (steal)
  • The Temple of Dibella (steal)
  • The Governor’s Mansion (steal)
  • Amnis Manor (searchable!)

Once I have finished running through each building, I port out of Blackwood and back in to run another lap around the place seeing as the containers have been repopulated!

The Deadlands

You can collect the new Deadlands furnishing plans from the chests (that’s right, plural) that you open in the Deadlands. There is a chest that you can loot at the very last encounter, but what many do not know is that there is another secret chest!

In the room before the final boss, you will find four fiery guardians standing guard. If you kill all of them, a secret boss will spawn that will also reward you with a lootable golden chest upon being defeated. You can go back and forth between this secret boss and the final boss to quickly farm the chests for deadlands furnishing plans. Many thanks go out to SithDi, from my discord server, for sharing this neat little detail with us!

If you do not want to go hunting for a portal to the deadlands, an alternative method for entering this fiery realm would be to simply find a friend or guildmate that is already in the deadlands, and then using the “port to player” function. It will take you to the start of the deadlands, so you will still have to make your way to the end to be able to farm these plans, but at least this saves you from having to go looking for these portals in the first place!

How To Get The Ancestral Akaviri Motif In ESO

A new assortment of ancestral motif pages were introduced in update 30. This new style is the Ancestral Akaviri Style. Keep reading to find out how you can acquire this new ESO style for yourself!

Where To Get Ancestral Akaviri Motifs

Much like all of the other Ancestral Motif styles in ESO, you can get Ancestral Akaviri Motifs by first acquiring a lead for them and then excavating it.

A common misconception:

A lot of players were under the impression that Ancestral Akaviri motifs could be found while scrying and excavating antiquities in Blackwood. Some players figured that these motifs functioned lke the additional items that are rewarded after a successful excavation, much like the Indeko rune. In reality, the Ancestral Akavii motifs function like all other ancestral motifs – a lead for one of the Ancestral Akaviri styles (legs, shoulders etc) must first be found, and then that lead has to be excavated in order to receive a singular motif.

Image taken from MMO-Fasion.com

Leads for the Ancestral Akaviri Motifs have a chance to drop from the following treasure map chests:

  • Blackwood Treasure Maps

These treasure maps have a chance to drop from mobs, reward satchels, chests, thieves troves among other things.

Ancestral Akaviri Style Showcase

Check out the video below to view Tianlein’s style showcase for the Ancestral Akaviri motifs! I highly recommend her channel for all things fashion-related on ESO!


How To Find Ancestral Motif Leads

Like any other Ancestral Motif style, leads for Ancestral Motifs are not guaranteed after looting a treasure chest associated with your treasure map – but there is a chance that they could drop from them. If you are looking to collect these motifs, your best bet is to go ahead and buy the kinds of treasure maps mentioned previously, or farm the treasure maps by looting from a bunch of containers that could potentially drop them.

While we are on the topic of acquiring these Blackwood treasure maps…. please do not be unkind and attempt to scam unaware players in zone chat! Likewise, if you see someone attempting to buy treasure maps that lead to potential ancestral motif pages for a very, very low price, be sure to educate zone chat instead of keeping them in the dark! No one likes zone chat scammers! And not everyone could be aware that their treasure map has the chance to drop an expensive motif!

How To Make Gold In ESO Without Trading

I would recommend trading in ESO to anyone that is even remotely interested in making gold in this game. There is just so much value that is derived from items that are in demand, such as new motif styles that look amazing, or gear that can help improve your damage in pvp and pve, or materials that are needed to craft new furnishings that are regularly added to the game.

So many of these tradeable items can be acquired simply by playing the game – harvesting nodes, completing daily quests, slaying world bosses etc. And what better way to reward your time spent playing ESO than with gold, once you sell your wares to a player that needs them?

And for that reason, I’d recommend trading to make gold in ESO. The amount of gold that you can earn without trading in this game pales in comparison to the amount of gold that you’d make from selling your wares in a trading guild, or even in zone chat!

That being said, there are some players that greatly dislike ESO’s trading guild system and refuse to be apart of it. While I disagree with this mentality, I can respect these peoples’ opinions, and I can see where they are coming from. The current guild trader system is not ideal, but it is the only one we have, and we can chose to partake in it, or not – that’s completely up to the player!

Some players are also very new to ESO, and do not yet have the means to acquire valuable items to sell. It took me about two or three months of playing ESO before I went ahead and joined a trading guild. Had I just joined one the second I escaped the Wailing Prison for the very first time and arrived at Sedya Neen to embark on my journey across Vvardenfell, I wouldn’t have had anything to sell, save for some prisoner’s rags and a scrap of cheese that I may have looted from a box while completing the Morrowind tutorial!

So this article goes out to you guys – those of you that are new to ESO and are not quite ready to delve into the world of trading in ESO, and those of you that prefer not to join the trading scene as a means to make gold. Fortunately for you guys, there are some gold-making alternatives out there!

How To Earn Gold In ESO Without Trading

Check out my video that discusses the same gold making strategies that are mentioned in this article!

Daily Writs

Once per day per character, you may pick up daily crafting writ quests at a “writ board” located in multiple different cities (you have to first become certified, although this hardly takes any time).

Daily crafting writs in ESO are simple quests that require you to craft a handful of items specific to the writ in question. For example, a woodworking writ may require you to craft a handful of staves, or an alchemy writ may require you to craft a specific potion.

Once completed, writs can be handed in at a writ dropoff location – an area in the town that has a handful of boxes that can be interacted with to complete your quest. After handing in your writs, you will receive a reward coffer.

These writ reward coffers contain a plethora of useful items associated with the writ in question. A reward coffer for a woodworking writ has the chance to drop woodworking upgrade materials, for example, like Rosin or Mastic. A reward coffer for an alchemy writ will yield a handful of alchemical reagents, like Cornflower, or Bugloss. These reward coffers also have a chance to yield master writs. Lastly, there is a chance that you can receive a survey, which is a map that will take you to a special location that has plenty of “rich” nodes related to the writ in question. These rich nodes yield far more resources than your average node, so I would highly recommend doing your surveys!

Besides having a chance to drop all of these really resourceful items, writs also reward you with a sum of gold upon completion. For many, even experienced traders, doing daily writs is an integral part of their daily ESO routine. In fact, many players complete their daily writs on all of their chacracters because of how financially rewarding they are.

Stealing Items For Gold

When I first started playing ESO (I’m talking my first two months ever playing the game) I made most of my income by stealing items in ESO. I’d steal items from containers and NPCs and then sell them to the fence! I made about 20-30k gold an hour doing this.

If you crouch, you have the option to enter stealth and steal items from containers (cupboards, cabinets, desks, nightstands, backpacks etc) as well as from NPCs without being detected and racking up a bounty.

While there is a chance to steal resourceful items, such as lockpicks, style materials, and furnishing plans from containers and NPCs, most of the items that you are going to be looting serve little purpose than to be sold to a fence for a sum of gold. Fences are located in outlaw’s refuges, which can be found in all major cities.

Be mindful of the fact that you can only sell and launder so many items to a fence teach day. You can upgrade this limit by putting some skill points into the “trafficker” passive in the Legerdemain skill line.

You can also increase your chances at successfully pickpocketing by putting some more skill points into the “light fingers” passive of the same skill line.

I’d highly recommend leveling up this skill line as it will come in quite handy once you progress in the game and get to the point where you may want to consider farming chests for loot (to use or to sell). Fully upgrading the “locksmith” passive will save you a lot of time when opening chests since your chances at forcing a lock are significantly improved.

Selling Ornate Items

When you play ESO, you collect a lot of items passively from defeating mobs, especially gear. If you collect unwanted gear that comes from a unique style, then I’d recommend deconstructing it for a chance at receiving its valuable style material. However, some gear is not associated with any set, nor is it of any particularly interesting style. Unless the gear is purple, it is better off sold to a merchant for gold (blue and green gear have a chance to drop blue and green tempers, which do not sell for as much as the gear itself had it just been sold to a merchant).

Some ESO gear is also ornate. Ornate gear is meant to be sold to the merchant, as merchants will pay you more for it. You can recognize ornate gear by its iconic “money bag” icon.

You have a very high chance at receiving ornate gear from the mobs in Imperial City, so if you are looking to farm ornates, I’d recommend the IC sewers. Be mindful of the fact that IC is a pvp zone, so while there are a lot of PvE mobs to kill, there is also the chance that you may run into a player that wants to kill you!

Farming Mobs For Gold

There are a lot of locations in ESO that are densely populated with hostile mobs. Besides being an excellent means to farm experience, if you can kill a whole bunch of adds in a relatively short amount of time, the gold that you can earn from doing so can be pretty reasonable.

People often prefer killing a whole bunch of mobs in public dungeons. Here are some reasons for considering farming public dungeons for gold in ESO:

  • Adds in public dungeons reward you with more gold upon being defeated and looted
  • Adds in public dungeons respawn very quickly
  • When running around a public dungeon, you can hit the public dungeon world bosses for additional loot – a piece of gear that is specific to the zone!
  • There are a lot of leads that are acquirable by means of defeating adds in public dungeons. If you are interested in antiquities at all, you’ll likely have to farm mobs in public dungeons anyways


Antiquities come with the Greymoor chapter. While the main premise of scrying and excavating antiquities revolves around gathering unique furnishings, motifs, and pieces that, when combined, create OP mythic items, you can actually make a decent amount of gold from retrieving antiquities.

When you first start levelling up your scrying and excavating skill lines, you will only really have the option to scry for “treasures”. These treasures serve no purpose than to be sold to a merchant for gold. If you successfully excavate a green treasure and find a few other additional pieces of loot, you will be able to find a lead for a blue treasure. If you do the same with a blue treasure, you will be able to get a lead for a purple treasure, worth 5k!

While you can passively earn gold and valuable items from any particularly successful dig, you can also actively farm gold by repeatedly scrying and excavating treasure leads seeing as they are free (you do not need to acquire a lead for them like all other antiquities).

I would recommend farming treasure leads for gold in Artaeum. Artaeum is a small island with no hostile mobs, so it easy to get around and there are no mobs the inconvenience you while you are on your grind. It is possible to make upwards of 25k an hour from doing this if you are efficient when scrying and excavating.

In Conclusion. . .

While there are ways to make gold in ESO without trading at all, the amount of gold that you can make per hour of grinding really does not compare to the amount of gold that you could get if you sold the gear or materials or motifs that you could get from spending the exact same amount of time farming nodes, or killing world bosses and looting chests for gear, or doing the vDLC pledge for a fancy motif and then selling it on your guild store.

If you are a new player, I’d consider joining a trading guild whenever you feel like you have enough capital to do so. There are plenty of noob-friendly trading guilds out there with reasonable dues and sales expectations, so I’d say go for it! I personally joined my first trading guild when I only had 40k to my name, and now I am writing guides about making gold on ESO, so I must have done something right 😉

And if you are against the ESO trading guild system, then I am not really going to try to change your mind – you are absolutely entitled to your own opinion and you should play ESO however you prefer. But if you really are looking to make a lot of gold to buy extra things, like new motifs or furnishings for your home, you may want to seriously consider joining a trading guild to be most successful at doing so.

What’s Hot: Flames Of Ambition

The following items are in high demand for the Flames Of Ambition patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

-Because proc sets do not wok in Cyrodiil, the PC meta revolves around burst damage and stat-heavy builds

Spriggan’s Thorns

What a throwback eh? Given the fact that procs will continue to not function in Cyrodiil, Spriggan’s is one of the only sets that can be used in open world pvp. It is preferred by many stam pvpers as it is one of the heaviest-hitting options that still work in Cyrodiil, thus, the demand for this set is relatively high. This means you can charge much more than usual for Spriggan’s this patch!

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Stamina weapons (particularly maces, swords, greatswords and mauls), Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted, Jewelry.

Spinner’s Garments

This oldie (but a goodie) of a set has seen a resurgence in demand for the same reasons as it’s stam cousin, Spriggan’s. Pvpers looking to deal out massive damage in Cyrodiil this patch will have no choice but to get their hands on a set like Spinner’s, seeing as there are not a lot of other options in light of the no-procs rule that has been implemented until Q3.

Malabal Tor
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Magicka weapons (inferno & lightning staves), body pieces in Impen and Well-fitted.

Crafty Alfiq

Crafty Alfiq has always been a sought-after set, as it has always been a strong option for pvp builds. Now that it is one of the only sets that can be used in Cyrodiil, couple with the fact that it is already common knowledge that this is a great set, the prices for Crafty Alfiq have experienced a significant increase.

Northern Elsweyr
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Magicka Weapons (Inferno, Lightning, Ice & Resto Staves) , Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted


How To Get Spriggan’s Gear Easily

I have a well-received video on my YouTube channel that quickly depicts a really efficient chest route in Bangkorai! Check it out to see how you can run into a whole bunch of chests in such a little amount of time – it’s a great way to quickly accumulate Spriggan’s gear!

Hold up! Did you know that DAGGERS are considered BiS this patch for MAGICKA builds? Well, when it comes to parsing that is. Be sure to sell any daggers that you get in popular mag sets (like Mother’s Sorrow) for high prices to accommodate the overwhelming demand for them!

For reference, a PRECISE MOTHER’S SORROW DAGGER sold for up to 750k on PC during the pinnacle of the melee mag hype. As of updating this post, they currently go for around 200k.

ESO Flames Of Ambition

Featured Post

ZOS announced that procs would remain disabled in Cyrodiil (on the PC servers, although console players will be experiencing this soon enough) until Q3. Find out how this massive change affects the ESO economy.

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the FOA patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in FOA.


Because the CP cap was increased to 3600 and the entire CP system was re-worked, earning XP is a top priority for a vast majority of players. Thus, consumables that help promote this process are experiencing a surge in price. All three ambrosias have increased in price significantly!

Learned From Recipes
Psijic Ambrosia Fragments are received from completing provisioning writs, the Aetherial Ambrosia recipe can be purchased with vouchers, and the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia recipe is obtained by combining an Aetheric Cipher with an Ambrosia Recipe. Aetheric Ciphers are insanely rare drops from nodes/adds and from the jubilee event.

Aetherial Dust & Diminished Aetherial Dust

Seeing as Ambrosias are flying off the shelf this patch, naturally, the materials required to craft them are just as sought-after!

Purchased or Found
Diminished Aetherial Dust can be purchased for writ vouchers and Aetherial Dust is an incredibly rare drop from harvesting nodes in base-game zones.

Perfect Roe

Perfect Roe is necessary for making Psijic Ambrosias! Although it is the consummable that rewards the lowest amount of XP boost (50%), it is still integral to the crafting process of the other more powerful ambrosias!

Perfect Roe can be acquired as a rare drop from filleting fish!

Alchemy Writs

Completing and turning in writs (especially if you have an xp boost active) is one of the fastest ways to gain a whole bunch of xp! Seeing as all of your characters are going to want to be alchemists (for that juicy potion passive) and alchemy writs are fairly painless to complete, they are the writ of choice to spam for maximum xp gain. In light of this, their prices have tripled on PC/NA!

Daily Writs
Alchemy Master Writs have a chance to drop upon completing a daily alchemy writ, received from a writboard in any major city that has them.

Culanda Lacquer

Culanda Lacquer is needed to craft Summerset furnishings. It has been a long time since the Summerset event, which means that this valuable material’s price has fully recovered! With the introduction of all of these new lovely houses in ESO, the demand for equally lovely furnishing materials has flourished!

Summerset Dailies
You receive one (1) Culanda Lacquer in every reward coffer that you get from completing Summerset daily quests for the divine prosecution and Battlereeve Tanerline (World Boss, Delve & Geyser Dailies)


The Best Place To Grind XP & Earn Gold In ESO

Looking to grind some cp so that you can invest in some more neat passives? Wanna earn a lot of gold while you do so? Check out my favourite lil’ spot to do just that, or peep the comments to see if there are any other xp-grinding routes that resonate with you!

Proc Sets Disabled In Cyrodiil – How These ESO PvP Changes Affect The Market

Over the course of the past several months, the ESO developers have implemented a series of varying “performance tests” in Cyrodiil on the PC servers. In the middle of February, they implemented a test wherein proc sets were disabled in Cyrodiil. The devs concluded that, much like all of their other tests, the no-procs test did not impact performance in a significant manner.

However, because of a surge of overwhelmingly positive feedback from players in regards to Cyrodiil gameplay and how healthy and enjoyable these no-procs changes have been for the ESO pvp scene, it has been decided that proc sets will continue to remain disabled in Cyrodiil until update 31 launches in Quarter 3, some time in the Fall. Community Manager Gina Bruno released a post on the ESO forums that discusses this notion.

These changes promote a skill-based pvp meta, where players must rely on executing clever combos and utilizing stat-dense sets if they wish to dish out some serious damage. Players must learn how to properly position themselves and kite out the enemy if they wish to survive in this meta, as opposed to relying on proc sets to protect them, or do all of the damage for them.

If players want to pvp in Cyrodiil, they have no choice but to utilize non-proc sets. All of the sets that will work in Cyrodiil until update 31 are listed below:

Not included in this list is Shaklebreaker, which SHOULD appear on this list because it IS working in Cyrodiil

Moreover, if players wish to pvp with meta sets (the strongest and arguably best sets) until update 31, then they will be wearing the sets that I will discuss in this article.

Proc Sets Disabled In Cyrodiil? What Does This Mean For The ESO Market?

The disabling of procs has forced the hands of those interested in pvping in Cyrodiil to acquire and incorporate the aforementioned sets in their builds. Some of these sets can be obtained from dungeons, while others can be crafted or attainted from overland zones. The latter two examples provide some great ways to earn gold during these ESO pvp changes.

Because of the heightened demand for the best sets in the list above, sellers can afford to raise the prices of those set pieces and reap the benefits of these pvp changes! It may be worthwhile to dedicate some time towards getting your hands on these sets to sell for lucrative amounts of gold!


Whether you are looking to sell overland gear that you have acquired, or pvp gear that you have crafted, you are going to want to sell gear that has a pvp trait, since those are the only traits that players are going to be interested in. PvP traits include primarily Impenetrable and Well-Fitted. Sturdy is another great trait for tankier builds, so it would be wise to sell tanky sets in this trait

Selling Crafted Gear To Earn Gold

Now is a great time to craft and sell the gear sets that can be used in Cyrodiil during this period of time where procs are disabled. I’d highly recommend crafting and selling the following sets because of how prominently they are used in pvp builds during these changes to Cyrodiil:

Fortified Brass: Good for those players that still wish to play as tanks, although they will struggle to deal any damage with these changes

Shacklebreaker: A great bread-and-butter set for mag and stam builds that is very stat-heavy

Hunding’s Rage: A good damage set for stamina builds

Law of Julianos: A good damage set for magicka builds

Critical Reposte: Since everyone has lower CP in light of the new changes, stacking crit resists is also a good idea. People use Critical Reposte to do just that. The two-piece is still useful in no-proc cyro, and likewise still valuable to sell

If you are crafting weapons to sell and wondering what traits you should craft these weapons in, consider the following: staves are preferred to be sharpened, infused, or charged. Stamina front-bar weapons (like mauls) are preferred to be sharpened or nirnhoned. Backbar weapons should be infused or defending.


Selling Overland Gear To Earn Gold

Whether you find yourself questing through a zone that drops one of the following sets, or if you wish to farm these sets by means of chest farming or killing world bosses, or if you are looking to flip the following sets, you’ll find that you are partaking in a very profitable endeavor.

Consider acquiring and selling the following sets during these pvp changes, seeing as they are very commonly used in good pvp builds:

Spriggan’s Thorns: A great stam pvp set for heavy-hitting damage dealing builds

Spinner’s Garments: The mag equivalent of Spriggan’s, and equally as sought-after

Crafty Alfiq: Even prior to the disabling of procs in Cyrodiil, Crafty Alfiq has always been an incredibly strong pvp set, the only difference is that now it is more desirable than ever!

Beekeeper’s Gear: Another set that was popular before these pvp changes, Beekeeper’s is the last saving grace for players that like to play incredibly tanky during these changes. If you get any pieces in impen or sturdy they sell for a whole lot!

Farm Spriggan’s Gear

Check out this pretty amazing chest-farming route for Bangkorai. If you follow it you will run into plenty of chests, and likewise run into the opportunity to find some valuable Spriggan’s gear that you can sell during these pvp changes, when Spriggan’s is worth a LOT of gold!


Flipping Gear To Earn Gold

Not everyone knows that the previously mentioned sets are in high demand, and likewise, worth a lot of gold right now (but you do, because you’ve found a site that teaches you all about ESO trading secrets hehe). Because of the fact that there is still a substantial amount of players that are unaware of the changes to the ESO economy that the disabling of procs has caused, it is completely possible to find low-priced set pieces that you can purchase to then re-sell at a much more reasonable price.

I’ll be real with you – I’ve been spending some of my free time playing Valheim (amazing game by the way, you should totally check it out if you haven’t already – believe the hype!) and that has meant that I haven’t been spending as much time on ESO as of late. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just not on ESO nearly as often as I used to be. Despite this, I am still logging on to around 1.5 million gold each day!

How? Because I will spend about 15 minutes each day flipping sets! I spend a bit of time going around to all of these traders that are selling cheap Spriggan’s and Crafty Alfiq gear in impenetrable. I buy up all of these items for cheap (around 100g – 15k each on PC/NA), and then re-sell them at much more reasonable prices (35-85k each).

Granted, using TamrielTradeCentre’s website and advanced search tool has helped me locate these cheap items with ease, and I understand that this is a tool that is not accessible to all of the ESO player base – particularly the console players, which is truly unfortunate. However, you can still use ESO’s trader search tool to specify exactly what items you are looking for (example: “Spriggan’s”, trait: “Impenetrable) and go from trader to trader, searching up these parameters and seeing what steals you can find! Buy low, sell high! That’s the name of the game!

Regardless of how you feel about these changes to Cyrodiil, one thing is for certain: these changes create great opportunities to earn lots of gold! Good luck!

Tribunal Celebration Event Guide & How To Make Gold During The Event

The Tribunal Celebration Event is an event on ESO that celebrates the releases of the Morrowind Chapter and Clockwork City DLC. I’ll give you a brief rundown of what the actual event entails, and if you keep scrolling, you will find my gold guide, where I will share with you my recommendations for making the most gold during this event!

Vvardenfell Event

Tribunal Event Guide

A quick guide regarding the Tribunal Celebration and what it entails

What Is The Tribunal Celebration Event?

Much like other zone-specific events, the crafting nodes that are in the zones that are specific to the event (In this case, Vvardenfell andThe Clockwork City) will yield double nodes! Drops from bosses in these zones (world bosses, delve bosses, even trial bosses) are also doubled!

Because this is an ESO event, you will also be able to receive event tickets! You will be able to receive a total of 2 tickets per day; one for completing a daily quest in Vvardenfell, and one for completing a daily quest in the Clockwork City.

There will be a chance to collect many new and unique rewards during the Tribunal Celebration Event, such as the new Doctrine Ordinator style. Tradeable versions of these gold style pages have a chance to drop from defeating any kind of boss in both Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City, or bound versions can be purchased for 5 tickets from the Impresario.

Doctrine Ordinator Style

Watch Tianlein’s showcase of the Doctrine Ordinator style!

Once a day, upon completing your first daily quest in these respective zones, you will also receive a Glorious Tribunal Coffer. These coffers guarantee you a fragment of the following collectible items:

  • The Slagtown Diver Skin
  • Microtized Vermonous Fabricant Pet
  • Thetys Remarys Bait Kit Memento

If you continue to participate in daily activities in either zone, there is also a chance for you to receive regular Tribunal Coffers, which have a reduced chance at providing the fragments for the new collectibles listed above. These collectibles may also be purchased with tickets at the Impresario.

Tribunal Celebration Event Video Guide

For a very thorough explanation of this event and the Vvardenfell and Clockwork City dailies, I would highly recommend watching ESO content creator Tianlein’s video on the Tribunal Celebration event!

Vvardenfell Event

Gold Guide

The best ways to earn gold during this ESO event

How To Make Gold During The Tribunal Celebration Event

Like other events in ESO, there are many great opportunities to make a lot of gold throughout the duration of the event! Follow the tips below to earn as much gold as possible during this event!

Selling Doctrine Ordinator Style Pages

As is the case with all event-specific style pages, you’ve gotta act fast! You can sell the Doctrine Ordinator Style pages for around 20-35k gold (PC/NA value) on the first day. Be sure to browse all of the traders in the popular trading locations (Mournhold, Rawl-Ka, Stormhaven, Vivec City etc) to see what others are listing these pages for, and base your price off of this data. I’m on PC/NA, and I often sell my event style pages for around 35k each on the first day.

The value will only depreciate from this point onward, so it’s best to sell everything that you get on the first day.

But Arttea, what if I get a style page that I really wanted to use for myself?

Sell it anyways! You can always re-acquire your desired style pages at the end of the event, when the style pages are significantly cheaper. It’s what I do! I sell my style pages at 35k each for the first day or two, then I will sell them at 10-20k for the following week or two, and then on the last day I buy all the style pages that I want for under 5k each!

Vvardenfell Dailies + Clockwork City Dailies

Because of the double drops that are active during this even, now is as good a time as ever to really grind out those daily quests in these zones. The style materials that you can get from opening the daily reward coffers as well as deconning the gear in Vvardenfell and Clockwork City are used to craft a lot of different kinds of furnishings, making them very valuable! The different style materials worth gathering to sell are:

  • Tempered Brass (Clockwork furnishings)
  • Refined Bonemold Resin (Hlaalu furnishings)
  • Polished Scarab Elytra (Redoran furnishings)
  • Wrought Ferrofungus (Telvanni furnishings)

Flipping Items From The Tribunal Celebration Event

As is the case with any event or circumstance that inflates the supply of specific items on the market, items such as the motif pages from these zones and the style materials mentioned above are going to experience a price decrease from the influx of players completing daily rewards. Around the end of this event is when you are going to find that these style materials and motif pages are as low as ever. If you have gold to spare, I’d recommend purchasing the cheapest instances of these items at the end of the event to hold on to for a while and eventually resell at a much higher price.

This notion is referred to as “flipping”. If you have ESO plus, flipping style materials will be the most comfortable endeavor as they do not take up any inventory space given the fact that they are stored in your craft bag. Flipping Apostle motif pages or any of the Vvardenfell motifs is also another worthwhile endeavor, except these motif pages do take up inventory/bank space, so that is something to consider!

If you want to know what I will be looking to flip during this event, it’s going to be the Refined Bonemold Resin (I made a whole post discussing how I created a monopoly with this item!) and the Apostle Chests and Legs. I know that these particular items are worth a lot of gold, and that they are going to be selling for a fraction of their valued prices during the event!

ESO Tribunal Event Tickets

Take Advantage Of Double Drops

If you’ve found a nice material farming route in either zone, now is the time to farm it! Not only are crafting nodes doubled, but so are drops from defeating bosses, such as gear! Deconning the gear from these zones provide valuable style materials (mentioned above).

Do recall that the final trial boss in veteran Halls of Fabrication has a chance to drop refabricated motif pages (guaranteed drop on hard mode!), and these drops are also doubled during the event! You are also usually rewarded a singular Dwarven Construct Repair Part (you get two from completing the HM), but because of the event, these drops are doubled as well, making this a great time to run some vHoF with the guildies if you are looking for some gear from this trial.

ESO Update 29 Changes And What They Mean For The Market & Making Gold [ESO CP Changes]

The PTS patch notes for update 29 were released recently, and they discuss a whole plethora of major changes that are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Among these many new developments, the changes to the ESO CP system in particular really stand out. If you’d like to learn more about these changes, I’d recommend watching Nefas’ video on the matter, linked below:

ESO New CP System

Watch Nefas’ video that goes over the new cp changes that will be live in update 29

ESO Craft CP

ESO Craft CP

Previously known as the Thief constellation, Craft cp affects your more casual, day-to-day ESO endeavors.

Dubbed by some as “The RP Constellation”, the Thief Constellation concerns more of your casual ESO endeavors. Think: riding your mount, harvesting and refining materials, deconning some gear after a dungeon, opening chests, fishing, etc.


Noteworthy Craft CP Passives

The following passives have either been reworked or are entirely new with update 29! I will only be going over the passives that are relevant to making gold and being gold-conscious! For a full list of all of the craft CP passives, as well as the other passives (warfare and fitness), be sure to check out Alcast’s thorough guide on the subject [coming soon]!

Something to keep in mind is that while individual passives require a certain amount of CP to unlock, more CP would be required to be able to even have the chance to unlock the CP passive in question.

For example: While it may cost 100CP to unlock the passive “Reel Technique” (decreases amount of time for fish to bite by 25%), you will first have to spend 245 CP in other CP “stars” to even be able to get to the point where you can have a chance to unlock “Reel Technique”. So in reality, it will cost 345 CP to be able to attain the Reel Technique passive if you count the CP that goes into the prerequisite stars.


The homemaker passive requires 75 CP to unlock. Once unlocked, you will have a 10% chance to find a second furnishing plan whenever you find a furnishing plan out in the world. If you do not already loot all sorts of backpacks and urns and desks whenever you are out questing, update 29 may be a good time to start!

Homemaker ESO


The haggler passive increases the cost which merchants buy goods from you for 2% per stage. Fully maxing out this passive costs 50CP, and will increase the cost by 10%.

Haggler ESO

Plentiful Harvest

You can have a 20% chance to gain double the yield from normal resource nodes per stage, and each stage costs 20 CP to unlock (5 stages total). This is an absolute must have for node farmers!

Plentiful Harvest ESO

Master Gatherer

Reduces the time it takes to harvest by 10% per stage, and each stage costs 15 CP to unlock (5 stages total). This passive also seems essential for time-efficient node farming – to make the most out of your time!

Master Gatherer ESO

Meticulous Disassembly

Improves the chances of extracting woodworking ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful resins from raw materials. This passive costs 100 CP to unlock, and since the crafting passives that normally increase your chances at refining powerful resins and extracting crafting ingredients from deconstructing gear still exist, we can only presume that this CP passive will stack with your crafting passives! Crafters rejoice! If you don’t normally refine mats or decon gear, you should consider it now!

Meticulous Disassembly ESO


Increases the value of fenced items by 15%. This passive costs 25 CP to unlock. If thieving is already a habit of yours (and if it isn’t, maybe it ought to be – you can get some pretty expensive recipes from looting homes and npcs) then this passive will further reward you by granting you a bit of extra gold for your laundered goods. Since the Legerdemain passive that increases the value of fenced items still exists, we can only presume that this CP passive will stack with your Legerdemain passive!

Infamous ESO

Fortune’s Favor

Increases the amount of gold you find in treasure chests and safeboxes by 10% per stage, and each stage costs 10 CP to unlock (5 stages total). This would be a handy passive to have not only when thieving, but also when traversing a chest-farming route.

Fortune's Favor ESO

Reel Technique

Decreases the time it takes for a fish to bite by 25%. This passive costs 100 CP to unlock, and it sounds like a must have for an evening of fishing. If you are catching fish at a quicker rate, then that means that you will have a greater amount of fish within a select amount of time. The more fish you have to filet, the more chances you get at retrieving a [Perfect Roe] from filleting them! Unfilled fish also sell for a handsome amount if you’d rather make your gold from fishing that way!

Reel Technique ESO

Angler’s Instincts

Increases the chance of catching higher quality fish by 10%. This passive costs 25 CP to unlock, and it sounds like it would pair nicely with the CP passive mentioned previously. If you are looking to make some humble earnings by means of fishing, this passive seems very complimentary to just that.

Angler's Instincts ESO
ESO New CP Passives

How The CP Changes Affect Existing Items

Regardless of your thoughts on the new CP system, one thing is for sure: because the CP cap has been increased to 3600, there is now a NEW heightened demand for gaining experience in ESO.


Prior to update 29, players would only seek to grind experience when levelling alternate toons that had not quite yet reached lvl 50, or perhaps to level up alternate skill lines for characters that were already cp level, or even grinding out cp to reach cp810. But now that there is a greater reason to grind cp because of the increased cp cap and new cp system, there will be a greater demand for the items that make the process of xp grinding much more efficient.

ESO New CP Changes

ESO XP Consumables

The following items are craftable experience-boosting consumables that should experience an increase in demand, and subsequently, an increase in value/price once update 29 hits the live server:

Psijic Ambrosia (50% boost)
Aetherial Ambrosia (100% boost)
Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia (150% boost)

Psijic Ambrosia

If you require a more thorough explanation on what these items are and how to go about crafting them yourself, I implore that you read my post that is all about making gold during ESO events, as it goes into much more detail about xp-gaining items; what they are, and how to get them.

While farming mobs in Skyreach or Spellscar or a public dungeon is a preferred method of xp grinding for many players, many also prefer to power level by turning in master writs. Master writs reward the player with an extensive amount of xp, and this amount of xp is susceptible to being increased if the player has an xp boosting buff active upon turning in the writ.

The master writ of choice for power leveling is the:

Alchemy Writ

because they are the easiest writ to complete, and most accessible, seeing as not everyone is an experienced crafter or has all of the motifs known for other kinds of master writs. It would make sense then for alchemy writs to also experience an increase in price the same way they do during ESO events that reward double XP (side note: I was selling master alchemy writs for 60k each during the new life festival! I made so much gold my Rawl’Kha trading guild leader had to reach out and ask me wtf I was doing haha. Playing the market!).

ESO Craglorn
A lot of players like to farm mobs in Craglorn. Running with a partner in Skyreach as well as running with a friend through Spellscar and slaughtering all of the mobs in sight are very common xp grinding methods. Some people even offer to sell “carries”, in the sense that for a sum of gold, they can be your partner while they farm mobs with you and help you gain xp.

ESO Experience Boosting Materials

In order to craft the experience boosting consumables mentioned above, you will need specific ingredients. If ambrosias do indeed experience an increase in price because of the increased demand for grinding cp, then the materials needed to craft ambrosias should also experience an increase in price. These materials consist of:

Aetherial Dust (an extremely rare drop obtainable from nodes in base game zones)
Perfect Roe (a rare drop from filleting fish)

ESO Aetherial Dust

Fishing For Perfect Roe

Looking to farm some perfect roe? Why not take a peak at this quick video that I made that goes over the best way to make gold while fishing – it’s not just perfect roe that can earn you gold while you fish!


Contents in the PTS patch notes are subject to change; this article has been compiled given the latest PTS data. Furthermore, I can not see into the future (as neato as that would be). While I can exercise my best judgement and make educated guesses about market trends in the future, ultimately the outcome that these changes have on the market will depend on the players – specifically the traders. Traders that are ignorant and unaware of these changes and the impacts that they bring may not follow the logical proceedings of an increased demand for a specific item (example: Impenetrable Eternal Vigor sold for 2k during Greymoor’s release, and then for 80k several months later, once sellers finally realized it was a BiS pvp set. If only these traders were aware eh?). We can do our best to educate, but ultimately, if enough people are content selling the items mentioned above for the same prices despite a surge in demand for them, the prices for the aforementioned items will likely not experience a significant increase.

The Best Trading Guild Locations in ESO

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to evaluating the best trading locations in ESO and the subsequent guild traders that occupy them. The image below is a tier list that I created of just about all of the trading spots in Tamriel.

Do keep in mind that while this is a list that I have curated from consulting my own experiences, the experiences of other players, and whilst keeping in mind certain criteria that objectively distinguish a location as being desirable, this list ultimately errs on the side of being subjective and based on my opinion, so do take it with a grain of salt!

Regardless of how closely you agree with my tier list, I would suggest the following criteria to look out for when determining the desirability trading spots in ESO:

Things to look out for in a trading spot in ESO:

Things to look out for in a trading location:

Proximity to a wasyshrine

-Proximity to crafting stations

– Extra points if located in an area with an Undaunted Enclave

-Populated area

-Easily accessible zone (non DLC, not locked behind content)

-Niche/specialty market (is the zone known for selling something in particular, like furnishings, mats etc)

-Prevalence of competition (is it easily possible to be the only person selling a certain commodity in this zone)

Keeping all of the aforementioned criteria in mind, I have come up with the following tier-list. I do want to point out that while there is an abundance of locations in the traditionally “lower” grades, that does not necessarily mean that these are bad ESO trading locations, or spots that should be avoided.

In order to be a well-balanced trader, I would actually highly recommend being a part of a guild in a location that ranks lower in this list, while also aiming to be in guilds that rank high in this list. By being in a range of different locations with different markets and different kinds of customers, you can be more optimized when it comes to selling your wares.

For example, it is very unlikely that I would be able to sell gold materials for significantly higher than the current market price in the S tier locations, because I would have so much competition from both within my own guild, as well as from the sellers in all of the other top trade guilds in Rawl’Kah and Mournhold. However, I would be able to get away with selling overpriced materials in a zone like Rimmen, since there are not a lot of other people selling these materials. And I am speaking from experience! I sell my Rosin for 40% more than the going market price in my Rimmen trade guild, a feat that I would never be able to do in my Mournhold or Rawl’Kah guilds.

So do not be discouraged; do not leave your trade guilds if you find that they are lower on the list. Certain sellers synergize better with certain kinds of zones. What zone works best for you will ultimately depend on what kinds of wares you aim to sell and how serious you are about trading. Do keep in mind the fact that ESO trading guilds that rank higher on this list tend to charge higher weekly dues!

These areas that rank higher attract a lot of customers because of how optimal their locations are. This means that there you can expect for there to be a lot of eyes looking at your wares should you be apart of a trading guild in the highly ranked locations. Selling in bulk is also a practice that synergizes best in more highly ranked areas, so these spots are best if you tend to earn most of your revenue by flipping items on ESO.

ESO Best Guild Traders

The Best ESO Trading Guild Locations For PC NA

By “Other Small Towns”, I am referring to most locations that have a small assortment of traders (usually only 3) such as Balmora, Tel Mora, Morkul Stronghold etc. By “Single Traders”, I mean locations that only have one trader, such as towns (like Alinor, Davon’s Watch etc) or out in the middle of nowhere (like the trader in Tal’Deic Grounds, or the trader at Southpoint etc).

Do keep in mind that the tier list was created with data from PC NA. The “best” trading zones differ across platforms. For example, on PC EU, Vivec City is comparable to PC NA’s Mournhold, as it is the best spot to get a trader in. While Belkarth would be A or S tier on PC EU, it is only a B tier on PC NA. While the tier list graphic may not directly apply to your platform, the content discussed in this article regarding finding an ideal trader or pricing your wares accordingly is relevant to all platforms.

What do you think of this tier list? Would you swap anything around? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts, just post a comment below!

Cyrodiil Dailies: one of the best ways to make gold on ESO that no one talks about

Besides rewarding you with some experience points, a [Cyrodiil Citrus], and a handful of AP, Cyrodiil daily quests reward you with something of much greater value: gear.

Cyrodiil Daily Quests

Watch the short accompanying video to this post!

Cyrodiil Daily Quest Coffers

Upon completing and turning in a Cyrodiil quest at any of the five towns, you will receive a gear coffer that pertains to the town in question. These gear coffers can drop a singular piece of gear that is specific to Cyrodiil.

These coffers are very much like the kinds of gear coffers that you would find in Vlastrus, Cropsford, and Bruma, only unlike the specific gear coffers that you purchase at Specialized Gear Merchants, the gear that you receive from completing town quests is completely random. Gear from any kind of Cyrodiil set can drop.

Still yet, these Cyrodiil daily quests take no more than 2 minutes to complete, for the most part (I’m looking at you Barasati), and they reward you with a gear coffer that is nearly equivalent in nature to the coffers sold by gear merchants that cost 12,000AP. The gear you get is random, sure, but can you make 12k AP in less than two minutes? Doubtful.

Cyrodiil Town Dailies

And before you bombers and zerglings disagree, allow me to say this: In just 20 minutes, I completed 15 Cyrodiil dailies, and was thus rewarded with 15 gear coffers. 180k AP(15 x 12,000) in 20 minutes seems pretty damn decent no?

Because the gear that comes from these coffers are random, the items can really be hit or miss, but more often than not, you get something worth selling.

For sure, items that reinforce the current pvp meta that you get are going to be worth a lot, but you’d be surprised how many other sets from Cyrodiil also sell well. Sets that you’ve probably never even heard of, let alone considered in a build, surprisingly sell for a whole lot. Evidently, someone must want them!

Juggernaut weapons, Beckoning Steel gear, Heartland shields and 1hers, Arch Mage staves, and many more items from sets that aren’t really talked about all sell for a significant amount (from 50-500k sometimes)! This is partially because of the fact that not a lot of people really go out and do these Cyrodiil dailies in the first place, let alone list the gear that comes from them if it isn’t gear that is “meta”. With so little supply, sellers can definitely increase the prices for these wares and earn a substantial amount of gold.

Cyrodiil Daily Quests
Most of the Cyrodiil Town Dailies consist of venturing out and killing a specific NPC, gathering items or interacting with objects. These town dailies are simple and entirely PvE friendly.

Determining Your Gear’s Value

Whenever you receive gear from completing these dailies, be sure to price-check your items on Tamriel Trade Centre to get a rough estimate for how much they are worth.

If there are little to no listings on TTC for a piece of your gear, this is good news. If you’ve read my post on creating monopolies on ESO, then you may be able to recognize this kind of scenario as a great opportunity. Because there is such little supply for your item, you can effectively assign any kind of value (within reason) to it. Be sure to check out the limited listings that you saw on TTC in game as well, by visiting traders. If the item is no longer listed at the trader (i.e, if the item has sold), then list your item for the same amount, or more! If the item has yet to sell, put your item up for a little less – enough to offer a worthwhile deal to potential buyers that search up your item on TTC.

Example: One of my friends received a Shield of the Juggernaut from a coffer just yesterday (from the day I’m writing this). There were only 3 Juggernaut shield listings in the entirety of the PC NA server, all at around 500k. He went around to check the listings in game, and those shields had not sold. So, he put his up for 450k (buyer would save 50k if they bought his shield over the others) and he sold it no less than a day later!

Be sure to be diligent about price-checking every single item that you get from the coffers on TTC, and be smart when determining a price. Use the amount of available listings as well as the average of the listings to help you come up with the best price for your wares.

But Arttea, I absolutely despise PvP!
I don’t want to have to worry about getting killed by players while I do these quests…

Doing Cyrodiil Dailies When You Hate PvP

Well then get gud skrub! Just kidding; being hesitant to do Cyrodiil dailies on account of the fact that you have to venture into a pvp zone is a valid concern. I believe that this concern is one of the main reasons why the gear that comes from these dailies is so valuable – there is such a limited supply because so little pve-ers want to go to pvp-land to do pve things!

If this is the case for you, I have a few suggestions:

Do Cyrodiil Town Dailies When Your Faction Has
The Entire Map

Sometimes your alliance owns the entirety of the map in Cyrodiil, or most of it. If this is ever the case, this is the perfect chance to do daily quests, as the chances that you will run into any opponent, let alone an opponent near a town, is next to 0. You can always check the status of the Cyrodiil map for your campaign by clicking on Cyrodiil on your map.


Politely Ask Others To Let You Quest In Peace

Not all pvpers are scary people! You can always try sending a whisper to someone that you see at a town to let them know that you are just at the town to get some questing done and that you’d appreciate it if they let you be. While I like to pvp myself, this is still something that I do to enemy players that I see at towns.

Most good pvpers poke resources to get fights – so if you see a competent pvper at a town, they are more than likely just looking to flip the town to their alliance’s color so that they can buy gear coffers from the specialty gear vendor, or they are just looking to do the daily quests for $$$ like me! It is very uncommon that you will ever find a (pardon my french) shitter looking to kill pvers at a town (unless we are talking about the midyear mayhem festival, that really brings out the worst in people). So you’ve got nothing to worry about!

I run into opponents that are questing at towns fairly regularly and I always shoot them a whisper to let them know that I am doing the same and that they have nothing to worry about 🙂 Wholesome gamer moments.

As I’m creating this article, I am helping some new ESO players understand the fundamentals of the game, as well as the market, given the fact that they showed some interest in making lots of gold in this game. Throughout this process, something that we have all collectively realized is just how ridiculously easy, quick, and rewarding Cyrodiil daily quests are. In just a few weeks time, these cp 300s have accumulated over 5 million gold, largely due to the fact that they have been very persistent about completing a handful of Cyrodiil dailies each day. The amount of gold that they are making from these dailies inspired me to write this article!

Doing Cyrodiil dailies has become a part of my daily quest routine on ESO because of how much gold they make me. Hopefully I have been able to convince you to venture into Cyrodiil and knock out some easy dailies for those coveted gear coffers! Best of luck to you!

Turn Your AP Into Gold

Watch my quick video on converting your alliance points into gold!

Making Gold From The Luxury Furnishing Vendor

What Is The Luxury Furnishing Vendor

The luxury furnishing vendor in ESO is a vendor that sells specialty wares exclusively on the weekend. From Friday evening, until the end of Sunday, one can find the luxury vendor outside of the bank in Hollow City, Coldharbor.

The luxury furnishing vendor sells a variety of rare, exclusive furnishings that can only be purchased during the times mentioned above. His inventory rotates every week, and it often takes about a year or more before previously sold items make a return and can be purchasable once again.

How To Make Gold From The Luxury Vendor

As is the case with any item that is exclusive and rare in ESO, the furnishings that are sold at the luxury vendor can acquire a lot of value, often times more than they their original worth.

This isn’t always the case however; in fact, there are sometimes instances where a luxury vendor item sells for less than it’s original value! This, of course, should never be the case, but if you have any experience with the ESO market at all, can you really say that you are surprised? This is the same market that sometimes sells consumables for less than their crafting cost! *shakes head*

Whether or not a luxury furnishing’s value will drastically increase in price can be hard to tell, but with some prior knowledge on the ESO market trends and an understanding of what furnishings sell for a lot on ESO, I just may be able to give you enough pointers to make some educated decisions when it comes to purchasing items from the luxury vendor to flip some time later.

Luxury Furniture Items That Always Sell Well

The following items have a consistent record of selling for more than their original value when purchased from the luxury furnishing vendor in Coldharbor.


Plants such as a ferns, flowers, or trees are always in demand given the fact that housing enthusiasts love to create flourishing, intricate gardens. These items are a great investment for newer flippers or players that do not have a lot of money to spare, seeing as each unit of flora tends to be valued from around 3k to 20k gold and often sells for 2 to 4 times it’s original value.

Items such as the wedding blossoms (original value 2.5k, resold for 8-10k) and the Alinor maples (original value 4k, resold for 20-40k)are a great example of this. While not flora, the geodes also sold for much more than their original value (original value 20k, resold for 40k)

ESO Garden
ESO Housing


Furnishing items that contribute some kind of lighting effect are also always in demand, as they aid in setting the mood as well as adding personality to the rooms that they are placed in.

Culanda and Varla stones (original value 5k, resold at 15-20k) are a good example of this.

Housing ESO


Large, intricate statues are often centerpieces of rooms and gardens, and often times collected by many ESO housing enthusiasts. It is because of this reason that these statues can be resold for more than their original worth.

The Imperial statues (original value 25k, resold for 100k) are a perfect example of this.

ESO Statues

How To Determine If A Luxury Item Can Be Flipped

Some luxury furnishings do not necessarily fall into any of the categories listed above, but they may still sell for considerably more than they were originally worth because of the following reason:

Items That Pertain To A Specific Aesthetic

Some items are very unique or specific to a kind of aesthetic and may very well fly under most people’s radar’s until they realize that they would really like said item for a build. Items from collections such as the Velothi Furnishings or the Orc Furnishings may seem like they are oddly specific, and players may not strive to buy so many items from these collections unless they are looking to create a Dunmeri tomb or an Orcish stronghold. With so little of the player base buying these items, you can potentially create a monopoly and subsequently determine the value of your luxury furnishings.

The Velothi Shrouds (original value 5k, resold for 40k) and the Orcish Gazebo (original value 20k, resold for 100k) are just some of many examples of this. Because these items were oddly specific to a certain kind of aesthetic (Velothi tomb, Orcish architecture) there were not too many instances of these items being purchased. With little competition, you can better influence the price! So be on the lookout for items that may seem to have little hype over them (monitor your guild chats and discords to see whether or not people are excited about the new furnishings) and stock up on those – within reason of course! Perhaps the reason why there is no hype over a certain item is because the item looks horrific and no one would ever want it! Exercise your best judgement.

ESO Luxury Vendor

The Luxury vendor can be found on the weekends at this little kiosk wedged in between the Hollow City Bank and Cicero’s Food & General Goods store.

Converting Tel Var To Gold In ESO

If you frequent the Imperial City often enough, you may find that you have an abundance of Telvar at your disposal. There are quite a few ways to convert tel var into gold, most of which will be detailed in this guide!

To really stock up on tel var, be sure to deposit it in the bank from time to time! Every time that you die in the Imperial City, you lose half of the tel var that you are currently carrying, so keep that in mind! Venture out into the cruel landscape of the Imperial City with an amount of tel var that you are comfortable with, and be sure to return in a swift and safe manner to bank that tel var once it really starts to pile up!

The Best Ways To Convert Telvar Into Gold

1) Alchemy Satchels
2) Hakeijo
3) Gear Coffers

Alchemy Satchels

It has been proven time and time again that purchasing these alchemy satchels from the Telvar General Merchant is the most consistently profitable way to convert your tel var into gold.

Each Alchemy Satchel contains a random assortment of alchemy ingredients. Some of the possible materials that you could get in a satchel include flowers, mudcrab chitin, butterfly wings, and even powdered mother of pearl! One satchel contains 18 various reagents that come in groups of 3. Each satchel costs only 500 telvar!

You definitely get the most bang for your buck converting your AP this way!

Buying Hakeijo

While purchasing Alchemy Satchels is one of the best ways to convert tel var to gold, the kinds of flowers that you obtain vary with each satchel, so there is always a chance that you may receive some bad RNG and collect a bunch of inexpensive materials. Furthermore, when it comes to selling alchemy ingredients in guild traders, you are competing with item flippers that will be selling large quantities of alchemy ingredients (think: stacks of 100 or 200 for convenience). These large stacks will sell much more reliably than just a random small collection of flowers, like the ones that you would get from these satchels (assuming you are not purchasing hundreds of satchels).

Given this information, it may be worth considering purchasing the essence rune: Hakeijo for telvar to sell for gold instead! Hakeijo costs 15,000 telvar and for the longest time it has been sold for roughly 16,000 – 20,000 gold (PC NA prices).

If it has been quite some time since the last Imperial City event, Hakeijo prices have been observed to soar up to 35,000 – 45,000 gold per unit.

To get the most out of your Hakeijo, I strongly recommend using it to craft a Truly Superb Glyph of Prismatic Defense. These glyphs are commonly used in pvp builds, so they tend to sell really quickly! It only costs 1 kuta to upgrade your Hakeijo into this glyph, and you can charge an additional value that is more than twice as much as a kuta when listing the glyph on your traders.

You could sell 1 Hakeijo for: 16k
You could combine 1 Hakeijo (16k) with 1 Kuta (2.5k) and 1 Repora & sell for: 24k

The prices listed in the example above include the average price of Hakeijo throughout the entirety of the year. Do take note of the fact that Hakeijo can be worth upwards of 35 or 40k if a significant amount of time has passed since the previous Imperial City event. Keep up with Hakeijo prices on TTC! You can always get away with selling a prismatic glyph for more than the crafting cost, so it’s a worthwhile endeavour no matter how much Hakeijo is selling for!

Purchasing Coffers

The previously mentioned methods of converting telvar into gold are the most reliable. However, if you are keen on the notion of gambling, much like purchasing gear coffers in Cyrodiil for AP, it can be worthwhile to spend your telvar on the different gear coffers that the Gear Coffer merchant has to offer. You may just get lucky and receive a very valuable item.

Factors such as the current pvp and pve meta, as well as whether there are currently any IC events taking place (or if they recently took place!) all affect the availability, desirability and subsequent price (in gold) of the gear that you can buy with telvar.

The most valuable items come from the following kinds of gear coffers:

  • Powerful Assault (Weapons, Jewelry, body pieces in Sturdy or Well-Fitted)
  • Shieldbreaker (Stamina weapons – especially mauls!! – , Jewelry, body pieces in impen or well-fitted)
  • Imperial Physique (Heavy body, jewelry)
  • Thews of the Harbinger (Heavy body [in sturdy], 1h and shield)

You can purchase equipment coffers at the <Tel Var Equipment Lockbox Merchant> at your alliance’s sewer base. These lockboxes can drop weapons and gear in any of the three armor weights and in any trait.

These are the coffers that you want to be purchasing with your Tel Var because they are the only ones that have a chance to drop weapons.

The other vendors do sell specific pieces of gear with specific traits and at certain weights. Because of these limiting factors, this gear is not what you want to be buying.

It is also a good idea keep up with ESO content creators like Nefas and others to know when specific sets are in high demand. Earlier in 2020, Nefas recommended the set: Powerful Assault, after it was buffed, as it became meta in optimized compositions for trials. Soon after his recommendation, the prices for PA items skyrocketed!

Be sure to utilize Tamriel Trade Centre as a means to see the prices for the gear that you receive from these coffers as well as the prevalence of the gear sets that you are looking to sell. The less instances of gear there are, the more you can charge for the gear that you are trying to sell!

Converting Your Tel Var Into Gold

Watch the short accompanying video to this post!

Flipping Items in ESO

If you still consider yourself a novice when it comes to trading in ESO, then I would highly recommend taking some time to properly understand the foundation of trading before delving into the topic of flipping items on ESO.

However; if you’ve already made a bit of money for yourself and have established a steady stream of revenue, perhaps you may be looking to take your gold making endeavors up a notch. If so, this ESO flipping guide is just what you are looking for.

What is “Flipping”?

The notion of “flipping” entails purchasing items at a given price (usually a price that is lower than market standards, although sometimes you can still flip items that you have purchased at the going market price) and then subsequently re-selling these same items for more, resulting in a net gain in gold!

Evidently, this method of making gold on ESO requires that the player interested in “flipping” already has expendable funds to invest in the items that they are looking to flip.

You certainly do not need a lot of money to start flipping items in ESO. If you do not have the means to be flipping more inherently expensive items – that’s fine! Stick to flipping items whose prices fall comfortably within your spending range!

Check out this neat trick to help you always know what items are ideal for flipping at any given time!

Do recall the fact that a portion of your guild trader sales are siphoned away as “taxes”. It is important to keep this in mind when flipping, as you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. When deciding on whether or not you should buy an item (or items) with the intent to flip, make sure that the value that you are going to relist this item for is going to result in a profit for you – after taxes!

What To Flip in ESO

Generally speaking, players tend to flip materials, motifs and housing recipes. By going to a Guild Trader and utilizing the search tools, players can search for “All Materials”, “Consumables, Motif” and “Consumables, Furnishing Plan” and quickly scan all of the entries to see if any items are being listed for less than market price or what have you.

If you know what sets are currently popular in ESO, you can also look to flip set pieces!

Believe it or not, you can actually get away with purchasing materials at market price and then re-selling them at above market price if you list these materials in large stacks. By listing materials in large stacks, you are providing the seller with convenience, which allows you to charge more per unit. For example, I have been flipping Dreugh Wax by purchasing individual units at 8k each (current market price) and relisting them for 12k each in bundles of 10. Of course, if I can find Dreugh Wax for even cheaper, that means I make even more profit!

By understanding what consumables and items are currently “meta”, you can utilize this information to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding items to flip in ESO. Items that are part of the current meta are always perfect candidates for flipping given the fact that they are likely to organically increase in value anyways because of the heightened demand for them. By purchasing large quantities of these items while their prices are still low and then re-selling them once they have become part of the meta or once it has been realized by the general public that these items have become “meta”, you can really rack up a lot of profit.

I try to make an effort to compile some of the hottest items to sell in ESO every patch, so be sure to check out that page to get an idea for the kinds of items that you should strive to flip for any given patch.

When To Buy Items In ESO

Find out more about how you can be efficient when flipping in The Elder Scrolls Online!

Useful Addons For Flipping in ESO

Often times players utilize addons such as Master Merchant and Awesome Guild Store to help them throughout the process of flipping. These addons provide useful charts and data that showcase the worth of any particular item, and even it’s percentage over or under market price. This allows players the convenience of receiving all of these market statistics while they browse guild traders so that they can locate a deal on the spot.

While tools like these can definitely aid a trader looking to flip items in ESO, they are not integral to the flipping process. While I play on PC/NA and use a handful of addons myself, I do not use any trading addons and I have made hundreds of millions from flipping items on ESO. I personally use Tamriel Trade Centre’s website if I ever need to get a rough idea for a price for an item. Plus, once you are a serious trader, you likely already know the going prices for many things and do not need an addon to tell you this information.

It has kind of been perpetuated in the trading community that “flipping” is a thing that only occurs on the PC servers because these players have access to addons, when the reality is that while these addons are definitely useful, they are not a necessity. Don’t let the fact that you can’t use addons stop you from flipping!

Trading in ESO

Don’t Take Advantage of People

Don’t you do it! I’ve come across countless videos about flipping in ESO that all suggest going from zone to zone and copy-pasting a “WTB” message. This sounds inherently harmless, but the fact of the matter is that the people that are spamming these messages in zone chat are willing-to-buy their particular items for ludicrously low prices in hopes that no one will be the wiser and subsequently end up giving away their wares for horrible prices.

The prices that these people suggest are so low that it’s really ripping people off. These people are completely taking advantage of the fact that there are many players out there that have no grasp or concept of trading on ESO. Instead of taking the time to educate people or invite them into trading guilds, zone-chat-scammers (as I like to call them) strive to take advantage of those that lack trading expertise by robbing them of their wares so that they can resell them and get rich while those that they have scammed stay poor.

Often times these ESO zone chat scammers will defend their actions by suggesting that they are actually providing a great convenience to the people that they are scamming by taking their unwanted items off their hands and giving them a bit of gold in return. They claim that they are helping players out that would have never sold these items otherwise since they do not have a trader to sell their wares anyways.

There is a difference between purchasing an item that has been listed at a low price in a guild trader and suggesting a ridiculously low price in zone chat. The former supports the guild trader itself by means of taxes and providing that seller with some sales records that help them meet dues, advance, and build rank from within their trading guild. The former also implies that it was the seller’s choice, well-informed or not, to list that item at that particular price. The latter entails a well-informed trader suggesting an offensively low price that un-informed traders may then believe to be reasonable, which effectively keeps these people unaware and in the dark, instead of being educated on the matter.

Sure, these un-informed traders do get some money, but they don’t get nearly their money’s worth, and that’s just not cool to do to someone. It is totally possible to flip items and still make tens of millions of gold a week from utilizing Guild Traders exclusively. I highly implore that you go about flipping items this way. From what I gather, doing the whole “WTB” thing in zone chat takes a lot of time and effort to find victims anyways, so you are really are just better off browsing some guild traders from time to time. Not to mention the fact that it is really damaging to your reputation!

Zone-chat-scammers also tend to be the kinds of goons that heavily undercut their guildmates in their guild traders. I plan to have a thorough post on trading-etiquette in the near future, so stay tuned! I promise it won’t just be a hit piece on scammers, there are actually a lot of interesting points of discussion to be had when it comes to improper trading etiquette and the effects that it can have on the market both in the short and long term!

Summerset ESO

I have made all of my earnings without ever using unkind trading practices. Support guild traders by buying your wares through them – even if you do so with the intention to flip!

Where to Find Items to Flip

Okay Arttea, so you’re telling me NOT to flip items via zone chat – so how else am I expected to do so?

By using guild traders of course!

Chances are you are likely not going to be finding items for under market price at the major trading hubs in ESO, such as Mournhold, Rawl’Kha, Wayrest, Vivec City, etc. In order to compete with the convenience and endless supply of items that the elite traders in these major trading cities have to offer, often times sellers that are in smaller trading guilds in less convenient locations will list their wares for under market price so as to entice customers to go out of their way to browse their particular trader.

Cities that are difficult to get to or that can only be discovered by means of thorough exploration, quest completion or by owning a DLC are great spots to check for materials, housing plans and motifs to flip in ESO. Some of my favourite spots to frequent are:

Besides these major cities, I also like to visit the guild traders that are located in isolated spots in the wilderness! Or outlaw’s refuges! I tend to find the best deals here.

You also don’t have to go completely out of your way to get to these traders. Flipping does not have to eat up your time on ESO, it is a pastime that can be efficiently integrated into your usual gameplay. You can browse traders while you wait for your battleground or dungeon queue to pop. You may pass a trader in the middle of nowhere while making your way to a survey or treasure map location – you may as well take a quick peak at their wares! Or if you are already having to go out of your way to get to a specific trader to purchase a piece of gear that you need or what have you, it just takes a minute or two to check out the rest of the items that the guild has to offer; you are there anyways, you may as well!

You can also use TTC to search up a specific item that you are currently flipping to quickly locate all of the cheap instances of that particular item.

ESO Crafting Guide: How To Make Gold From Crafting In ESO

Crafting on ESO is essential when it comes to so many aspects of the game, and making gold is no exception. The following guide outlines all of the possible ways to make gold in ESO by means of crafting.

Daily Crafting Writs

The easiest way to earn gold in ESO and acquire valuable materials (that you can use or sell for gold!) is to do your daily crafting writs.

Most cities have “writ boards”, where you can collect daily crafting quests that require you to craft specific gear pieces or consumables. Upon completing and turning in these crafting writs, you will receive gold (that scales with your level) and a daily coffer for the type of writ that you turn in that can contain materials that are also specific to the kind of writ in question.

For example: if you complete and turn in a woodworking writ and are max level (cp160+), you will receive 664 gold as well as a Woodworker’s Coffer that could contain woodworking upgrading materials like Mastic or Rosin!


My favourite place to do my daily writs is Vivec City, in Vvardenfell. All of the crafting stations are really close to one another!

ESO Surveys

Writs also have a chance to reward surveys, which are essentially maps that lead to special areas throughout Tamriel that contain special versions of nodes that reward you with significantly more raw materials than a normal node of the same kind.

For example: while a regular woodworking node may reward you with 3 (or sometimes 6) raw wood pieces, a woodworking node that is specific to a woodworking survey would reward you with 18, 20, or even sometimes 40 raw wood pieces! These pieces can be refined for a chance to get upgrading materials, or the raw wood can be sold on your guild trader!

If you do chose to refine your raw materials, be sure to max out your “extraction” passive in each respective crafting skill line to get the most out of your materials!

ESO Surveys
An example of a survey. This one is an alchemy survey for Malabal Tor. To find the exact survey locations for every kind of survey, I would highly recommend ElderScrollsGuides. Often times, if you search up the name of your survey, they are the first or second result anyways.

Master Writs

Another item that you could receive while completing your daily writs is a master writ. Master writs are more extensive and exclusive writs that require the player to craft a particular item that requires much more crafting knowledge and experience than the regular daily writ.

A master writ may require the player to know a specific style or research trait. It may require the player to have read a specific recipe. For the most part, these kinds of writs are not ideal for newer players that have yet to learn a lot of recipes or motif styles or traits for armor and weapons. Once you do get to this level, however, these master writs are a great means to earn some extra income.

ESO Blacksmithing

You can either chose to sell your master writs or complete them. Once you complete a master writ and turn them in to the master mediator, you will be rewarded with the set amount of vouchers that was specified on your particular writ. These writ vouchers can be used to purchase a plethora of items from both Mastercraft merchants. If you are looking to convert writ vouchers to gold, I will provide a reference below of all of the items that you can purchase with writ vouchers. The items are ranked from most to least profitable (PC/NA prices).

ItemVouchersApprox. Sale PricePrice Per Voucher
Hlaalu Furnisher’s Document2538,0001,520
Summerset Furnisher’s Document5053,0001,060
Jewelry Crafting Station125130,0001,040
The Other Research Scrolls33,0001,000
The Other Stations3533,000942.85
Jewelry Crafting Research Scroll109,000900
Attunable Station250205,000820
Animus Stone5040,000800
Gold Furnishing Patterns12595,000760
Diminished Aetherial Dust5038,000760
Gilding Wax2015,000750
Transmutation Station1250880,000704
Ebony Full Motif300190,000633

Besides showcasing the best way to convert writ vouchers to gold, I hope this chart also highlights the fact that while it is ideal to be able to attain a 1:1 ratio of vouchers to gold, many of the times you will not be able to do so. Even the top two most profitable items to buy, the furnishing documents, provide you with a RANDOM furnishing plan. Sometimes you may get a plan worth 5k. Other times it is a plan worth 500k. The approximate sales price is an average of all of the plans that you can get.

With this information, be sure that you keep your crafting costs low when you are completing your master writs so that you are truly getting your moneys worth.

ESO Crafting Stations
Many guilds have “Guild Houses” that contain most if not all of the craftable set stations in the game. If you have a master writ that you’d like to complete, head over to your guild house and find the attunable station that is needed for your particular contract!

Selling Craftable Gear

By doing your writs daily and on several toons, you will find that you will make a lot of passive gold while also stocking up on valuable materials, surveys, and other goodies that can contribute to your financial gain in ESO. Another way to make gold in ESO by means of crafting is to sell craftable gear!

There are a substantial amount of sets in ESO that can only be acquired by means of crafting. A lot of these sets are really useful, and even in some cases “meta”, making the notion of crafting sets to sell on the market a worthwhile endeavor.

Each craftable set has a trait requirement, meaning that the player must know a certain amount of traits in order to be able to craft gear of a specific set. In order to know a trait, you must have completed researching it. Not everyone is a “Grand Master Crafter“. Not everyone is going to be able to craft every single set piece in the game, which really opens up a window of opportunity for crafters to sell their craftable sets for reasonable prices.

For example: The set, “New Moon Acolyte” was introduced in the Elsweyr update, and it was used in a wide array of pvp and pve builds. It was considered to be a “meta set” at the time. Despite a handful of nerfs that it received, it still remains a strong option for pve stamina dps builds. NMA is a 9 trait set, meaning that pieces of gear from this set can only be crafted if the player knows all 9 traits for each given piece of armor/weapon. Researching all 9 traits for each piece of gear takes a very long time, I’d say a little over a year of constant and persistent researching. Because of this, NMA sold and continues to sell well. I myself have been selling Nirnhoned NMA daggers (66k crafting cost) for 180k (114k profit!) for about a year and a half now!

Be sure to keep up to date with the current meta each patch and what sets are selling well in ESO to be able to get a head start on crafting gear that is bound to be popular with each update.

Selling Consumables

Much like how those that invest a lot of time, effort and money into researching all of the traits (to craft gear!) and learning all of the styles (to complete master writs!) are rewarded, players that invest in learning all sorts of different recipes for foods and drinks will also find that their efforts are very much worthwhile. This is largely because of the fact that it is a far more rare occurrence for a player to be skilled enough to procure these items than it is for a player to not have the necessary skill or requirements to do so.

There are plenty of consumables that are an absolute necessity for daily gameplay, such as Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl for pve magicka dps players, or Artaeum Takeaway Broth for stamina pvpers. There are also experience-boosting drinks that are a must-have for players looking to level up a new toon as quickly as possible. And I can’t forget to mention the new war torte consumables that are also a desirable commodity for anyone looking to level up their alliance war skill lines while participating in the least amount of pvp possible!

In order to craft any of the aforementioned items, one must first have read the recipe for them. These recipes are often pricey, and often require that you have your provisioning skill line completely levelled as well as your recipe Improvement maxed out.

By learning a multitude of recipes, you can put the materials that you collect from doing daily writs and/or daily quests in ESO to use, as opposed to just selling them. You will find that you will get more bang for your buck if you use your materials to craft a consumable to then sell on the market as opposed to merely listing those same materials.

I have made a lot of gold buying up [Powdered Mother of Pearl] at reasonable prices and then crafting [Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl]s to sell!

ESo Provisioning

Crafting Furniture

Housing is the true endgame in ESO. I’m not lying! While the crown store does offer a lot of furnishing options, the prices for these items are lucrative. Players instead resort to buying these same furnishings (and others that are not on the crown store!) from guild traders instead.

If you have the necessary skill lines and passives needed to craft furnishings, I’d highly recommend doing so, especially any new furnishings that pertain to the newest DLC or chapter, as those furnishings are going to be the most in demand.

Purchasing and crafting the gold furnishing plans (as seen above, in the “master writ” section) is also a great way to make gold! I find that, especially upon their initial release, crafting and selling these gold furnishings are among one of the more profitable crafting endeavors in the game.

For a full category of all of the ESO furnishings as well as what materials are required to craft them, I would highly suggest ESO MMO Fashion.

Crafting ESO

Crafting in ESO

What’s Hot: MARKARTH

The following items are in high demand for the Markarth Patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

-3 Proc Sets and Malacath
-Stalemate Tanks

Syvarra’s Scales

This set from Hew’s Bane is still in demand for a second patch in a row, despite the fact that ZOS fixed the bug that made it double-proc. It can drop in all kinds of weights (light, heavy and medium) when completing and turning in Thieves Guild quests. Combined with Malacath’s Band of Brutality, Syvarra’s makes for a nasty pvp set, particularly in battlegrounds. Acquiring the set in heavy armor is locked behind Thieves Guild “Heists”, which one can only do upon having completed a fair amount of the Thieves Guild main quest line, resulting in the supply being incredibly limited. I’d recommend selling well-traited heavy Syvarra’s for upwards of 500k to 1 mil gold.

Hew’s Bane
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Front bar weapons (particularly dw), Heavy Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted.

Unfathomable Darkness

This set can be acquired from The Clockwork City. Unfathomable is an expensive and sought-after set for stam pvp builds that utilize Malacath. There is also currently a bug with this set when it is used on a stamsorc that utilizes the skill: “hurricane”. The bug makes it so that the bird proc ignores the set’s cooldown and instead procs with each tick of hurricane. This exploit allows players to deal insane amounts of damage, which has increased the value of this set tenfold. Exploits aside, the crow proc from this set deals a lot of burst damage, making it a highly desirable set for pvp this meta.

The Clockwork City
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Stamina weapons (sharpened mauls are going for over 500k!), body pieces in Impen and well-fitted.

Alessian Order

Combined with the new tank set from Castle Thorn, Crimson Twilight, Alessian further compliments the tanky “stalemate” meta. Many pvpers have opted out of utilizing proc-heavy builds, and have instead strived to create builds that counter them by means of being incredibly tanky. Alessian is often used on werewolves, and crimson tanks. While builds that utilize this set are ridiculously tanky and difficult to kill, the plus side is that they can’t kill anyone in this kind of setup either. Well, maybe potatoes. You can get this set from gear coffers in Cyrodiil, as well as from the rewards coffers that drop when you do daily quests in Cyrodiil towns.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons (especially 1h and shield) , Body pieces in Impenetrable and Sturdy.

How To Get Heavy Syvarra’s Scales:

Syvarra’s Scales gear pieces in Heavy can be worth up to 1 million gold! The only way to get Heavy Syvarra’s is from the Thieves Guild Heists – check out my guide on how to easily complete them and earn tons of gold while this set is still popular!

Midyear Mayhem: Popular Sets To Sell For/During The Event

ZOS announced that Midyear Mayhem (a pvp event) will take place during the Markarth patch. Consider selling the following popular pvp sets before and during the event, as they will experience an increase in demand, and likewise, price:

  • Eternal Vigor (Western Skyrim)
  • Necropotence (Rivenspire)
  • Bright-Throat’s Boast (Murkmire)
  • Vicious Death (Elite Light Gear Coffers)
  • Crafty Alfiq (Northern Elsweyr)

Featured Post

Check out our related post all about the NEW Ancestral Reach motifs and how to get them! They are the hottest selling motif style this patch!

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Markarth patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Markarth.

Cyrodiil Citrus

These juicy oranges are needed to craft the Colovian War Torte; a NEW Alliance-War experience boosting consumable that can be eaten as is, or combined with special tomes to create another consumable that gives players an even larger boost to experience.

Cyrodiil Town Dailies
A singular Cyrodiil Citrus is guaranteed upon the completion of a town quest in Cyrodiil.

Arkthzand Sprocket

These NEW style materials are needed to create the new Dwemer furnishings that were released in the Markarth DLC.

Markarth (Daily reward and decon material)
Upon completing a daily quest in Markarth, there is a chance that you could receive a Sprocket in the rewards coffer. There is also a chance that you could receive a Sprocket upon deconstructing “Radiant Bastion” gear.

Ancestral Reach Motif Pages

These motif pages are highly sought after given the fact that they were only just recently introduced into the game in update 28, and plenty of people are yearning to adorn their characters in Reach-attire whilst questing in this zone. These motifs are also hard to get, as they only have a mere chance of dropping upon digging up a treasure map’s chest from Western Skyrim, The Reach, Arkthzand Caverns and the Greymoor Caverns. We have an entire post dedicated to this topic!

Western Skyrim, The Reach, Arkthzand Caverns and Greymoor Caverns TREASURE MAPS
These treasure maps can be attained as random loot from mobs, as well as from completing Harrowstorms.


The cost of Columbine continues to rise steadily due to a shortened supply and a heightened demand for it. Columbine is an alchemical ingredient used to craft tri-stat potions as well as immovability potions, both of which are very popular potions for pvp. Due to a lack of farming, Columbine prices have been susceptible to this price increase, much like all materials, but even more so because the demand for Columbine is extensive. The announcement of the Midyear Mayhem (a pvp event) that is going to happen during this patch has helped contribute to this escalated demand.

Convert Tel Var Into Gold During The Midyear Mayhem Event!

Watch my video about how to best convert your tel var into gold – just in time for the MYM event happening this patch!

Cyrodiil War Torte Guide

War Torte Guide

View our War Torte Guide to see how you can get your hands on the new War Torte recipes as well as the materials that are needed to craft them!

Alchemy Survey “Hack” : How To Get More Cornflower, Columbine, And Other Expensive Flowers

Have you ever pulled up to your Alchemy survey and been completely and utterly disappointment by the assortment of flowers that you are presented with. STOP! Don’t harvest them! You do not have to settle for less!

How To Reset Your Survey In ESO

There is actually a little trick that you can do to offer you the chance to get some better (more expensive!) flowers. Not many players know that it is actually possible to “reset” your alchemy surveys! By running far enough away from your Alchemy survey location, you effectively reset all of the survey’s nodes. Once you run back to your survey you will see that you have been given a whole different assortment of flowers.

This trick can be done an infinite amount of times, so theoretically, if you keep resetting your survey, you could technically get an instance where ALL of your survey nodes procure cornflowers. Now wouldn’t that make quite the screenshot-worthy picture. I bet you’d get all of the karma on the ESO subreddit.

This same practice can be applied when you have multiple instances of the same survey. let’s say you’ve got 2 Grahtwood Clothier Surveys. Once you harvest all of the nodes the first time around, if you just ran to the wayshrine (that one is super close to the survey location) and then back to where you just were, because you still have another survey for that same spot, it will be reset, and you can go ahead and harvest your survey nodes a second time.

Hopefully this trick helps! I tend to reset my Alchemy surveys if I’m not too impressed with the flowers that I am given (i.e if there are no cornflowers!)

Alchemy Survey Trick

Check out my video that details this lil Survey “lifehack”!

ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Guide: How To Make Gold During The Undaunted Celebration

Introduced in 2019, the Undaunted Celebration event offers players bonus loot and unique rewards upon completing dungeons. Given the fact that these rewards consist of intricate motifs that are exclusive in nature and very aesthetically appealing, there is a large demand for these items not only throughout the duration of the event, but also the subsequent months that follow.

The Undaunted Celebration is an amazing opportunity for all kinds of players, from filthy casuals to sweaty tryhards, to make a lot of gold! If I had to offer up a numerical estimate regarding the amount of gold that I made selling all of the Undaunted Celebration rewards that I acquired from 2019’s event, I’d wager that I made around 60 million gold. Granted, I did a fair amount of “flipping” (buying motifs at cheap prices to resell at higher prices a few months later), but despite that, a reasonable amount of that gold was made organically, simply by running dungeons frequently with friends, and cashing in some of my hard-earned Undaunted keys for these exclusive and expensive rewards.

Check out the following guide for not only what this event is, but also how to make gold during the Undaunted Celebration.

ESO Undaunted Event

Undaunted Celebration Guide

What Is The Undaunted Celebration Event?

As previously stated, the Undaunted Celebration is an event on ESO that promotes 4man PvE content by offering players exclusive and intricate rewards upon the completion of dungeons.

How Do I Get Undaunted Reward Boxes?

Upon defeating the final boss of any dungeon throughout the duration of this event, players will be rewarded with an Undaunted Reward Box. These event containers can contain undaunted keys, plunder (which you can sell to a merchant for gold), motif pages, repair kits, transmute crystals and other oddities.

How Do I Get Opal Weapon Style Pages?

Upon defeating the final boss of the first dungeon that you run on any given day, you will receive a fancier container, known as Glorious Undaunted Reward Box. Besides rewarding the players the same kinds of treasures that would be seen in the regular box, this daily container will also reward the player with a guaranteed Opal Weapon Style page of the following boss styles:

  • NEW Iceheart (Direfrost Keep)
  • NEW Lord Warden (Imperial City Prison)
  • NEW Nightflame (Elden Hollow II)
  • NEW Swarm Mother (Spindleclutch I)
  • Ilambris (Crypt of Hearts I)
  • Troll King (Blessed Crucible)
  • Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch II)
  • Engine Guardian (Darkshade Caverns II)

Undaunted Celebration Event Rewards

Undaunted Celebration Event ESO

Complete dungeons for Undaunted Reward boxes and a daily Glorious Undaunted Reward box that drops Opal Weapon Style Pages!

ESO Undaunted Event

Kill the final boss of the dungeons listed above at the veteran hard-mode difficulty for a chance to get Opal Monster Mask Style Pages!

Opal Weapons ESO

Purchase normal and Opal Shoulder Style Pages from the undaunted vendors!

How Do I Get Opal Monster Mask Style Pages?

To acquire Opal Monster Mask style pages, players will have to complete the dungeons listed above on the veteran hardmode difficulty. Even upon doing so, an Opal Monster Mask style page only has a chance to drop, it is not a guaranteed drop.

How Do I Get Opal Monster Shoulder Style Pages?

Players do also have the option to purchase Opal Monster Shoulder style pages from the pledge givers for 50 undaunted keys if and only if the player already has the corresponding normal Monster Shoulder Style. Players also have the option to buy Mystery Coffers for 25 keys. These coffers drop a random Opal Monster Shoulder style page.

ESO Undaunted Celebration

Undaunted Event Gold Guide

Making The Most Out Of This Event

I’ll state the obvious first to get that out of the way. The Undaunted Celebration is no different than any other ESO event in the sense that it is designed to reward players that participate in the event every single day. By completing at least one dungeon every day, you will receive one Glorious Undaunted Reward Box, and therefore, one Opal Weapon Style Page every day. If you can, be sure to complete at least one dungeon every day. Running through a normal dungeon doesn’t take much time, and the opal weapon that you get from the daily reward coffer could be worth millions in just a couple months time. If you have more time to spare, why not go ahead and run a couple dungeons to get additional undaunted reward boxes, or complete the dungeons listed above at the veteran hard-mode difficulty to try and get an opal monster mask. While it may seem and feel grindy to run a lot of dungeons, just know that out of all of the events on ESO, this one is the most rewarding to farm. If you are going to go all out and grind out tasks in any ESO event, let it be the Undaunted Celebration.

ESO Undaunted Event Guide

Spend Your Tickets On The Items That You Want

The Impressario will be selling all of the NEW 2020 opal weapons, masks and shoulders for just 5 tickets each. These pages are character bound, meaning they can not be traded or even stored in the bank. Instead of purchasing an expensive opal weapon that you would like to use from a guild trader for gold, or consuming the style page that you acquired organically from completing a dungeon, buy the style page for tickets instead. You do not want to be consuming the style pages that you get as rewards from the boxes, you want to sell them.

You will be given 3 tickets every day that you complete a dungeon, and the Undaunted event lasts for 12 days, so you will receive a total of 36 tickets if you participate in this event daily. That is enough to buy 7 style pages from the Impressario.

For example, in 2019 I acquired an Opal Troll King Staff. Since I did wish to have this staff for myself, I decided to purchase it from the Impressario instead of consuming the tradeable style page that I acquired from a reward box. I ended up selling the Opal Troll King Staff for 3 million gold 8 months later.

ESO Undaunted Guide

Buy Cheap Style Pages At The End Of The Event

While it is completely possible to stumble upon some amazing deals for opal style pages throughout the entire duration of the Undaunted Celebration event, the prices for these style pages are going to experience a drop in price as the event nears it’s close. This always occurs with ESO events. At the start of the event, because the market has not yet had a chance to be saturated with event goods, the prices for said goods are as high as ever. By the time two weeks have passed, plenty of players have had a chance to participate in the event and gather loads of loot. With more instances of these style pages on the market, players are going to compete with one another for sales by lowering the prices of their goods ever so slightly. An overwhelming accumulation of this kind of behavior is what leads to event goods always being significantly cheaper at the end of the event.

The Undaunted Celebration is no different, so be sure to be extra thorough when perusing the wares of each guild trader come December 15th (the end of the event). Be sure to browse Tamriel Trade Centre regularly to keep an eye on the prices for the style pages that are going to be worth the most some time after the event passes. By purchasing these style pages at low prices at the end of the event, you can resell these pages some time later for insane amounts of profit.

ESO Undaunted Celebration Guide

Spend Your Undaunted Keys On Shoulder Pages

If you’ve been doing pledges for the better part of the year, you will likely have an abundance of undaunted keys ready to be spent! I would highly recommend spending these keys on the opal and normal shoulder style pages, especially the ones that are very popular (outlined below)! You can get these shoulders from the undaunted vendors.

ESO Undaunted Event Guide

The Most Valuable Opal Style Pages 2019

The following were the most profitable style pages of the 2019 Undaunted Celebration, and will more than likely be just as popular and profitable this year. These style pages (not actual monster sets!) become popular because of trends in the “endgame” community, so they were, and likely still will be, the styles to seek out this year if you are looking to sell them for profit.

Engine Guardian

It is a bit of a running meme that sorcerer mains all use the Engine Guardian mask, shoulder, and even sometimes the staff. Both the normal and opalescent variants sold well.


Are you even really a DK main if you don’t have the normal Bloodspawn mask style page? The normal shoulder was also worth several million some time after the event. Many magblades also took to using the bloodspawn opal staff because of how nicely the red from the siphoning attacks buff mixed with the opalescent glow from the staff – it created a gorgeous pink glow! The opal shield was also a big hit, especially with necromancers, as it synergized well with the blue, green and purple hues of their skills’ effects.


Stamina users liked to use the Opal Ilambris sword because of the neat, blue-flame effect that it had.

Troll King

The Opal Troll King staff was one of the most sought-after opal weapon styles; it was most popular with magdens!


The Most Valuable Opal Style Pages 2020

The following style pages are new to the 2020 Undaunted Celebration Event, therefore there is no market data regarding these wares! I can only make some educated guesses given what I know about last year’s data as well as the hype that I have heard from different ESO communities on discord. Allow me to present to you what I think are going to be the most profitable Undaunted Style pages for this year’s event:


The Iceheart style was incredibly popular two years ago when it was released on the crown store (as an arms pack) and available as a rare drop upon completing Direfrost Keep. Given this fact, I believe it will be just as popular in 2020 when it will be reintroduced by way of the Undaunted Celebration. I’m guessing that the opal staff is going to be ridiculously popular among magdens and with many other players that utilize ice staves, such as tanks, or ice-mage roleplayers. I can also see the opal shield, and shoulders being a hit.

Swarm Mother

The swarm mother style is not one that you see very often in ESO. I do think that the spider-silk trailing effect that some of the weapons leave is very unique, which is why I believe that the opal staff will be popular, especially among edgier magicka classes/characters, like magblades and magnecros. The opal sword and hammer also look like they would pair nicely with stamcros.


The Opal Nightflame staff and shield look the most impressive in this collection. Anyone with a daedric/dragon-like aesthetic will likely be looking to collect these pieces.

Lord Warden

Because the Lord Warden opal mask can only come from completing vICP HM, a particularly lengthy dungeon, I’m guessing that the supply of this mask is going to be rather limited, which may lead to it being worth more than other style pages. The opal sword‘s motif is very nice as well, so I can see stamina players wanting it.

This post will be updaed every year to provide more tips and tricks for how to making gold during the Undaunted Celebration, so be sure to check back again! See you next Undaunted event!

How To Get The New Reach And Dwemer Furnishing Plans In ESO [The Reach Furniture Farming Locations]

There are a lot of great furnishing plan farming locations in The Reach. The three primary furnishing plans that you can find in The Reach are:

  • Solitude Furnishing Plans
  • Reach Furnishing Plans
  • Dwarven Furnishing Plans

All of these furnishing plans are very pricey, even the Solitude furnishings, despite having been introduced half of a year go. People can’t get enough of these Skyrim vibes! And to be fair, all of these new Markarth furnishings are absolutely stunning!

Outlined below are some of the best locations to farm for these new furnishing recipes.

NEW: Markarth Structure Furnishings

A handful of new Markarth furnishing plans were introduced in update 29.

Much like the Solitude furnishing plans that came out in update 27, these Markarth furnishing plans consist of designs for building components, such as walkways, walls and floors.

Likewise, these new furnishing plans have a chance to drop after completing and handing in any daily quest in Markarth.

Markarth Furnishings
Talk to NPCs around Markarth like Ardanir here (owo) who have a glowing blue quest icon above their heads to receive a daily quest. There are four daily quests in Markarth.


There are plenty of new reach furnishings that can be picked up in Markarth… The only thing is…they uh…they’re kind of in other people’s homes…Did I say “picked up”? I guess I meant “looted” eh?

In the Northern part of Markarth you will find a plethora of homes located very close to one another. These homes can be broken into and there are several furnishings that can be looted from within them. Some of the furnishings that have a chance to yield the new reach furnishing plans are: Urns, Trunks, Cupboards, Dressers, and Nightstands, so be sure to look out for those in particular!

All of these homes also conveniently have nifty “hiding places” in them, much like the ones in Hew’s Bane. Those that have dabbled in the Thieves Guild questline in ESO may very well recognize these yellow-glowing barrels that serve as a nifty mode of deception and escape whilst partaking in criminal activities. There are also a lot of conveniently placed furnishing arrangements, such as room dividers, that help provide your character a place to hide. It’s almost like the devs knew we were going to be looting these gorgeous homes for their gorgeous furnishing plans! Thanks ZOS!

There are many homes in the northern part of Markarth that have an abundance of lootable furnishings that all have the chance to drop furnishing plans of The Reach, Solitude, and Dwarven variety!

This residence here is know as the Vlindrel Hall. Besides the vast amount of lootable furnishings, there is also a large chest in one of the rooms that, once looted, will grant the achievement: Markarth’s Master Burglar. Upon being looted, this “Luxurious Safebox” will dissapear.

If you are roleplaying as a more neutrally aligned character, you can definitely navigate these homes and loot them clean without having to kill anyone. It’s definitely not too difficult to avoid detection while looting thanks to the different paths that the npcs go on, and of course the convenient hiding spots littered throughout the residences.

It’s nothing personal
It’s just business

If you don’t care much about roleplaying or if you do roleplay as a more evil character…. there is always the option to game-end the tenants of these humble abodes so that you do not have to worry about getting detected and racking up a large bounty while you ransack the place for new dwarven furnishing plans!

North Markarth

North Markarth

Hey hear me out, I’m not just recommending looting. In fact, there is an “abandoned home” here, so you can totally wander in and just take what you want. No one is going to miss it, right?

Right outside of the city, if you head South of the “North Markarth” wayshrine, you will find a small collection of homes that can also be looted for new reach furnishing plans!

Much like the homes in Markarth, these homes contain many backpacks, dressers, urns and other related furnishings that you can loot to your heart’s content!



This point of interest is home to several urns and trunks that could very well contain some lovely new furnishing plans!

This place was actually recommended to me by a buddy of mine that sells me new furnishing plans from time to time. He told me that every once in a while he will log into all of his toons and quickly run through this place to loot all of the coffers.

For those that are unaware, once one of your characters loots a furnishing plan, they get put on a cooldown for some time, and they will be unable to attain another furnishing plan until the cooldown is over. This is why you hear of people taking several toons through Dwarven ruins, Ayleid ruins, and any other hotspot for expensive furnishing plans.

Because of it’s proximity to a Wayshrine, swinging by this place for a quick run through it’s halls takes no more than a minute of your time. It is also located close to a Harrowstorm ritual site, so you may find yourself in the area anyways!

Arkthzand Library

Arkthzand Library

Besides being an impressive, other-worldly place, the Arkthzand Library is also home to an impressive amount of urns, trunks, and other lootable furnishings that could yield furnishing plans.

Whether you are progressing through the main quest, or completing a Wayward Guardian daily quest from Markarth, you will likely find yourself in the Arkthzan library if you spend any time at all in this zone.

While you are here, be sure to keep a keen eye out for urns and trunks that can be looted for potential treasures! While questing here, I picked up some expensive new dwarven and reach furnishing plans from merely passively looting any urn that I passed by.



In the depths of Understone Keep resides an ancient Dwarven ruin. In the halls that bind these ancient ruins together you will find an abundance of urns and chests and coffers that are ready to be looted.

Nchuand-Zel can be found in the depths of Understone Keep, in Markarth. Much like with the Arkthzand Library, you will find yourself in this area if you are doing the main questline for The Reach, or if you are working on completing a daily Wayward Guardian’s quest in Markarth.

This post is still a work-in-progress! Check back for even more furnishing plan farming locations!

How To Get The Ancestral Reach Motif In ESO

A new assortment of ancestral motif pages were introduced in update 28. This new style is the Ancestral Reach Style. Now you can dress similarly to the monster-hunting rebel Arana and her reachfolk friendos! Keep reading to find out how you can acquire this new ESO style for yourself!

Where To Get The Ancestral Reach Motif

Watch my quick video that showcases the entire process of attaining an Ancestral Reach Motif, or continue reading!

Where To Get Ancestral Reach Motifs

Much like all of the other Ancestral Motif styles in ESO, you can get Ancestral Reach Motifs by first acquiring a lead for them and then excavating it.

A common misconception:

A lot of players were under the impression that Ancestral Reach motifs would have a chance to drop upon completing the scrying and excavating process for any antiquities located in The Reach, which lead to many a scathing forum post! However, this is in fact not the case. The Reach motif pages drop just like all of the other ancestral motif pages, as outlined below. Many more players believed that the drop chances for these motifs were bugged, when in reality the drop chance is no different than that of the other ancestral motifs. Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions that revolve around acquiring this style!

Image taken from MMO-Fasion.com

Leads for the Ancestral Reach Motifs have a chance to drop from the following treasure maps:

  • The Reach
  • Arkthzand Caverns
  • Western Skyrim
  • Blackreach Caverns

These treasure maps have a chance to drop upon completing Harrowstorms in Western Skyrim and in The Reach. You can also find them randomly after looting adds.

Ancestral Reach Style Showcase

Check out the video below to view Tianlein’s style showcase for the Ancestral Reach motifs! I highly recommend her channel for all things fashion-related on ESO!


How To Find Ancestral Motif Leads

Like any other Ancestral Motif style, leads for Ancestral Motifs are not guaranteed upon finding and opening the treasure chest associated with your treasure map – but there is a chance that they could drop from them. Therefore, if you are looking to acquire these motifs, your best bet is to go ahead and buy the kinds of treasure maps stated above, or farm the treasure maps by completing a lot of Harrowstorms.

While we are on the topic of acquiring these treasure maps…. please do not be unkind and attempt to scam unaware players in zone chat! Likewise, if you see someone attempting to buy the maps that lead to potential ancestral motif pages for a very, very low price, be sure to educate zone chat instead of keeping them in the dark! No one likes zone chat scammers! And not everyone could be aware that their treasure map has the chance to drop an expensive motif!

ESO War Tortes Guide: How To Get The War Torte Recipes And Ingredients

In Update 28, ZOS introduced a new assortment of consumables that would operate similarly to the existing “ambrosias” that are already in the game. Instead of granting the user a 50, 100 or 150% buff to experience points, these new war torte consumables will grant the user a 50, 100 or 150% buff to alliance-war experience points, depending on which torte the player consumes.

The descriptions for each kind of war torte and where to find the war torte recipes are outlined in the patch notes for Markarth, although they are a bit convoluted. The following guide will clearly outline not only what each of the different war tortes do, but also how to get the war torte recipes and how to get the ingredients that are needed to craft these delicacies!

Due to the fact that the war torte recipes are locked behind pvp content (or, at the very least, wandering around in a pvp zone) and because ample amounts of telvar are required to purchase the ingredients necessary to craft them, these war tortes are inherently exclusive in nature, and likewise bound to be very expensive consumables, much like their ambrosia counterparts. Thus, it is not a bad idea to invest in these consumables, both literally, with your hard-earned telvar, and figuratively, as you perhaps aim to take a closer look at your surroundings the next time that you hit up Cyrodiil for pvp night.


What Are War Tortes?

War tortes increase the rate at which you advance your Alliance War skill lines. The Colovian War Torte gives you a 50% buff, the Molten War Torte gives you a 100% buff, and the White-Gold War Torte gives you a 150% buff.

Colovian War Torte
Image taken from AlcastHQ

Where To Get The War Torte Recipes And Ingredients

If you are familiar with the process of attaining the different kinds of ambrosia recipes in ESO, then you may recognize that the process of acquiring the different war torte recipes is very similar.

Colovian War Torte

The Colovian War Torte is the baseline, 50% boost to alliance war experience consumable.

Where To Find The Recipe: The Colovian War Torte has a chance to spawn randomly at a crafting node in Cyrodiil. When it does spawn, a player will see a glowing green book instead of the crafting node that would normally spawn at that exact location. (Example: instead of finding a runestone at a runestone node wedged in between some rocks, a player would find a “curious glowing green book” which, upon harvesting, would give the player the Colovian War Torte recipe).

Where To Find The Ingredient: The recipe requires the “Cyrodiil Citrus” ingredient, which can be acquired upon completing and turning in a daily town quests in Cyrodiil. There are five towns that each have their own daily quests: Bruma, Cropsford, Vlastrus, Weynon priory/Chorrol and Cheydinhal. These quests are fairly simple to complete, as they involve doing mundane, pve-related objectives, such as defeating a couple adds, gathering supplies or interacting with npcs.

Colovian War Torte Recipe Location
Behold! A picture taken from my friend, @PVC-01, who stumbled upon the Colovian War Torte Recipe out in the wilds of Cyrodiil! By interacting with the “Lost Imperial Notes“, PVC looted the War Torte Recipe

Where To Farm Nodes In Cyrodiil

My preferred spot for farming nodes are the fields that surround Vlastarus. These lands consist of rolling hills and flat terrain for as far as the eye can see. Not only is this land full of nodes, but it is possible to see (especially with addons such as Harvest Map) all kinds of node spawns from an impressive distance. This makes it that much more efficient to farm for the Colovian War Torte recipe, as that has a chance to spawn at a random node location. In this area, you will be able to pick up the green glow that this recipe emanates from a mile away!

Molten War Torte

The Molten War Torte, when consumed, provides the player with a 100% boost to alliance war experience.

How To Get The Recipe: To make the Molten War Torte recipe, you have to combine a Colovian War Torte recipe (see above) with “Chef Arquitius’s Torte Dissertation“, a tome that can be purchased from Tel Var General Merchants for 500,000 Tel Var stones.

Where To Find The Ingredients: To craft a molten war torte, you need a unit of Colovian War Torte (see above), as well as the “Rubyblossom Extract” ingredient, which can be purchased from Tel Var General Merchants for 100,000 Tel Var stones.

Purchase the necessary tomes at the <General Tel Var Merchant> at your alliance base!

White-Gold War Torte

The White-Gold War Torte, when consumed, provides the player with a 150% boost to alliance war experience.

How To Get The Recipe: To make the White-Gold War Torte recipe, you have to combine a Molten War Torte recipe (see above) with “Chef Arquitius’s Lost Thesis“, a tome that is an exceptionally rare drop from completing a battlegrounds match. It has a greater chance to drop if your team performs better in the bg (if your team wins, you have a higher drop rate than if you were to come in second place, if you come in second place, you have a better drop rate than if you were to place last).

Where To Find The Ingredients: To craft the White-Gold War Torte, you need a unit of Molten War Torte (see above), as well as the “Mourning Dew” ingredient, which can be found, very rarely, from crafting resource nodes in Cyrodiil. Because nodes in cyrodiil are few and far between, acquiring this ingredient is about as rare and tedious as acquiring the mythic aetherial ambrosia ingredient: Aetherial Dust.

Here is a snapshot of my Cyrodiil map. As you can see, this area is very dense with nodes, so it makes for the perfect spot to get some node farming done. Because of how flat the lands are, I can also see all of the different node spawn locations from a great distance, making this an ideal spot to scout when looking for that glowing green book!

Advance Your Alliance War Rank With War Tortes!

Besides providing you with a buff that gives you a boost to your alliance war experience, consuming a war torte will also help boost your alliance war rank. The 50, 100 and 150 percent modifiers, while they do not affect the amount of AP that you earn or your place on the Cyrodiil leaderboards, do affect your actual alliance war rank.

This will help you advance through all 50 of the alliance war ranks at a much quicker pace than if you were to not have eaten a war torte. Do keep in mind that this buff can also stack with the double AP buff that you get from pvp events and pvp tests.

How To Make Gold During ESO Events

While different events in ESO bring about different tasks to be done and treasures to be won, most of them more or less have the same features. One of the most iconic features of ESO events is the experience boost (and sometimes even Alliance Point boost) that you are granted when you interact with a certain memento (blowing a spooky whistle, reading a scroll, eating some cake, cracking open a cold one with the bois- I mean, drinking from that bottomless mug of mead).

Witchmothers Whistle
The Witchmother’s Whistle is a memento that players can interact with that will grant them a 100% boost to all experience points

This is one of the most enticing aspects of ESO events, and a lot of players tend to level up alternate toons and skill lines during these times. The experience boost granted by the event can also stack with other experience boosting consumables such as experience scrolls, and experience drinks (ambrosias).

It may come as no surprise then that any items that have anything to do with experience gain of any kind are worth selling during ESO events.

During these events, items that pertain to boosting experience are in greater demand, and likewise, are worth a lot more than they usually are throughout the year, when there are no events occurring. It would be wise to purchase these items during the “off season”, when their demand (and price) is low, to then upsell at a much greater price during the event season.

The following are the best items to sell during ESO events:

Crafting Writs

Crafting writs normally reward the player with a lot of experience points upon being completed and turned in. Paired with a holiday xp boost and an xp boost consumable of your choice, it’s no wonder turning in a bunch of writs is the preferred xp grind on ESO.

The best writs to sell during this time are enchanting writs, provisioning writs, and especially alchemy writs. It does not matter what kind of writ or how many vouchers a writ rewards you with, all writs will give you the same amount of experience points, so players looking to grind out xp opt for completing very easy to craft writs, much like the aforementioned writs.

Alchemy writs in particular are the hottest commodity out of the three. This is because players may not necessarily be interested in lvling up an alt-character’s enchanting and provisioning skill lines (they already have a main for that!), but they will without a doubt need to level up the alchemy skill line for the “medicinal use” passive.

Medicinal Use ESO
A must have passive for all ESO players interested in PvE and PvP

During events, these writs can go for over 5 x their going price, so be sure to hold onto your master writs and buy up any cheap ones that you see to sell for some impressive profit once the event starts!

Experience Point Consumables

As previously mentioned, experience scrolls and drinks can be stacked with ESO event experience boosts to maximize the efficiency of xp grinding.

While ZOS does give out bound experience scrolls from time to time, players can also craft their own xp boosting consumables if they learn the required recipe(s). These items are:

Psijic Ambrosia (50% boost)
Aetherial Ambrosia (100% boost)
Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia (150% boost)

Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia
Prices for Mythic Aetherial Ambrosias in a Mournhold trader during the 2020 Witches Festival

These ambrosias tend to go for 1.5 x their usual price during event seasons. To give you an example, Mythic Aetherial Ambrosias were going for around 60k right before the 2020 witches festival, and then they were selling for around 90k during the event.

Where Do I get the recipes for these Ambrosias?
The Psijic Ambrosia recipe can be acquired through combining all 7 of the recipe fragments. These fragments have a chance to drop when completing provisioning writs. The Aetherial Ambrosia recipe can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu (Mastercraft Mediator) in Grahtwood for 250 writ vouchers, or from guild stores. The Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia recipe is a rare drop from the annual Jubilee event, but it can also be purchased from guild stores.

Materials Needed For XP Consumables

Since ambrosias are in greater demand and selling for more than usual, it comes as no surprise that the materials needed to craft ambrosias also experience an increase in demand and price during ESO events. These particular materials include:

Aetherial Dust (an extremely rare drop obtainable from nodes in base game zones)
Perfect Roe (a rare drop from filleting fish)

Aetherial Dust
Of the over 4k hours that I have spent playing ESO, I have never organically acquired an aetherial dust. One has never dropped for me! I’ve only ever bought it from guild stores with the intent of flipping its price.

To provide you with another example, Aetherial Dusts were selling for around 250k before the 2020 witches festival. Once the festival rolled around, their price increased to 450k.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

While exprience boosting items are a hot commodity, they are not the only kinds of items that experience heightened prices during event times.

For each kind of event, think about the kinds of materials or consumables that are integral to each event.

For example, in pvp events, pvp consumables are in much greater demand. Therefore, you can sell both the consumables themselves as well as the materials needed to craft these consumables for higher than market prices during pvp events.

Another example would be any event that requires you to complete special holiday writs, like the witches festival and the new life festival. Take a look at what kind of materials are needed to complete these writs and make sure to stock up on them before these events are live. You can then sell these much needed materials for higher than average prices during the event. To give you an even more specific example, [Flour] and [Heartwood] always go up in price during the new life festival because people need them to craft the new life charity writs. During the witches festival, [Nightshade] and [Dragon Bone] always goes up since they are needed to craft the witches writs. I bought up a whole bunch of [Dragon Bone] for 800 a piece before the event, and then sold them for 30,000k a piece at the height of their hype period during the event. You do the math man, that’s a lot of profit haha!

Converting AP Into Gold in ESO

There are a handful of ways to convert the AP that you earn from zerging down AD – I mean – from participating in humble and wholesome small-scale pvp into gold. Truth be told, whenever I have taken a gander at some of the “Convert AP to Gold” guides out there I have always been disappointed. I’m tired of pvp streamers telling me to spend 100,000 AP to buy something worth only 18k on the traders. That never seemed like a good AP to Gold ratio to me.

And it really isn’t. With just a bit of market knowledge, a dash of meta expertise, and even the occasional prayer to the RNG gods, you can really get the most bang for your buck.

Glory to the Dominion!

Turn Your AP Into Gold

Watch the accompanying video to this post!

The Ideal Ratio

When reading this article and trying to determine what to buy with AP, what to sell your newly acquired items for, or when coming up with trade secrets of your own, it is recommended to try to attain a 1:1 Gold to AP ratio. Any less than that and you are really not getting your AP’s worth. This ratio is completely attainable, you just have to know what to do!

Buying Jewelry From The Golden Vendor

This method requires the most patience (and inventory space). From Friday-Sunday every week, The Golden Vendor appears at one of your alliance gates in Cyrodiil. Each week they bring a new selection of golden jewelry that can be purchased for gold, or AP!

If you understand the meta and if you know what is currently in demand, or soon to be in demand, or what has always been in demand, you can make some smart purchases at the Golden Vendor. Non-bound jewelry pieces go for 300k a piece. The best strategy regarding the Golden Vendor would be to purchase however many jewels you would like and then hold off on selling them until no one else is selling them, so that you have little to no competition.

Example: I purchased a large amount of gold Mother’s Sorrow rings for 300k AP each, and then sold them for 350k each approximately one year later. I also bought quite a few for less than 150k gold (the gold price at the golden vendor) from guild stores knowing full well that their price would increase.

As mentioned in my example, it is also not a bad idea to buy the gold jewelry from the golden vendor from guild traders at reduced prices to then flip later on in the year. Often times you can find jewelry pieces for under 100k that are worth 300k in a few months.

I would highly recommend checking out The Real Godzilla’s YouTube channel, specifically, his “Golden Vendor Smash or Pass” video series, to help you make some well-informed purchases when it comes to buying jewels from the golden vendor.

Try Your RNG With Gear Coffers

Towns in Cyrodiil

There are 3 towns in Cyrodiil: Bruma, Vlastarus, and Cropsford. Upon capturing the town, you (as well as your alliance) have the option to purchase coffers from siegemasters in the town for 12k AP that reward you with a random item from a specific gear set. Each town offers different sets. These different sets can be viewed by clicking the respective links for each town above.

ESO Cyrodiil
The Map of Cyrodiil. Oh look, Bruma is under attack again. Probably by none other than AD.

It is important to keep up with what gear is popular in the current meta so that you can make some educated purchases.

Example: For the longest time, “Deadly Strikes” gear was immensely popular, because the ESO meta favored Damage-over-Time builds. Therefore, purchasing Deadly Strikes coffers from Bruma was a worthwhile endeavor as it proved to be very financially rewarding.

Elite Gear

You can also buy elite gear coffers from the <Elite Gear Vendor> at one of your alliance gates. Much like all other gear in the game, elite gear stats are very much subject to change with every patch. Be sure to keep up to date with the meta and any new changes to gear to know which sets are going to be the most in demand.

People often tend to neglect these coffers, so you can often find yourself being one of the few sellers of any one of the sets offered below. I have made quite a lot of gold myself from selling Vicious Death pieces in Divines that I have gathered from Unidentified Elite Light Armor coffers.

ESO Elite Gear
An example of some of the different kinds of Elite Gear coffers that you can find at your alliance gate. I prefer to purchase the “Unidentified Elite Light Armor” coffer, as I find that it is the most profitable.

Things to Consider

When looking to buy gear coffers, do some quick mental math and think about the likelihood of whether or not you will get an expensive piece of gear. Here are some things to consider:

  • What traits of this set are valuable? The more traits that are valuable (impen, divines, sturdy etc), the more likely you are going to get a piece worth selling for a nice amount of gold. Aim to buy coffers where multiple traits are sought after. A good way to know this is to ask yourself questions such as “is this set used in PvP and PvE?”, and “what roles (tank, healer dps) can use this set?”
  • How flooded is the market right now? Have a majority of the players caught on that this is a valuable and likewise expensive set right now? Flooded markets welcome lots of competition and decreasing prices, so it is best to stay away from these kinds of gear coffers.
ESO Cyrodiil PVP
Hmmm I wonder if there are any gankers out there…

Trading AP:Gold With A Trusted Individual

You can offer guildies, friends, or even players in zone chat the option to trade AP to gold. Some individuals prefer to stay away from pvp, and because of this, often have no choice but to purchase items that they need from guild stores. However, sometimes the item that they are looking for is not for sale, or there is a monopoly on a specific item and it’s being sold at a ludicrous price. These people then turn to trusted folk that can offer them an AP:Gold trade.

Much like crown selling, the AP “buyer” pays the AP “seller” a set amount of gold so that the seller can purchase the AP equivalent amount of coffers for the buyer.

Example: Someone is looking for a Vicious Death belt, but there are only 3 for sale in the entire game and they are listed at 800k each. Instead of paying 800k, a buyer pays an AP seller 300k and asks them to buy them 15 Elite Light Armor Coffers instead.

As previously stated, the standard AP:Gold ratio that is accepted is 1:1, and this is the going rate that you will often see AP buyers and sellers refer to.

Buying Alliance Spell Draughts To Sell For Gold

Alliance spell draughts can be purchased with AP and then subsequently sold for a decent amount of gold. On PC NA, each potion goes for around 250g, thus, a stack costs about 50k gold. A stack of 200 costs 144k AP to buy, so while your ratio is not exactly 1:1, this method is still a great way to quickly convert your AP into gold because of how often these potions are purchased.

These spell draughts provide the same buffs that are in the essence of spell power potions, which are absolutely necessary for magdps in pve. This explains why both variants are always flying off of the shelves.

Alliance spell draughts can be purchased from any general merchant in Cyrodiil!

Earning Gold In ESO Trials

Golding out gear for maximum dps, chugging pots the way a high-functioning alcoholic would and repairing broken gear after wiping to vKA trash for the 25th time in a row may suggest that running trials often is an expensive endeavor, when in reality it can be quite the profitable one! Here are a couple things to look out for while raiding in ESO that can earn you a few bucks.

ESO Sunspire

Furnishing Plans From ESO Trials

Loot. Everything. Many trials have backpacks, drawers and dressers littered all throughout the premises. Those tents in Kyne’s Aegis? Go snoop around in them and loot absolutely everything. Those drawers and dressers in Sunspire that surround the lengthy hallways? Go up to all of them and loot them.

Sometimes these little furnishings procure nothing but trash. Voidsteel gauntlets, wow, just what I’ve always wanted.

But sometimes you hit the jackpot and loot something really expensive, like furnishing plans for the respective zone that the Trial is based in. Furnishing plans that come from ESO trials are often rare, even the green quality ones, so be sure to check out Tamriel Trade Center to get a rough estimate for how much your furnishing plan is worth.

Sunspire Motif

Style Materials From ESO Trials

If you do not need any of the gear that you have acquired (and after checking with guildies to make sure they don’t need that gear either I hope!) your best bet is to decon it – yes, even the blue gear. Besides the usual upgrade and trait materials that you can get, you also have the chance to get a style material.

Style materials are necessary for crafting gear of a specific style, an integral aspect of master writs. Because people need style mats to complete master writs, there will always be a need for style mats, and the style mats that you get from trials are no exception.

The best time to sell trial style materials would be when a new trial just barely hits the live server.

Sunspire Lore

Motifs From ESO Trials

Most DLC trials have the potential of dropping a motif after killing the final boss upon completion at the “veteran” level. If you complete the “Hard Mode”, you are guaranteed a motif. Asylum Sanctorium does not drop motifs (although there is a super rare clockwork polymorph runebox that drops upon completing the Hard Mode), and Cloudrest has a wonky motif system, but the others operate on this model. Non vDLC trials also offer the possibility of dropping Ra Gada motifs.

Much like with the trial furnishing plans, it is best to sell these trial motifs when the trials are still relatively new, or when they are no longer ran as often because the gear has become less relevant (I’m looking at you vMoL).

ESO Sunspire

Selling Gear From A Trial

I hope that you’d give your gear to guildies free of charge! But if you just carried a group of Craglorn Pugs through a trial and 3 of them have slid into your DMs to ask for that Sharpened Dagger of the Advancing Yokeda, I wouldn’t blame you if you ask for some gold in return.

In fact this is pretty standard fare. Highly sought after pieces of gear are usually offered up for a price, and in some cases, may even receive bids from multiple players that all need the same item. Some people would pay a fortune if it means that they no longer have to run Hel Ra Citadel again.

When coming up with a price for an item, try not to shoot too high. 100k for a sought after item is a good start, while other more iconic pieces of gear (think: perfected Siroria inferno staff, perfected False God inferno staff, dagger of the Advancing Yokeda) could receive a starting price of 500k, to upwards of 1 million gold.

ESO Material Farming Guide

The foundation for all commerce in eso starts with gathering materials from nodes. While there are now many other ways to get materials in eso (items that reside in your craft bag), going from node to node and collecting materials that way can still be a profitable pastime, if you find the perfect area.

Consider installing the addon “Harvest Map” to make your ESO material farming experience more efficient. Once you discover a node for the first time, the addon will mark it on your map, and a visual indicator of the type of node that you just harvested will appear in your world. That way you can remember exactly where each node spawns. Being able to see these large visual indicators can help you establish a route, or at the very least point you in the right direction instead of wandering around randomly! Pair this with a “Mini Map” addon to further assist you.

ESO node farming

Finding a place to farm mats in ESO

When trying to establish an area to traverse with the intention of farming nodes, you need to consider three things:

1) Is this area node-dense? Does it take relatively little time to get from one node to the next, or are you finding that sometimes you can walk a long distance without seeing a single node.

2) Does this area have low traffic? You are not going to want to compete with other players for the same resources, as that would negatively effect the criteria above ^

3) Is the terrain easy to traverse? Or are you finding that you have to swim slowly across too many lakes and rivers, go out of your way to find a bridge or stairway etc. Do you continuously run into adds and have to stop farming to kill them all of the time?

Where are the best places to farm nodes in ESO?

Starter Zones

Starter zones are considered the first ever zone that you explore when just starting the game. There are three starter islands, one for each alliance zone, and they consist of Khenarthi’s Roost, Betnikh, and Stros M’kai. These zones are the least populated with other players as well as monsters, since only new players have much of a reason to spend time questing in the zone, and there are a lack of monsters to accommodate these newer players.

ESO Farming Materials

“Roleplaying” Areas

There are a few areas littered throughout Tamriel that are tucked away from the rest of the world. These quaint spots are often isolated, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and a fair ways away from any dangers. Given these facts, a lot of these zones have become hotspots for roleplaying in ESO. Likewise, these areas meet the criteria outlined above, and are subsequently great locations for farming materials on ESO. A couple areas to check out for yourself are: West of Davon’s Watch, Fell’s Run and the Eldrald Estate next to it, and the fields of Phaer. These are just a couple examples that I have heard of or that I personally know of because I farm mats there! I’m sure there are plenty other quaint little townships and meadows and farmlands out there that have yet to be discovered!

ESO material farming routes
The township of Fell’s run and the adjacent farmlands are among my favourite little spots to farm. Mostly because you can also find a lot of chests in this area, and because Rivenspire is such a hotbed for roleplaying in ESO, the zone chats are always spicy to read!
You may be able to tell from looking at all of those little node icons that closely resemble a nirnroot (HarvestMaps’ icon for flowers that spawn near water) – but Phaer’s wet farmlands grow an abundance of water hyacinth, as well as many other flowers! Unfortunately, because this area is so node dense, you often run into bots here, so please be sure to report them!

DLC Zones

These zones are not available with just the purchase of the base game. In order for players to access these zones, they must have an active ESO plus subscription, or they must have purchased the DLC. Because these zones are locked behind a paywall, and often offer less reason for players to hang out in these areas (unless players are completing a questline, or farming for specific gear), there are significantly less people around. It also pays to establish a farming route in these zones, so that when a zone’s respective “anniversary event” rolls around and there are double nodes you can doubly benefit!


What is the best gear to wear while farming mats in ESO

What?! So on top of my character having 12 different dps sets for dungeons and trials, and like 12 others for Cyrodiil, Imperial City, battlegrounds, dueling etc…. you mean to tell me that I need to have specialized gear to farm mats on ESO as well?

Yes. Ok, well, not really, but hear me out! Evidently, you are reading this to try to find node-dense spots for the sake of efficiency and likewise, higher profit for the amount of time that you put into farming nodes. So, if you really want to step it up even further, I would highly consider utilizing some gear to help you farm quicker. I used to farm without any specialized gear and man let me tell you, I was living in the dark ages. Ever since I considered building into speed for farming, I have never been able to go back.

Anything that helps you get from one node to another faster is going to be worth considering. Sets like:

Coward’s Gear (major expedition when sprinting)
Jailbreaker (minor expedition at all times)
Fiord’s Legacy (unique 15% speed bonus + sprint reduction)
-and even Skooma Smuggler (major expedition when a potion is consumed)
-as well as the Ring of the Wild Hunt (unique 45% speed increase out of combat)

provide you with a lot of speed. You can also consider swapping to the Steed Mundus for even more speed. Do recall that different speed buffs and boosts can be stacked together. With the right gear combination, you can hit the speed cap on eso and go flying from node to node. Alcast has created a popular farming build that many have highly praised for this exact reason.

ESO farming materials

Mapped out farming spots in ESO

The reddit user u/Arterra (close to Arttea, but it ain’t me!) did us all a solid and shared their ESO maps with all of the node locations on them. For you console players out there (I see you) that do not have access to such wonderful addons as Harvest Map, this is the perfect resource for you.


HOLLOWJACK: The glow up no one saw coming. What does this mean?

This is my 3rd ever witches festival on Tamriel. If you are no stranger to holiday events, you know the damage that they do to your inventory space. Completing daily tasks to get your event tickets subsequently burden you with more motifs, recipes, rune boxes and memento pieces than you know what to do with. And each year, more items get added to these event boxes. Needless to say, I am relieved to see that ZOS has implemented a way for newer players to collect the iconic treasures of previous witches festivals that is separate from the usual daily task rewards. I would go crazy if I got another damn “Apple Bobbing Fenwood Ladle” (a fragment for the apple bobbing memento), I already tossed the 37 I got last year in the guild bank.

For the first time ever, players now have the option to buy a “Witches Grab Bag”. An item from the impresario that contains bound items from previous witches festivals that are no longer available through the regular plunderskulls that drop from this event.

Some of these items include the Hollowjack motif pages. The only way to acquire this outfit style now is by purchasing these grab bags for 2 event tickets each. All of the contents inside are character bound, meaning they can not be traded.

This change has terminated the supply of tradeable Hollowjack pages. Instead of playing with RNG, players can then opt to buy the Hollowjack style from guildies so that they can complete their halloween themed achievements.

Because of the demand for these spooky garbs, and the knowledge of the tradeable hollowjack style pages no longer being acquirable, the prices for these pages have skyrocketed.

Before, you’d be lucky to get 1k from selling one of these motifs in season. At the time of writing this, most motif pages go for 40k a piece, with bigger pieces selling for closer to 100k.

Fortunately I had stored a lot of my old Hallowjack motifs in my storage boxes, and evidently I wasn’t the only one! To give you some numbers: I’ve made about 15mil over the past few days from selling Hallowjack motif pages that I had collected and put away throughout the years.

Unfortunately, I have also seen a lot of people kicking themselves for vendoring their old Hallowjack pages, thinking that after years of excessive distribution, they would never be worth anything. And you can’t blame these people for thinking this way, as the implementation of a “Witches Grab Bag” has been very recent.

So What Does This Mean?

What happened to the Hollowjack style begs the question: what else will this happen to? For next year’s witches festival, will the Dremora Style no longer drop organically as well? Will the only way to acquire the Dremora motifs be through character bound grab bags that cost event tickets and are RNG based?

If so, then do not make the mistake of selling your Dremora motifs to the merchant for mere peasant change! Hang on to those motifs! It may very well be worthwhile to do so in the event that the Dremora motifs get the same treatment as Hollowjack motifs so as to continue to allow ample space for NEW Halloween treasures for witches festival veterans like myself.

Another question that arises is whether or not other events will also get their own respective “grab bags”. What items will no longer be able to be acquirable through completing daily tasks, what items will be locked behind these bound grab bags?

It may pay to think twice about getting rid of all of your holiday event junk. You never know when your trash may turn into treasure!


The following items are in high demand for the Stonethorn Patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either been buffed or have replaced other seets that have been nerfed in the Stonethorn patch

Dead-Water’s Guile

This overland set is now used by endgame score-pushing trialgroups to utilize more ultimates in their raids. Dps will swap to this set in between trash packs to be able to drop their ultimate on lesser adds and regain their ultimate before the next wave/boss etc.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons and Jewelry, or body pieces in Divines.

Powerful Assault

This newly buffed set is used by pve healers and tanks in trials to give their dps extra weapon and spell damage.

Imperial City (Coffers)
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons and Jewelry, body pieces in Sturdy.

War Maiden’s

This newly buffed overland set is used in damage-focused magicka pvp builds

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons (especially inferno staves) and Jewelry, Body pieces in Impenetrable.

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Stonethorn patch. The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Stonethorn

Artaeum Takeaway Broth

This max stam, max health, stamina and health recovery food has become relevant once again in light of set and skill changes in Stonethorn that resulted in making stamina-based builds more viable in both pvp and pve.

Requires: Powdered Mother of Pearl (5), Torchbug Thorax (5), Fish (20), Melons (5)
The recipe for this dish can be acquired from opening Psijic Satchels, which can be bought at guild traders, or acquired from fishing in Artaeum.

Clam Gall & Powdered Mother of Pearl

These materials are necessary to make the most commonly used foods in game: Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl (which has been in demand for several patches) and the newly in demand Artaeum Takeaway Broth.

Summerset (Geysers and Giant Clams)
Giant clams can be found all over the coasts of summerset, while Geysers operate similarly to Dolmens in the base-game zones.

Mundane Rune & Heartwood

The addition of new Solitude structural furnishings (acquired via the completion of Western Skyrim Dailies) have made these furnishing materials more in-demand.

Overland Nodes, Heavy Sacks
Mundane Runes have a chance to drop when you harvest an Enchanting Node, Heartwood have a chance to drop when you harvest a wood node.

Key Fragments

A multitude of bound sets from the Imperial City expansion (Sheer Venom, Spell Power Cure, Essence Thief) have become popular, and in some cases “Meta”, in Stonethorn for respective pvp and pve reasons. Players can forgo the lengthy farming process that is running the Imperial City Prison or White Gold Tower dungeons on repeat, and instead open up chests located at the start of either dungeon with key fragments to collect their gear.

Overland mobs in Imperial City/Imperial City Sewers
Unlike the acquisition of tel var, Key Fragments can only be acquired by looting the bodies of defeated adds in IC – simply killing the add is not enough.

Creating Your Own Monopoly on ESO


the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service


How To Spot an Opportunity to Create a Monopoly

Have you ever browsed Tamriel Trade Centre for a specific item? Maybe you’ve used TTC to check to see if there are any listings for that exclusive monster shoulder that was released a few years ago that you’ve been dying to get (fashion is endgame after all), or perhaps you are looking to buy a handful of uncommon style materials so that you can craft some furnishings. At one point or another, you have likely searched up an item on TTC and observed that there were very limited listings available.

Now there could be many reasons as to why there would be so little listings for whatever you are seeking to buy.

Perhaps the supply for what you are looking to buy has been completely terminated. This would be the case when it comes to buying exclusive motifs and style pages that can only be acquired by means of participating in ESO events or partaking in “Undaunted” activities that correspond with the monster arms pack that is currently in the crown store (completing that monster’s dungeon and opening that monster’s undaunted coffer). Because there is a short window of opportunity to acquire these items, they become limited and exclusive in nature. The rarity of these items make them expensive and hard to find.

Alternatively, perhaps the supply has diminished and there is a shortage of whatever you are looking for, much like in the case of furnishing materials. Refined Bonemold Resin, a Hlaalu style material used to craft many furnishings, may be extremely easy to acquire in the midst of a Morrowind event, where the promise of event tickets is enough to encourage everyone and their mother to venture to Vvardenfell and complete daily quests. These event enthusiasts subsequently deccon their Hlaalu rewards for these mats and are happy to get rid of them for low prices. But how about one year after the event, when no one is in zone chat looking to group up for a daily world boss quest? There will likely be very few listings of this material.

When there is a shortage in the supply of a specific item on ESO, it becomes very feasible to create your own monopoly of said item. Often times, you will not even need a lot of gold to get started with this endeavor. All you need is the ability to recognize the opportunity when it presents itself.

When there are limited listings for a specific item, that is your chance to buy out all instances of the item so that you become the sole distributor of the item. If you are the only seller (or one of the only sellers) for a specific item, buyers will have no choice but to purchase your wares at your price.

How To Start and Maintain your Monopoly


Chose the item

Find an item with low supply and very few listings that you would be comfortable working with. Creating a monopoly on ESO requires some financial input, so make sure you are alright with the amount of money that it would cost you.


Buy out all instances of the item

Use TTC to locate every single instance of that item that is for sale (or as many instances as you are willing to buy from) and purchase the item. The more of this item that you purchase, the more control over the price of this item you will have.


List the item

Now that you own all (or most of) the specific item in the game, you can list it for whatever price you desire. Try to come up with a price that is reasonable. People will not buy your item at all if you list it for a ridiculous price. When applicable, listing your item in bulk offers you the chance to charge even more per unit as it provides a great convenience to the buyer.


Monitor listings for the item

You should be checking TTC continuously to monitor any new listings for your item. If people are listing your item for much lower than you are selling your item, make sure to buy them up before anyone else gets a chance to. Don’t worry about buying out your competition if they are listing your item for around the same price as you, as there would be no financial gain in doing so.

An Example: Refined Bonemold Resin


Chose the item

At the time of writing this, there is a shortage of Refined Bonemold Resin in ESO. People want this material to craft their Hlaalu furniture but there are not enough people acquiring the material (by means of deconning Hlaalu gear) to sell it and meet these market demands. Thus, I have decided to create a monopoly on this item.


Buy out all instances of the item

I type “Refined Bonemold Resin” into TTC’s search bar from time to time to see if anyone is selling this material. I buy out all cheap instances of it. For me, anything below 1.5k gold/unit is considered cheap, as I am selling them for ~4k gold/unit on my guild traders and making a generous profit.


List the item

I have been listing my Bonemold Resin in stacks of 10 (for convenience) for around 40,000g to 45,000g depending on whether anyone is undercutting (selling for less than) me in my trader. My stacks have been selling reliably fast, and I am making around 25k-30k profit per stack.


Monitor listings for the item

I will check TTC anywhere from once a day to several times per day to see if there are any new listings for Bonemold Resin that are significantly cheaper than my own. If I find any, I buy them and relist them at my price of 4-4.5k each.

Things to keep in mind:
When to bail on your monopoly

Items that are exclusive on ESO, and subsequently have a limited supply, don’t tend to stay exclusive forever. ZoS has a habit of reintroducing certain items (1), creating events that flood the market with certain items (2), and changing the fundamentals of acquiring certain items (3), all of which end up influencing the market. Examples of each of these scenarios are given below.

These three situations impair the chances of creating a monopoly for the items that are affected by effectively resolving the shortage for the items in question. It is important to look out for these kinds of situations so that you do not end up investing in an item with limited listings, only for ZoS to make it so that the item is no longer limited.

Keep up with the ESO forums and the ESO news page to stay up to date with what events and changes are to be expected in the future.

If you suspect that any of the situations listed below may fix the shortage of whatever item you have been selling, that is when you should bail on your monopoly.

Look out for:

(1) Reintroduced Items
Items that were previously limited in nature can come back to the game at any given time. For example, there was a period of time when players could acquire a Style Page for Bloodpsawn’s Mask. It was an extremely rare drop from defeating the final boss of Spindleclutch II on veteran difficulty. Once this period of time ended, it was no longer possible to acquire the mask organically. With only a certain amount of Bloodspawn mask style pages in the game, most of them being consumed by players, the price for this style page skyrocketed to 3 million gold. However, with the creation of the brand-new Undaunted event a year later, the Bloodspawn Mask style page was once again acquirable by means of completing Spindleclutch II and getting lucky. This brought the price down to 100k gold from 3 million. Who knows what other exclusive items ZoS may bring back?

(2) Events that flood the market
ESO has multiple events throughout the year that promote a specific endeavor, like completing daily quests in DLC zones or pvping in cyrodiil. The prices for these items that tend to come from these events drop significantly because of the vast increase in supply. Culanda Lacquer used to go for 5,000g/unit because of the shortage of it’s supply until a 2-week long Summerset event created a flood in the market as a result of all of the people that were getting Lacquers from turning in their daily quests (for event tickets). This effectively ruins the exclusivity of said item for a long period of time.

(3) Changing the method of acquisition
Items that have only ever had one method of acquisition can suddenly have another. The “Honor Guard” motif is a perfect example of this. When it was first introduced into the game, the only way to organically acquire this motif would be to complete one of the most difficult pieces of pve content: veteran Blackrose Prison. Ew. Because these motif pages were locked behind the completion of this incredibly difficult pve content, they were worth a fortune (I paid 600k for my Honor Guard shoulders). Some time later, ZoS revealed that they were going to be bringing the Honor Guard style to the crown store. Now, instead of having to complete vBRP or buy the motif pages from someone who had completed it (and not many people can), people could buy the entire motif from the crown store with real money. This drastically lowered the prices of Honor Guard motif pages (you can buy Honor Guard shoulders for 100k now).