Make Gold From PvP

All The Best Ways To Make Gold In ESO By PvPing

One of the best ways to passively earn gold in ESO is by PvPing!

Whether you prefer to participate in smallscale PvP, group bgs with your friends, PvDooring or even zerging down ESO streamers in Cyrodiil, the fact of the matter is that all of these forms of PvP are very profitable endeavors. While you may be receiving AP (alliance points) for your PvP ventures, it is still a very valuable form of currency that can easily be converted into gold. Besides actually engaging in the act of PvP itself, there are many other avenues for earning gold while in a PvP location.

Cyrodiil Dailies

Not a fan of PvP? Or maybe the map is a little dead? No problem – find out how you can make millions of gold from these easy and stress-free Cyrodiil dailies!

Converting Your Alliance Points Into Gold

There is an endless supply of items that can be purchased with AP, but some items are worth far far more than others!

Converting Your Tel Var Into Gold

Farming mobs (and players!) in IC is a great way to earn gold. Check out this guide to find out how you can get the most gold out of your well-earned Tel Var!

Turn Your AP Into Gold

Watch my video all about the best ways to convert your Alliance Points into Gold

Cyrodiil War Tortes: What Are They, & How Do I Get Them?

Convert Tel Var Into Gold

These are the best ways to convert your Tel Var into gold on ESO!

Golden Vendor:
Smash OR Pass?

Wondering whether or not the Golden Vendor has any jewelry worth purchasing this weekend? Check out The Real Godzilla’s weekly videos that discuss the Golden Vendor’s selection of goods, and whether or not they are worth buying!

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