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Beginner Tips & Tricks For Making Gold On ESO

You have to start somewhere!

If you are a newer ESO player and have not yet had the chance to fully immerse yourself in the many facets of the game just yet, worry not! There are still plenty of beginner-friendly tasks that you can occupy yourself with that will earn you plenty of gold in ESO while you learn the ropes of the game!

Farming Materials

Finding the perfect spot and running from node to node is an easy and very accessible pastime on ESO that will reward you with an assortment of valuable materials that can be sold on the market! Why not give it a try while waiting for your dungeon queue?

Farming Treasure Chests

So long as you have a handful of trusty lockpicks and fast reflexes, you can pick any chest in Tamriel! Chests can contain expensive pieces of gear that can be sold for a very high value, so farming chests is always a worthwhile endeavor.

Farming Dailies

World Boss and Delve dailies can be found in all of the DLC and Chapter zones in the game. These dailies reward gear that is specific to the zone that they are for, as well as a chance to receive a motif! If you aren’t able to solo the world boss dailies, no worries, just ask for some help in zone chat – people are more than happy to help out if you share your daily quest with them!

Earning Gold In ESO Without Trading

Not interesting in joining a trading guild? Or perhaps you just don’t think you have what it takes to regularly meet trading guild fees and dues? No worries – check out this guide that details a handful of ways to make gold in ESO without having to trade at all!

I remember when I was a new player, oh so many years ago. Reliable methods for acquiring gold were few and far between. Most beginner-friendly methods revolved around farming mobs in public dungeons or going on a looting and murdering rampage at the town square. Nowadays, with so many DLCs and chapters, players have the chance to engage in so many activities that are very financially rewarding, like doing DLC dailies, or completing world events (Geysers, Dragons, Harrowstorms). Now is as good a time as ever to get into making lots of gold on ESO, even if you are a new player!


Earn Gold While You Grind XP In ESO

Still relatively new to the game and looking to grind some experience or cp? Check out this xp grinding route in Northern Elsweyr – not only is it a great spot to grindfor experience, it is also a pretty solid spot to grind for gold!

The Hottest Selling Items of Each Patch

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