One of the sites for the Snowbear Bear Plunge, a Nordic tradition for the New Life Festival!

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How To Earn Gold During ESO Events

I really love events in ESO because of how they breathe life into different aspects of the game!

Events are also a great opportunity to earn gold in ESO – either in the short term, from selling gear that is valuable during the event, or in the long term, from buying up cheap items during the event to sell some time down the road!

Tribunal Celebration Event Guide & How To Make Gold During The Event

The Tribunal Celebration Event is an event on ESO that celebrates the releases of the Morrowind Chapter and Clockwork City DLC. I’ll give you a brief rundown of what the actual event entails, and if you keep scrolling, you will find my gold guide, where I will share with you my recommendations for making the…

How To Make Gold During ESO Events

While different events in ESO bring about different tasks to be done and treasures to be won, most of them more or less have the same features. One of the most iconic features of ESO events is the experience boost (and sometimes even Alliance Point boost) that you are granted when you interact with a…

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