Zone Dailies

Elsweyr is a pretty great zone to do dailies in. The crafting material that comes from the anequina styled armor has always been worth a reasonable amount because it is needed to craft Elsweyr furniture!

ESO Dailies

All of ESO’s DLC zones have daily world boss and delve quests that you can complete for gold, experience, set pieces, valuable materials and motifs!

Check out my video on all of the amazing ways to earn gold while you do dailies on ESO!

What Are ESO Zone Dailies?

Much like farming chests, World Bosses and Delve Bosses also provide set pieces that can be sold in your guild trader! You can maximize the efficiency of your time spent farming by accepting World Boss and Delve daily quests! Upon completing these quests and turning them into the quest givers you can receive:

A crafting material that is unique to the zone (Shimmering Sand, Culanda Laquer, etc) that can be sold or used to craft special furnishings.

A set piece (or two!) that is unique to the zone that you can sell or decon for more unique mats.

A chance for a motif drop that is unique to the zone.

If you need help completing World Boss Dailies, often times you can reach out in zone chat for assistance. So long as you promise to share the quest, you will often have people willing to help you, since they too wish to reap the benefits of these dailies! Likewise, you too can help others!

If you wish to advertise the sharing of a WB daily in zone chat, use the following example as a reference for how to properly structure your request for assistance:

How To Ask For Help In Zone Chat

Template: “Sharing [the name of the quest or boss] daily WB quest. Type [any letter, usually “x” or the first letter of the name of the boss] for an invite and quest share!”

Example: “Sharing ‘Circle of Cheaters’ daily wb quest (Kill Skreg). Type “S” for an invite and a quest share”

Make sure you invite everyone that requests to join your group and share the quest with your group promptly, ensuring to reshare every time a new person gets added.

ESO World Boss and Delve Dailies:

  • Vvardenfell* (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, Bonemold Resin, Morag Tong Motifs)
  • Summerset (6 WB and 6 Delves Dailies, Culanda Laquer, Sapiarch Motifs)
  • Orsinium (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, Trinimac, Ancient Orc, Malacath Motifs)
  • Murkmire (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, Elder Argonian & Deadwater Motifs)
  • Northern Elsweyr (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, Shimmering Sand, Anequina Motifs)
  • Southern Elsweyr (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, Carmine Shieldsilk, Shield of Senchal Motifs)
  • The Gold Coast (2 WB and 2 Delve Dailies, Order Hour & Minotaur Motifs)
  • Western Skyrim (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, 2 Harrowstorm Dailies, Blackreach Vanguard and Greymoor Motifs)
  • The Reach (6 WB and 6 Delve and 6 Wayward Guardian Dailies, 2 Harrowstorm Dailies, Arkthzand Armory and Nighthollow Motifs)
  • Blackwood (6 WB and 6 Delve Dailies, Ivory Brigade and Black Fin Legion Motifs)

Need help defeating that World Boss? Watch my series on ESO World Boss mechanics for some tips!

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Some World Boss daily quests require content completion before they are unlocked. For example, to unlock the Vvardenfell World Boss and Delve quests you have to have completed the main story for Vvardenfell.
  • There is a daily for each World Boss in the zone, but each daily quest can only be done once per day. This means that if you complete “Birds of a Feather” in Summerset, you can not receive this quest again from another player. You can however receive another Summerset quest for another World Boss, such as “Taming The Wild”.
  • You can only have one World Boss quest active for a specific zone at a time. This means that if you join a group that is going to kill a World Boss for the daily you will not be able to receive their quest share if you already have another World Boss quest for the same zone sitting in your journal. Be sure to drop it in order to accept a new quest – you can always pick up your dropped quest later by talking to the quest-giver after you hand in your current one.

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