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“The more you learn, the more you earn”

– Some rich dude irl

Well-met, stranger! Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to “Tamriel Trade Secrets”, a trading hub that provides all of the commerce knowledge that you will ever need for The Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you are looking to make a few quick bucks in the moment, or you are looking to establish a more long-term financial investment plan for your precious gold in ESO, you’ve come to the right place!

I have created this site to serve as a pocket handbook of sorts for all of your gold-making endeavors on ESO. By sharing my extensive knowledge of the game, I hope to aid you in your trading efforts by passing some of this information off to you. Much like the aforementioned quote suggests, it is the notion of learning about the market on ESO (as well as it’s trends, it’s farming routes, it’s popular items etc) that will ultimately be the most financially rewarding.

When I log on to ESO, I do so with the intent to experience all aspects of the game play that it has to offer. I like to spend my time in Tamriel running dungeons with friends, grouping up with fellas in zone chat to knock out a few zone dailies, healing my Aldmeri Dominion comrades in Cyrodiil, progging through veteran DLC trials with my PvE guild and getting my RP on as I complete the story quests for each zone. By understanding the ESO market and spending a moderately brief amount of time in the guild trader menu, I am able to partake in all of my favourite aspects of the game while subsequently earning a considerable amount of gold (millions every week). I am very satisfied with this situation, as I find that my gold-earning ventures do not disrupt my enjoyment of the game, nor do they take a lot of time, the way farming materials or doing writs on 15 toons would (no hate on farming mats and doing your writs, that stuff can be quite relaxing)!
Instead, I have found a way to passively make a lot of gold on ESO while I play the game the way I really want to, and the key to doing so lies within knowledge (I wont fault you if you read that last word with Tai Lopez’s iconic mannerism) of the game.

On this site, you can expect to find the following content:

…As well as other more niche and specific pieces of trade information that aren’t really discussed at all and that may be of benefit to you….Trade secrets, if you will. See what I did there?

I truly hope that you can learn a thing or two that can be of great assistance to you. Having an abundance of gold on ESO can make for a more enjoyable gaming experience, as you won’t have to worry about affording whatever gear or items you desire. Plus, it can be nice to treat yourself to shiny new motifs or crown crates purchased with gold from time to time!

Do check back often for new and updated posts!

Fortune favor you!

Shout out to @DrakarSnow for his wicked photography skills, and to Sneezes from Nexus Mods for creating the rad ENB that we use for the images on this site. You can download it for yourself here!

Sketch of Artemis Camoran (my stamblade main!) created by Cassius


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