The following items are in high demand for the Stonethorn Patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either been buffed or have replaced other seets that have been nerfed in the Stonethorn patch

Dead-Water’s Guile

This overland set is now used by endgame score-pushing trialgroups to utilize more ultimates in their raids. Dps will swap to this set in between trash packs to be able to drop their ultimate on lesser adds and regain their ultimate before the next wave/boss etc.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons and Jewelry, or body pieces in Divines.

Powerful Assault

This newly buffed set is used by pve healers and tanks in trials to give their dps extra weapon and spell damage.

Imperial City (Coffers)
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons and Jewelry, body pieces in Sturdy.

War Maiden’s

This newly buffed overland set is used in damage-focused magicka pvp builds

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons (especially inferno staves) and Jewelry, Body pieces in Impenetrable.

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Stonethorn patch. The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Stonethorn

Artaeum Takeaway Broth

This max stam, max health, stamina and health recovery food has become relevant once again in light of set and skill changes in Stonethorn that resulted in making stamina-based builds more viable in both pvp and pve.

Requires: Powdered Mother of Pearl (5), Torchbug Thorax (5), Fish (20), Melons (5)
The recipe for this dish can be acquired from opening Psijic Satchels, which can be bought at guild traders, or acquired from fishing in Artaeum.

Clam Gall & Powdered Mother of Pearl

These materials are necessary to make the most commonly used foods in game: Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl (which has been in demand for several patches) and the newly in demand Artaeum Takeaway Broth.

Summerset (Geysers and Giant Clams)
Giant clams can be found all over the coasts of summerset, while Geysers operate similarly to Dolmens in the base-game zones.

Mundane Rune & Heartwood

The addition of new Solitude structural furnishings (acquired via the completion of Western Skyrim Dailies) have made these furnishing materials more in-demand.

Overland Nodes, Heavy Sacks
Mundane Runes have a chance to drop when you harvest an Enchanting Node, Heartwood have a chance to drop when you harvest a wood node.

Key Fragments

A multitude of bound sets from the Imperial City expansion (Sheer Venom, Spell Power Cure, Essence Thief) have become popular, and in some cases “Meta”, in Stonethorn for respective pvp and pve reasons. Players can forgo the lengthy farming process that is running the Imperial City Prison or White Gold Tower dungeons on repeat, and instead open up chests located at the start of either dungeon with key fragments to collect their gear.

Overland mobs in Imperial City/Imperial City Sewers
Unlike the acquisition of tel var, Key Fragments can only be acquired by looting the bodies of defeated adds in IC – simply killing the add is not enough.

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