Earning Gold In ESO Trials

Golding out gear for maximum dps, chugging pots the way a high-functioning alcoholic would and repairing broken gear after wiping to vKA trash for the 25th time in a row may suggest that running trials often is an expensive endeavor, when in reality it can be quite the profitable one! Here are a couple things to look out for while raiding in ESO that can earn you a few bucks.

ESO Sunspire

Furnishing Plans From ESO Trials

Loot. Everything. Many trials have backpacks, drawers and dressers littered all throughout the premises. Those tents in Kyne’s Aegis? Go snoop around in them and loot absolutely everything. Those drawers and dressers in Sunspire that surround the lengthy hallways? Go up to all of them and loot them.

Sometimes these little furnishings procure nothing but trash. Voidsteel gauntlets, wow, just what I’ve always wanted.

But sometimes you hit the jackpot and loot something really expensive, like furnishing plans for the respective zone that the Trial is based in. Furnishing plans that come from ESO trials are often rare, even the green quality ones, so be sure to check out Tamriel Trade Center to get a rough estimate for how much your furnishing plan is worth.

Sunspire Motif

Style Materials From ESO Trials

If you do not need any of the gear that you have acquired (and after checking with guildies to make sure they don’t need that gear either I hope!) your best bet is to decon it – yes, even the blue gear. Besides the usual upgrade and trait materials that you can get, you also have the chance to get a style material.

Style materials are necessary for crafting gear of a specific style, an integral aspect of master writs. Because people need style mats to complete master writs, there will always be a need for style mats, and the style mats that you get from trials are no exception.

The best time to sell trial style materials would be when a new trial just barely hits the live server.

Sunspire Lore

Motifs From ESO Trials

Most DLC trials have the potential of dropping a motif after killing the final boss upon completion at the “veteran” level. If you complete the “Hard Mode”, you are guaranteed a motif. Asylum Sanctorium does not drop motifs (although there is a super rare clockwork polymorph runebox that drops upon completing the Hard Mode), and Cloudrest has a wonky motif system, but the others operate on this model. Non vDLC trials also offer the possibility of dropping Ra Gada motifs.

Much like with the trial furnishing plans, it is best to sell these trial motifs when the trials are still relatively new, or when they are no longer ran as often because the gear has become less relevant (I’m looking at you vMoL).

ESO Sunspire

Selling Gear From A Trial

I hope that you’d give your gear to guildies free of charge! But if you just carried a group of Craglorn Pugs through a trial and 3 of them have slid into your DMs to ask for that Sharpened Dagger of the Advancing Yokeda, I wouldn’t blame you if you ask for some gold in return.

In fact this is pretty standard fare. Highly sought after pieces of gear are usually offered up for a price, and in some cases, may even receive bids from multiple players that all need the same item. Some people would pay a fortune if it means that they no longer have to run Hel Ra Citadel again.

When coming up with a price for an item, try not to shoot too high. 100k for a sought after item is a good start, while other more iconic pieces of gear (think: perfected Siroria inferno staff, perfected False God inferno staff, dagger of the Advancing Yokeda) could receive a starting price of 500k, to upwards of 1 million gold.


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