How To Make Gold During ESO Events

While different events in ESO bring about different tasks to be done and treasures to be won, most of them more or less have the same features. One of the most iconic features of ESO events is the experience boost (and sometimes even Alliance Point boost) that you are granted when you interact with a certain memento (blowing a spooky whistle, reading a scroll, eating some cake, cracking open a cold one with the bois- I mean, drinking from that bottomless mug of mead).

Witchmothers Whistle
The Witchmother’s Whistle is a memento that players can interact with that will grant them a 100% boost to all experience points

This is one of the most enticing aspects of ESO events, and a lot of players tend to level up alternate toons and skill lines during these times. The experience boost granted by the event can also stack with other experience boosting consumables such as experience scrolls, and experience drinks (ambrosias).

It may come as no surprise then that any items that have anything to do with experience gain of any kind are worth selling during ESO events.

During these events, items that pertain to boosting experience are in greater demand, and likewise, are worth a lot more than they usually are throughout the year, when there are no events occurring. It would be wise to purchase these items during the “off season”, when their demand (and price) is low, to then upsell at a much greater price during the event season.

The following are the best items to sell during ESO events:

Crafting Writs

Crafting writs normally reward the player with a lot of experience points upon being completed and turned in. Paired with a holiday xp boost and an xp boost consumable of your choice, it’s no wonder turning in a bunch of writs is the preferred xp grind on ESO.

The best writs to sell during this time are enchanting writs, provisioning writs, and especially alchemy writs. It does not matter what kind of writ or how many vouchers a writ rewards you with, all writs will give you the same amount of experience points, so players looking to grind out xp opt for completing very easy to craft writs, much like the aforementioned writs.

Alchemy writs in particular are the hottest commodity out of the three. This is because players may not necessarily be interested in lvling up an alt-character’s enchanting and provisioning skill lines (they already have a main for that!), but they will without a doubt need to level up the alchemy skill line for the “medicinal use” passive.

Medicinal Use ESO
A must have passive for all ESO players interested in PvE and PvP

During events, these writs can go for over 5 x their going price, so be sure to hold onto your master writs and buy up any cheap ones that you see to sell for some impressive profit once the event starts!

Experience Point Consumables

As previously mentioned, experience scrolls and drinks can be stacked with ESO event experience boosts to maximize the efficiency of xp grinding.

While ZOS does give out bound experience scrolls from time to time, players can also craft their own xp boosting consumables if they learn the required recipe(s). These items are:

Psijic Ambrosia (50% boost)
Aetherial Ambrosia (100% boost)
Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia (150% boost)

Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia
Prices for Mythic Aetherial Ambrosias in a Mournhold trader during the 2020 Witches Festival

These ambrosias tend to go for 1.5 x their usual price during event seasons. To give you an example, Mythic Aetherial Ambrosias were going for around 60k right before the 2020 witches festival, and then they were selling for around 90k during the event.

Where Do I get the recipes for these Ambrosias?
The Psijic Ambrosia recipe can be acquired through combining all 7 of the recipe fragments. These fragments have a chance to drop when completing provisioning writs. The Aetherial Ambrosia recipe can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu (Mastercraft Mediator) in Grahtwood for 250 writ vouchers, or from guild stores. The Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia recipe is a rare drop from the annual Jubilee event, but it can also be purchased from guild stores.

Materials Needed For XP Consumables

Since ambrosias are in greater demand and selling for more than usual, it comes as no surprise that the materials needed to craft ambrosias also experience an increase in demand and price during ESO events. These particular materials include:

Aetherial Dust (an extremely rare drop obtainable from nodes in base game zones)
Perfect Roe (a rare drop from filleting fish)

Aetherial Dust
Of the over 4k hours that I have spent playing ESO, I have never organically acquired an aetherial dust. One has never dropped for me! I’ve only ever bought it from guild stores with the intent of flipping its price.

To provide you with another example, Aetherial Dusts were selling for around 250k before the 2020 witches festival. Once the festival rolled around, their price increased to 450k.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

While exprience boosting items are a hot commodity, they are not the only kinds of items that experience heightened prices during event times.

For each kind of event, think about the kinds of materials or consumables that are integral to each event.

For example, in pvp events, pvp consumables are in much greater demand. Therefore, you can sell both the consumables themselves as well as the materials needed to craft these consumables for higher than market prices during pvp events.

Another example would be any event that requires you to complete special holiday writs, like the witches festival and the new life festival. Take a look at what kind of materials are needed to complete these writs and make sure to stock up on them before these events are live. You can then sell these much needed materials for higher than average prices during the event. To give you an even more specific example, [Flour] and [Heartwood] always go up in price during the new life festival because people need them to craft the new life charity writs. During the witches festival, [Nightshade] and [Dragon Bone] always goes up since they are needed to craft the witches writs. I bought up a whole bunch of [Dragon Bone] for 800 a piece before the event, and then sold them for 30,000k a piece at the height of their hype period during the event. You do the math man, that’s a lot of profit haha!


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