The Most Valuable Style Materials In ESO

Every piece of gear that you collect in ESO, from dungeon gear, to overland gear, is crafted in a particular style. Just about all of gear (save for the gear that is of a default race style) have the chance to yield valuable style materials when they are deconstructed.

Did you know?
When you deconstruct gear in ESO, you have a chance at receiving its style material? Style materials are used for crafting gear in a particular style. Some style materials also have secondary uses, making them more valuable than others!

Besides style materials, deconstructing gear can also yield valuable upgrade materials! This is why you should always consider deconstructing unwanted gear (i.e gear that is of an undesirable and likewise unwanted set and/or trait), as opposed to simply selling it to the merchant for some spare change.

Style materials are often bought up by players looking to craft and complete master writs so that they can collect writ vouchers. It is for this reason that style materials of any kind are always a semi-valuable asset. A stack of 200 of any random style material can go for around 100,000g on PC NA, for example, just because it offers a wealthy buyer the convenience of having a life-time supply of materials for a specific style. So it is really worth deconstructing your gear just to passively collect these style materials in the event that, should you ever be strapped for cash, or you notice that you’ve collected a stack or two of a specific style mat, you can go ahead and toss a stack on the traders for a respectable sum of gold.

Learn More About Deconstructing Gear To Make Gold In ESO:

Check out the video that I made over on my YouTube channel that details all of the reasons why you should consider deconstructing gear for gold, as well as how to distinguish between valuable gear that should be upgraded to sell, undesirable gear that should be deconstructed for materials, and absolute trash that should just be sold to the merchant!

Some style materials are significantly more valuable than other style materials, and this is because they can be used for more than just crafting gear in a specific style. Some style materials are used to craft furnishings, and even provisioning recipes!

The most valuable style materials in ESO are the ones needed for furnishings that can be sold to other players – bonus points if the furnishings are new and/or popular with the player base!

While all style materials are valuable, these style materials that have secondary uses are so much more valuable that it is arguably worthwhile to go out of your way to farm for them, the way you would any other valuable material. The two best ways to actively seek out these extra valuable style materials are to:

  • Seek out cheap pieces of gear that are of a particular style at the guild traders to then deconstruct for a chance at those valuable style materials (be mindful of the fact that there is a 1/3 chance that you get a style mat when deciding what price is required for you to profit from this endeavour)
  • Complete dailies in the zone that drop the style material that you are after (either from the daily reward coffers themselves, or from the gear that you get from those coffers and from killing the delve/world boss/world event associated with that daily)

I have composed a list of the most valuable style materials in ESO. At most, these style materials can go for upwards of 5k each on PC NA, just to give you an idea. They are also in relatively high demand because of how frequently they are used, so you can count on your stacks of style materials selling fairly quickly if they are priced reasonably and of the following styles:

The Most Valuable Style Materials

These style materials are among the most valuable style mats in the game – if you have unwanted gear that is of any of these styles, there is no doubt about it – you should decon it!

With this in mind, hopefully you will be able to get more value out of your unwanted pieces of gear. Next time you are about to sell a green or blue piece of gear that is in a crappy trait like invigorating, stop and double check that the style that it is in is worth something!


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