Cyrodiil Dailies: one of the best ways to make gold on ESO that no one talks about

Besides rewarding you with some experience points, a [Cyrodiil Citrus], and a handful of AP, Cyrodiil daily quests reward you with something of much greater value: gear.

Cyrodiil Daily Quests

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Cyrodiil Daily Quest Coffers

Upon completing and turning in a Cyrodiil quest at any of the five towns, you will receive a gear coffer that pertains to the town in question. These gear coffers can drop a singular piece of gear that is specific to Cyrodiil.

These coffers are very much like the kinds of gear coffers that you would find in Vlastrus, Cropsford, and Bruma, only unlike the specific gear coffers that you purchase at Specialized Gear Merchants, the gear that you receive from completing town quests is completely random. Gear from any kind of Cyrodiil set can drop.

Still yet, these Cyrodiil daily quests take no more than 2 minutes to complete, for the most part (I’m looking at you Barasati), and they reward you with a gear coffer that is nearly equivalent in nature to the coffers sold by gear merchants that cost 12,000AP. The gear you get is random, sure, but can you make 12k AP in less than two minutes? Doubtful.

Cyrodiil Town Dailies

And before you bombers and zerglings disagree, allow me to say this: In just 20 minutes, I completed 15 Cyrodiil dailies, and was thus rewarded with 15 gear coffers. 180k AP(15 x 12,000) in 20 minutes seems pretty damn decent no?

Because the gear that comes from these coffers are random, the items can really be hit or miss, but more often than not, you get something worth selling.

For sure, items that reinforce the current pvp meta that you get are going to be worth a lot, but you’d be surprised how many other sets from Cyrodiil also sell well. Sets that you’ve probably never even heard of, let alone considered in a build, surprisingly sell for a whole lot. Evidently, someone must want them!

Juggernaut weapons, Beckoning Steel gear, Heartland shields and 1hers, Arch Mage staves, and many more items from sets that aren’t really talked about all sell for a significant amount (from 50-500k sometimes)! This is partially because of the fact that not a lot of people really go out and do these Cyrodiil dailies in the first place, let alone list the gear that comes from them if it isn’t gear that is “meta”. With so little supply, sellers can definitely increase the prices for these wares and earn a substantial amount of gold.

Cyrodiil Daily Quests
Most of the Cyrodiil Town Dailies consist of venturing out and killing a specific NPC, gathering items or interacting with objects. These town dailies are simple and entirely PvE friendly.

Determining Your Gear’s Value

Whenever you receive gear from completing these dailies, be sure to price-check your items on Tamriel Trade Centre to get a rough estimate for how much they are worth.

If there are little to no listings on TTC for a piece of your gear, this is good news. If you’ve read my post on creating monopolies on ESO, then you may be able to recognize this kind of scenario as a great opportunity. Because there is such little supply for your item, you can effectively assign any kind of value (within reason) to it. Be sure to check out the limited listings that you saw on TTC in game as well, by visiting traders. If the item is no longer listed at the trader (i.e, if the item has sold), then list your item for the same amount, or more! If the item has yet to sell, put your item up for a little less – enough to offer a worthwhile deal to potential buyers that search up your item on TTC.

Example: One of my friends received a Shield of the Juggernaut from a coffer just yesterday (from the day I’m writing this). There were only 3 Juggernaut shield listings in the entirety of the PC NA server, all at around 500k. He went around to check the listings in game, and those shields had not sold. So, he put his up for 450k (buyer would save 50k if they bought his shield over the others) and he sold it no less than a day later!

Be sure to be diligent about price-checking every single item that you get from the coffers on TTC, and be smart when determining a price. Use the amount of available listings as well as the average of the listings to help you come up with the best price for your wares.

But Arttea, I absolutely despise PvP!
I don’t want to have to worry about getting killed by players while I do these quests…

Doing Cyrodiil Dailies When You Hate PvP

Well then get gud skrub! Just kidding; being hesitant to do Cyrodiil dailies on account of the fact that you have to venture into a pvp zone is a valid concern. I believe that this concern is one of the main reasons why the gear that comes from these dailies is so valuable – there is such a limited supply because so little pve-ers want to go to pvp-land to do pve things!

If this is the case for you, I have a few suggestions:

Do Cyrodiil Town Dailies When Your Faction Has
The Entire Map

Sometimes your alliance owns the entirety of the map in Cyrodiil, or most of it. If this is ever the case, this is the perfect chance to do daily quests, as the chances that you will run into any opponent, let alone an opponent near a town, is next to 0. You can always check the status of the Cyrodiil map for your campaign by clicking on Cyrodiil on your map.


Politely Ask Others To Let You Quest In Peace

Not all pvpers are scary people! You can always try sending a whisper to someone that you see at a town to let them know that you are just at the town to get some questing done and that you’d appreciate it if they let you be. While I like to pvp myself, this is still something that I do to enemy players that I see at towns.

Most good pvpers poke resources to get fights – so if you see a competent pvper at a town, they are more than likely just looking to flip the town to their alliance’s color so that they can buy gear coffers from the specialty gear vendor, or they are just looking to do the daily quests for $$$ like me! It is very uncommon that you will ever find a (pardon my french) shitter looking to kill pvers at a town (unless we are talking about the midyear mayhem festival, that really brings out the worst in people). So you’ve got nothing to worry about!

I run into opponents that are questing at towns fairly regularly and I always shoot them a whisper to let them know that I am doing the same and that they have nothing to worry about 🙂 Wholesome gamer moments.

As I’m creating this article, I am helping some new ESO players understand the fundamentals of the game, as well as the market, given the fact that they showed some interest in making lots of gold in this game. Throughout this process, something that we have all collectively realized is just how ridiculously easy, quick, and rewarding Cyrodiil daily quests are. In just a few weeks time, these cp 300s have accumulated over 5 million gold, largely due to the fact that they have been very persistent about completing a handful of Cyrodiil dailies each day. The amount of gold that they are making from these dailies inspired me to write this article!

Doing Cyrodiil dailies has become a part of my daily quest routine on ESO because of how much gold they make me. Hopefully I have been able to convince you to venture into Cyrodiil and knock out some easy dailies for those coveted gear coffers! Best of luck to you!

Turn Your AP Into Gold

Watch my quick video on converting your alliance points into gold!

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