How To Get The Ancestral Reach Motif In ESO

A new assortment of ancestral motif pages were introduced in update 28. This new style is the Ancestral Reach Style. Now you can dress similarly to the monster-hunting rebel Arana and her reachfolk friendos! Keep reading to find out how you can acquire this new ESO style for yourself!

Where To Get The Ancestral Reach Motif

Watch my quick video that showcases the entire process of attaining an Ancestral Reach Motif, or continue reading!

Where To Get Ancestral Reach Motifs

Much like all of the other Ancestral Motif styles in ESO, you can get Ancestral Reach Motifs by first acquiring a lead for them and then excavating it.

A common misconception:

A lot of players were under the impression that Ancestral Reach motifs would have a chance to drop upon completing the scrying and excavating process for any antiquities located in The Reach, which lead to many a scathing forum post! However, this is in fact not the case. The Reach motif pages drop just like all of the other ancestral motif pages, as outlined below. Many more players believed that the drop chances for these motifs were bugged, when in reality the drop chance is no different than that of the other ancestral motifs. Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions that revolve around acquiring this style!

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Leads for the Ancestral Reach Motifs have a chance to drop from the following treasure maps:

  • The Reach
  • Arkthzand Caverns
  • Western Skyrim
  • Blackreach Caverns

These treasure maps have a chance to drop upon completing Harrowstorms in Western Skyrim and in The Reach. You can also find them randomly after looting adds.

Ancestral Reach Style Showcase

Check out the video below to view Tianlein’s style showcase for the Ancestral Reach motifs! I highly recommend her channel for all things fashion-related on ESO!


How To Find Ancestral Motif Leads

Like any other Ancestral Motif style, leads for Ancestral Motifs are not guaranteed upon finding and opening the treasure chest associated with your treasure map – but there is a chance that they could drop from them. Therefore, if you are looking to acquire these motifs, your best bet is to go ahead and buy the kinds of treasure maps stated above, or farm the treasure maps by completing a lot of Harrowstorms.

While we are on the topic of acquiring these treasure maps…. please do not be unkind and attempt to scam unaware players in zone chat! Likewise, if you see someone attempting to buy the maps that lead to potential ancestral motif pages for a very, very low price, be sure to educate zone chat instead of keeping them in the dark! No one likes zone chat scammers! And not everyone could be aware that their treasure map has the chance to drop an expensive motif!


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