How To Get The New Reach And Dwemer Furnishing Plans In ESO [The Reach Furniture Farming Locations]

There are a lot of great furnishing plan farming locations in The Reach. The three primary furnishing plans that you can find in The Reach are:

  • Solitude Furnishing Plans
  • Reach Furnishing Plans
  • Dwarven Furnishing Plans

All of these furnishing plans are very pricey, even the Solitude furnishings, despite having been introduced half of a year go. People can’t get enough of these Skyrim vibes! And to be fair, all of these new Markarth furnishings are absolutely stunning!

Outlined below are some of the best locations to farm for these new furnishing recipes.

NEW: Markarth Structure Furnishings

A handful of new Markarth furnishing plans were introduced in update 29.

Much like the Solitude furnishing plans that came out in update 27, these Markarth furnishing plans consist of designs for building components, such as walkways, walls and floors.

Likewise, these new furnishing plans have a chance to drop after completing and handing in any daily quest in Markarth.

Markarth Furnishings
Talk to NPCs around Markarth like Ardanir here (owo) who have a glowing blue quest icon above their heads to receive a daily quest. There are four daily quests in Markarth.


There are plenty of new reach furnishings that can be picked up in Markarth… The only thing is…they uh…they’re kind of in other people’s homes…Did I say “picked up”? I guess I meant “looted” eh?

In the Northern part of Markarth you will find a plethora of homes located very close to one another. These homes can be broken into and there are several furnishings that can be looted from within them. Some of the furnishings that have a chance to yield the new reach furnishing plans are: Urns, Trunks, Cupboards, Dressers, and Nightstands, so be sure to look out for those in particular!

All of these homes also conveniently have nifty “hiding places” in them, much like the ones in Hew’s Bane. Those that have dabbled in the Thieves Guild questline in ESO may very well recognize these yellow-glowing barrels that serve as a nifty mode of deception and escape whilst partaking in criminal activities. There are also a lot of conveniently placed furnishing arrangements, such as room dividers, that help provide your character a place to hide. It’s almost like the devs knew we were going to be looting these gorgeous homes for their gorgeous furnishing plans! Thanks ZOS!

There are many homes in the northern part of Markarth that have an abundance of lootable furnishings that all have the chance to drop furnishing plans of The Reach, Solitude, and Dwarven variety!

This residence here is know as the Vlindrel Hall. Besides the vast amount of lootable furnishings, there is also a large chest in one of the rooms that, once looted, will grant the achievement: Markarth’s Master Burglar. Upon being looted, this “Luxurious Safebox” will dissapear.

If you are roleplaying as a more neutrally aligned character, you can definitely navigate these homes and loot them clean without having to kill anyone. It’s definitely not too difficult to avoid detection while looting thanks to the different paths that the npcs go on, and of course the convenient hiding spots littered throughout the residences.

It’s nothing personal
It’s just business

If you don’t care much about roleplaying or if you do roleplay as a more evil character…. there is always the option to game-end the tenants of these humble abodes so that you do not have to worry about getting detected and racking up a large bounty while you ransack the place for new dwarven furnishing plans!

North Markarth

North Markarth

Hey hear me out, I’m not just recommending looting. In fact, there is an “abandoned home” here, so you can totally wander in and just take what you want. No one is going to miss it, right?

Right outside of the city, if you head South of the “North Markarth” wayshrine, you will find a small collection of homes that can also be looted for new reach furnishing plans!

Much like the homes in Markarth, these homes contain many backpacks, dressers, urns and other related furnishings that you can loot to your heart’s content!



This point of interest is home to several urns and trunks that could very well contain some lovely new furnishing plans!

This place was actually recommended to me by a buddy of mine that sells me new furnishing plans from time to time. He told me that every once in a while he will log into all of his toons and quickly run through this place to loot all of the coffers.

For those that are unaware, once one of your characters loots a furnishing plan, they get put on a cooldown for some time, and they will be unable to attain another furnishing plan until the cooldown is over. This is why you hear of people taking several toons through Dwarven ruins, Ayleid ruins, and any other hotspot for expensive furnishing plans.

Because of it’s proximity to a Wayshrine, swinging by this place for a quick run through it’s halls takes no more than a minute of your time. It is also located close to a Harrowstorm ritual site, so you may find yourself in the area anyways!

Arkthzand Library

Arkthzand Library

Besides being an impressive, other-worldly place, the Arkthzand Library is also home to an impressive amount of urns, trunks, and other lootable furnishings that could yield furnishing plans.

Whether you are progressing through the main quest, or completing a Wayward Guardian daily quest from Markarth, you will likely find yourself in the Arkthzan library if you spend any time at all in this zone.

While you are here, be sure to keep a keen eye out for urns and trunks that can be looted for potential treasures! While questing here, I picked up some expensive new dwarven and reach furnishing plans from merely passively looting any urn that I passed by.



In the depths of Understone Keep resides an ancient Dwarven ruin. In the halls that bind these ancient ruins together you will find an abundance of urns and chests and coffers that are ready to be looted.

Nchuand-Zel can be found in the depths of Understone Keep, in Markarth. Much like with the Arkthzand Library, you will find yourself in this area if you are doing the main questline for The Reach, or if you are working on completing a daily Wayward Guardian’s quest in Markarth.

This post is still a work-in-progress! Check back for even more furnishing plan farming locations!


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