Making Gold From The Luxury Furnishing Vendor

What Is The Luxury Furnishing Vendor

The luxury furnishing vendor in ESO is a vendor that sells specialty wares exclusively on the weekend. From Friday evening, until the end of Sunday, one can find the luxury vendor outside of the bank in Hollow City, Coldharbor.

The luxury furnishing vendor sells a variety of rare, exclusive furnishings that can only be purchased during the times mentioned above. His inventory rotates every week, and it often takes about a year or more before previously sold items make a return and can be purchasable once again.

How To Make Gold From The Luxury Vendor

As is the case with any item that is exclusive and rare in ESO, the furnishings that are sold at the luxury vendor can acquire a lot of value, often times more than they their original worth.

This isn’t always the case however; in fact, there are sometimes instances where a luxury vendor item sells for less than it’s original value! This, of course, should never be the case, but if you have any experience with the ESO market at all, can you really say that you are surprised? This is the same market that sometimes sells consumables for less than their crafting cost! *shakes head*

Whether or not a luxury furnishing’s value will drastically increase in price can be hard to tell, but with some prior knowledge on the ESO market trends and an understanding of what furnishings sell for a lot on ESO, I just may be able to give you enough pointers to make some educated decisions when it comes to purchasing items from the luxury vendor to flip some time later.

Luxury Furniture Items That Always Sell Well

The following items have a consistent record of selling for more than their original value when purchased from the luxury furnishing vendor in Coldharbor.


Plants such as a ferns, flowers, or trees are always in demand given the fact that housing enthusiasts love to create flourishing, intricate gardens. These items are a great investment for newer flippers or players that do not have a lot of money to spare, seeing as each unit of flora tends to be valued from around 3k to 20k gold and often sells for 2 to 4 times it’s original value.

Items such as the wedding blossoms (original value 2.5k, resold for 8-10k) and the Alinor maples (original value 4k, resold for 20-40k)are a great example of this. While not flora, the geodes also sold for much more than their original value (original value 20k, resold for 40k)

ESO Garden
ESO Housing


Furnishing items that contribute some kind of lighting effect are also always in demand, as they aid in setting the mood as well as adding personality to the rooms that they are placed in.

Culanda and Varla stones (original value 5k, resold at 15-20k) are a good example of this.

Housing ESO


Large, intricate statues are often centerpieces of rooms and gardens, and often times collected by many ESO housing enthusiasts. It is because of this reason that these statues can be resold for more than their original worth.

The Imperial statues (original value 25k, resold for 100k) are a perfect example of this.

ESO Statues

How To Determine If A Luxury Item Can Be Flipped

Some luxury furnishings do not necessarily fall into any of the categories listed above, but they may still sell for considerably more than they were originally worth because of the following reason:

Items That Pertain To A Specific Aesthetic

Some items are very unique or specific to a kind of aesthetic and may very well fly under most people’s radar’s until they realize that they would really like said item for a build. Items from collections such as the Velothi Furnishings or the Orc Furnishings may seem like they are oddly specific, and players may not strive to buy so many items from these collections unless they are looking to create a Dunmeri tomb or an Orcish stronghold. With so little of the player base buying these items, you can potentially create a monopoly and subsequently determine the value of your luxury furnishings.

The Velothi Shrouds (original value 5k, resold for 40k) and the Orcish Gazebo (original value 20k, resold for 100k) are just some of many examples of this. Because these items were oddly specific to a certain kind of aesthetic (Velothi tomb, Orcish architecture) there were not too many instances of these items being purchased. With little competition, you can better influence the price! So be on the lookout for items that may seem to have little hype over them (monitor your guild chats and discords to see whether or not people are excited about the new furnishings) and stock up on those – within reason of course! Perhaps the reason why there is no hype over a certain item is because the item looks horrific and no one would ever want it! Exercise your best judgement.

ESO Luxury Vendor

The Luxury vendor can be found on the weekends at this little kiosk wedged in between the Hollow City Bank and Cicero’s Food & General Goods store.


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