ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Guide: How To Make Gold During The Undaunted Celebration

Introduced in 2019, the Undaunted Celebration event offers players bonus loot and unique rewards upon completing dungeons. Given the fact that these rewards consist of intricate motifs that are exclusive in nature and very aesthetically appealing, there is a large demand for these items not only throughout the duration of the event, but also the subsequent months that follow.

The Undaunted Celebration is an amazing opportunity for all kinds of players, from filthy casuals to sweaty tryhards, to make a lot of gold! If I had to offer up a numerical estimate regarding the amount of gold that I made selling all of the Undaunted Celebration rewards that I acquired from 2019’s event, I’d wager that I made around 60 million gold. Granted, I did a fair amount of “flipping” (buying motifs at cheap prices to resell at higher prices a few months later), but despite that, a reasonable amount of that gold was made organically, simply by running dungeons frequently with friends, and cashing in some of my hard-earned Undaunted keys for these exclusive and expensive rewards.

Check out the following guide for not only what this event is, but also how to make gold during the Undaunted Celebration.

ESO Undaunted Event

Undaunted Celebration Guide

What Is The Undaunted Celebration Event?

As previously stated, the Undaunted Celebration is an event on ESO that promotes 4man PvE content by offering players exclusive and intricate rewards upon the completion of dungeons.

How Do I Get Undaunted Reward Boxes?

Upon defeating the final boss of any dungeon throughout the duration of this event, players will be rewarded with an Undaunted Reward Box. These event containers can contain undaunted keys, plunder (which you can sell to a merchant for gold), motif pages, repair kits, transmute crystals and other oddities.

How Do I Get Opal Weapon Style Pages?

Upon defeating the final boss of the first dungeon that you run on any given day, you will receive a fancier container, known as Glorious Undaunted Reward Box. Besides rewarding the players the same kinds of treasures that would be seen in the regular box, this daily container will also reward the player with a guaranteed Opal Weapon Style page of the following boss styles:

  • NEW Iceheart (Direfrost Keep)
  • NEW Lord Warden (Imperial City Prison)
  • NEW Nightflame (Elden Hollow II)
  • NEW Swarm Mother (Spindleclutch I)
  • Ilambris (Crypt of Hearts I)
  • Troll King (Blessed Crucible)
  • Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch II)
  • Engine Guardian (Darkshade Caverns II)

Undaunted Celebration Event Rewards

Undaunted Celebration Event ESO

Complete dungeons for Undaunted Reward boxes and a daily Glorious Undaunted Reward box that drops Opal Weapon Style Pages!

ESO Undaunted Event

Kill the final boss of the dungeons listed above at the veteran hard-mode difficulty for a chance to get Opal Monster Mask Style Pages!

Opal Weapons ESO

Purchase normal and Opal Shoulder Style Pages from the undaunted vendors!

How Do I Get Opal Monster Mask Style Pages?

To acquire Opal Monster Mask style pages, players will have to complete the dungeons listed above on the veteran hardmode difficulty. Even upon doing so, an Opal Monster Mask style page only has a chance to drop, it is not a guaranteed drop.

How Do I Get Opal Monster Shoulder Style Pages?

Players do also have the option to purchase Opal Monster Shoulder style pages from the pledge givers for 50 undaunted keys if and only if the player already has the corresponding normal Monster Shoulder Style. Players also have the option to buy Mystery Coffers for 25 keys. These coffers drop a random Opal Monster Shoulder style page.

ESO Undaunted Celebration

Undaunted Event Gold Guide

Making The Most Out Of This Event

I’ll state the obvious first to get that out of the way. The Undaunted Celebration is no different than any other ESO event in the sense that it is designed to reward players that participate in the event every single day. By completing at least one dungeon every day, you will receive one Glorious Undaunted Reward Box, and therefore, one Opal Weapon Style Page every day. If you can, be sure to complete at least one dungeon every day. Running through a normal dungeon doesn’t take much time, and the opal weapon that you get from the daily reward coffer could be worth millions in just a couple months time. If you have more time to spare, why not go ahead and run a couple dungeons to get additional undaunted reward boxes, or complete the dungeons listed above at the veteran hard-mode difficulty to try and get an opal monster mask. While it may seem and feel grindy to run a lot of dungeons, just know that out of all of the events on ESO, this one is the most rewarding to farm. If you are going to go all out and grind out tasks in any ESO event, let it be the Undaunted Celebration.

ESO Undaunted Event Guide

Spend Your Tickets On The Items That You Want

The Impressario will be selling all of the NEW 2020 opal weapons, masks and shoulders for just 5 tickets each. These pages are character bound, meaning they can not be traded or even stored in the bank. Instead of purchasing an expensive opal weapon that you would like to use from a guild trader for gold, or consuming the style page that you acquired organically from completing a dungeon, buy the style page for tickets instead. You do not want to be consuming the style pages that you get as rewards from the boxes, you want to sell them.

You will be given 3 tickets every day that you complete a dungeon, and the Undaunted event lasts for 12 days, so you will receive a total of 36 tickets if you participate in this event daily. That is enough to buy 7 style pages from the Impressario.

For example, in 2019 I acquired an Opal Troll King Staff. Since I did wish to have this staff for myself, I decided to purchase it from the Impressario instead of consuming the tradeable style page that I acquired from a reward box. I ended up selling the Opal Troll King Staff for 3 million gold 8 months later.

ESO Undaunted Guide

Buy Cheap Style Pages At The End Of The Event

While it is completely possible to stumble upon some amazing deals for opal style pages throughout the entire duration of the Undaunted Celebration event, the prices for these style pages are going to experience a drop in price as the event nears it’s close. This always occurs with ESO events. At the start of the event, because the market has not yet had a chance to be saturated with event goods, the prices for said goods are as high as ever. By the time two weeks have passed, plenty of players have had a chance to participate in the event and gather loads of loot. With more instances of these style pages on the market, players are going to compete with one another for sales by lowering the prices of their goods ever so slightly. An overwhelming accumulation of this kind of behavior is what leads to event goods always being significantly cheaper at the end of the event.

The Undaunted Celebration is no different, so be sure to be extra thorough when perusing the wares of each guild trader come December 15th (the end of the event). Be sure to browse Tamriel Trade Centre regularly to keep an eye on the prices for the style pages that are going to be worth the most some time after the event passes. By purchasing these style pages at low prices at the end of the event, you can resell these pages some time later for insane amounts of profit.

ESO Undaunted Celebration Guide

Spend Your Undaunted Keys On Shoulder Pages

If you’ve been doing pledges for the better part of the year, you will likely have an abundance of undaunted keys ready to be spent! I would highly recommend spending these keys on the opal and normal shoulder style pages, especially the ones that are very popular (outlined below)! You can get these shoulders from the undaunted vendors.

ESO Undaunted Event Guide

The Most Valuable Opal Style Pages 2019

The following were the most profitable style pages of the 2019 Undaunted Celebration, and will more than likely be just as popular and profitable this year. These style pages (not actual monster sets!) become popular because of trends in the “endgame” community, so they were, and likely still will be, the styles to seek out this year if you are looking to sell them for profit.

Engine Guardian

It is a bit of a running meme that sorcerer mains all use the Engine Guardian mask, shoulder, and even sometimes the staff. Both the normal and opalescent variants sold well.


Are you even really a DK main if you don’t have the normal Bloodspawn mask style page? The normal shoulder was also worth several million some time after the event. Many magblades also took to using the bloodspawn opal staff because of how nicely the red from the siphoning attacks buff mixed with the opalescent glow from the staff – it created a gorgeous pink glow! The opal shield was also a big hit, especially with necromancers, as it synergized well with the blue, green and purple hues of their skills’ effects.


Stamina users liked to use the Opal Ilambris sword because of the neat, blue-flame effect that it had.

Troll King

The Opal Troll King staff was one of the most sought-after opal weapon styles; it was most popular with magdens!


The Most Valuable Opal Style Pages 2020

The following style pages are new to the 2020 Undaunted Celebration Event, therefore there is no market data regarding these wares! I can only make some educated guesses given what I know about last year’s data as well as the hype that I have heard from different ESO communities on discord. Allow me to present to you what I think are going to be the most profitable Undaunted Style pages for this year’s event:


The Iceheart style was incredibly popular two years ago when it was released on the crown store (as an arms pack) and available as a rare drop upon completing Direfrost Keep. Given this fact, I believe it will be just as popular in 2020 when it will be reintroduced by way of the Undaunted Celebration. I’m guessing that the opal staff is going to be ridiculously popular among magdens and with many other players that utilize ice staves, such as tanks, or ice-mage roleplayers. I can also see the opal shield, and shoulders being a hit.

Swarm Mother

The swarm mother style is not one that you see very often in ESO. I do think that the spider-silk trailing effect that some of the weapons leave is very unique, which is why I believe that the opal staff will be popular, especially among edgier magicka classes/characters, like magblades and magnecros. The opal sword and hammer also look like they would pair nicely with stamcros.


The Opal Nightflame staff and shield look the most impressive in this collection. Anyone with a daedric/dragon-like aesthetic will likely be looking to collect these pieces.

Lord Warden

Because the Lord Warden opal mask can only come from completing vICP HM, a particularly lengthy dungeon, I’m guessing that the supply of this mask is going to be rather limited, which may lead to it being worth more than other style pages. The opal sword‘s motif is very nice as well, so I can see stamina players wanting it.

This post will be updaed every year to provide more tips and tricks for how to making gold during the Undaunted Celebration, so be sure to check back again! See you next Undaunted event!


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