Alchemy Survey “Hack” : How To Get More Cornflower, Columbine, And Other Expensive Flowers

Have you ever pulled up to your Alchemy survey and been completely and utterly disappointment by the assortment of flowers that you are presented with. STOP! Don’t harvest them! You do not have to settle for less!

How To Reset Your Survey In ESO

There is actually a little trick that you can do to offer you the chance to get some better (more expensive!) flowers. Not many players know that it is actually possible to “reset” your alchemy surveys! By running far enough away from your Alchemy survey location, you effectively reset all of the survey’s nodes. Once you run back to your survey you will see that you have been given a whole different assortment of flowers.

This trick can be done an infinite amount of times, so theoretically, if you keep resetting your survey, you could technically get an instance where ALL of your survey nodes procure cornflowers. Now wouldn’t that make quite the screenshot-worthy picture. I bet you’d get all of the karma on the ESO subreddit.

This same practice can be applied when you have multiple instances of the same survey. let’s say you’ve got 2 Grahtwood Clothier Surveys. Once you harvest all of the nodes the first time around, if you just ran to the wayshrine (that one is super close to the survey location) and then back to where you just were, because you still have another survey for that same spot, it will be reset, and you can go ahead and harvest your survey nodes a second time.

Hopefully this trick helps! I tend to reset my Alchemy surveys if I’m not too impressed with the flowers that I am given (i.e if there are no cornflowers!)

Alchemy Survey Trick

Check out my video that details this lil Survey “lifehack”!


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