What’s Hot: MARKARTH

The following items are in high demand for the Markarth Patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

-3 Proc Sets and Malacath
-Stalemate Tanks

Syvarra’s Scales

This set from Hew’s Bane is still in demand for a second patch in a row, despite the fact that ZOS fixed the bug that made it double-proc. It can drop in all kinds of weights (light, heavy and medium) when completing and turning in Thieves Guild quests. Combined with Malacath’s Band of Brutality, Syvarra’s makes for a nasty pvp set, particularly in battlegrounds. Acquiring the set in heavy armor is locked behind Thieves Guild “Heists”, which one can only do upon having completed a fair amount of the Thieves Guild main quest line, resulting in the supply being incredibly limited. I’d recommend selling well-traited heavy Syvarra’s for upwards of 500k to 1 mil gold.

Hew’s Bane
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Front bar weapons (particularly dw), Heavy Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted.

Unfathomable Darkness

This set can be acquired from The Clockwork City. Unfathomable is an expensive and sought-after set for stam pvp builds that utilize Malacath. There is also currently a bug with this set when it is used on a stamsorc that utilizes the skill: “hurricane”. The bug makes it so that the bird proc ignores the set’s cooldown and instead procs with each tick of hurricane. This exploit allows players to deal insane amounts of damage, which has increased the value of this set tenfold. Exploits aside, the crow proc from this set deals a lot of burst damage, making it a highly desirable set for pvp this meta.

The Clockwork City
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Stamina weapons (sharpened mauls are going for over 500k!), body pieces in Impen and well-fitted.

Alessian Order

Combined with the new tank set from Castle Thorn, Crimson Twilight, Alessian further compliments the tanky “stalemate” meta. Many pvpers have opted out of utilizing proc-heavy builds, and have instead strived to create builds that counter them by means of being incredibly tanky. Alessian is often used on werewolves, and crimson tanks. While builds that utilize this set are ridiculously tanky and difficult to kill, the plus side is that they can’t kill anyone in this kind of setup either. Well, maybe potatoes. You can get this set from gear coffers in Cyrodiil, as well as from the rewards coffers that drop when you do daily quests in Cyrodiil towns.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons (especially 1h and shield) , Body pieces in Impenetrable and Sturdy.

How To Get Heavy Syvarra’s Scales:

Syvarra’s Scales gear pieces in Heavy can be worth up to 1 million gold! The only way to get Heavy Syvarra’s is from the Thieves Guild Heists – check out my guide on how to easily complete them and earn tons of gold while this set is still popular!

Midyear Mayhem: Popular Sets To Sell For/During The Event

ZOS announced that Midyear Mayhem (a pvp event) will take place during the Markarth patch. Consider selling the following popular pvp sets before and during the event, as they will experience an increase in demand, and likewise, price:

  • Eternal Vigor (Western Skyrim)
  • Necropotence (Rivenspire)
  • Bright-Throat’s Boast (Murkmire)
  • Vicious Death (Elite Light Gear Coffers)
  • Crafty Alfiq (Northern Elsweyr)

Featured Post

Check out our related post all about the NEW Ancestral Reach motifs and how to get them! They are the hottest selling motif style this patch!

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Markarth patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Markarth.

Cyrodiil Citrus

These juicy oranges are needed to craft the Colovian War Torte; a NEW Alliance-War experience boosting consumable that can be eaten as is, or combined with special tomes to create another consumable that gives players an even larger boost to experience.

Cyrodiil Town Dailies
A singular Cyrodiil Citrus is guaranteed upon the completion of a town quest in Cyrodiil.

Arkthzand Sprocket

These NEW style materials are needed to create the new Dwemer furnishings that were released in the Markarth DLC.

Markarth (Daily reward and decon material)
Upon completing a daily quest in Markarth, there is a chance that you could receive a Sprocket in the rewards coffer. There is also a chance that you could receive a Sprocket upon deconstructing “Radiant Bastion” gear.

Ancestral Reach Motif Pages

These motif pages are highly sought after given the fact that they were only just recently introduced into the game in update 28, and plenty of people are yearning to adorn their characters in Reach-attire whilst questing in this zone. These motifs are also hard to get, as they only have a mere chance of dropping upon digging up a treasure map’s chest from Western Skyrim, The Reach, Arkthzand Caverns and the Greymoor Caverns. We have an entire post dedicated to this topic!

Western Skyrim, The Reach, Arkthzand Caverns and Greymoor Caverns TREASURE MAPS
These treasure maps can be attained as random loot from mobs, as well as from completing Harrowstorms.


The cost of Columbine continues to rise steadily due to a shortened supply and a heightened demand for it. Columbine is an alchemical ingredient used to craft tri-stat potions as well as immovability potions, both of which are very popular potions for pvp. Due to a lack of farming, Columbine prices have been susceptible to this price increase, much like all materials, but even more so because the demand for Columbine is extensive. The announcement of the Midyear Mayhem (a pvp event) that is going to happen during this patch has helped contribute to this escalated demand.

Convert Tel Var Into Gold During The Midyear Mayhem Event!

Watch my video about how to best convert your tel var into gold – just in time for the MYM event happening this patch!

Cyrodiil War Torte Guide

War Torte Guide

View our War Torte Guide to see how you can get your hands on the new War Torte recipes as well as the materials that are needed to craft them!


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