The Best Trading Guild Locations in ESO

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to evaluating the best trading locations in ESO and the subsequent guild traders that occupy them. The image below is a tier list that I created of just about all of the trading spots in Tamriel.

Do keep in mind that while this is a list that I have curated from consulting my own experiences, the experiences of other players, and whilst keeping in mind certain criteria that objectively distinguish a location as being desirable, this list ultimately errs on the side of being subjective and based on my opinion, so do take it with a grain of salt!

Regardless of how closely you agree with my tier list, I would suggest the following criteria to look out for when determining the desirability trading spots in ESO:

Things to look out for in a trading spot in ESO:

Things to look out for in a trading location:

Proximity to a wasyshrine

-Proximity to crafting stations

– Extra points if located in an area with an Undaunted Enclave

-Populated area

-Easily accessible zone (non DLC, not locked behind content)

-Niche/specialty market (is the zone known for selling something in particular, like furnishings, mats etc)

-Prevalence of competition (is it easily possible to be the only person selling a certain commodity in this zone)

Keeping all of the aforementioned criteria in mind, I have come up with the following tier-list. I do want to point out that while there is an abundance of locations in the traditionally “lower” grades, that does not necessarily mean that these are bad ESO trading locations, or spots that should be avoided.

In order to be a well-balanced trader, I would actually highly recommend being a part of a guild in a location that ranks lower in this list, while also aiming to be in guilds that rank high in this list. By being in a range of different locations with different markets and different kinds of customers, you can be more optimized when it comes to selling your wares.

For example, it is very unlikely that I would be able to sell gold materials for significantly higher than the current market price in the S tier locations, because I would have so much competition from both within my own guild, as well as from the sellers in all of the other top trade guilds in Rawl’Kah and Mournhold. However, I would be able to get away with selling overpriced materials in a zone like Rimmen, since there are not a lot of other people selling these materials. And I am speaking from experience! I sell my Rosin for 40% more than the going market price in my Rimmen trade guild, a feat that I would never be able to do in my Mournhold or Rawl’Kah guilds.

So do not be discouraged; do not leave your trade guilds if you find that they are lower on the list. Certain sellers synergize better with certain kinds of zones. What zone works best for you will ultimately depend on what kinds of wares you aim to sell and how serious you are about trading. Do keep in mind the fact that ESO trading guilds that rank higher on this list tend to charge higher weekly dues!

These areas that rank higher attract a lot of customers because of how optimal their locations are. This means that there you can expect for there to be a lot of eyes looking at your wares should you be apart of a trading guild in the highly ranked locations. Selling in bulk is also a practice that synergizes best in more highly ranked areas, so these spots are best if you tend to earn most of your revenue by flipping items on ESO.

ESO Best Guild Traders

The Best ESO Trading Guild Locations For PC NA

By “Other Small Towns”, I am referring to most locations that have a small assortment of traders (usually only 3) such as Balmora, Tel Mora, Morkul Stronghold etc. By “Single Traders”, I mean locations that only have one trader, such as towns (like Alinor, Davon’s Watch etc) or out in the middle of nowhere (like the trader in Tal’Deic Grounds, or the trader at Southpoint etc).

Do keep in mind that the tier list was created with data from PC NA. The “best” trading zones differ across platforms. For example, on PC EU, Vivec City is comparable to PC NA’s Mournhold, as it is the best spot to get a trader in. While Belkarth would be A or S tier on PC EU, it is only a B tier on PC NA. While the tier list graphic may not directly apply to your platform, the content discussed in this article regarding finding an ideal trader or pricing your wares accordingly is relevant to all platforms.

What do you think of this tier list? Would you swap anything around? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts, just post a comment below!


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