ESO Update 29 Changes And What They Mean For The Market & Making Gold [ESO CP Changes]

The PTS patch notes for update 29 were released recently, and they discuss a whole plethora of major changes that are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Among these many new developments, the changes to the ESO CP system in particular really stand out. If you’d like to learn more about these changes, I’d recommend watching Nefas’ video on the matter, linked below:

ESO New CP System

Watch Nefas’ video that goes over the new cp changes that will be live in update 29

ESO Craft CP

ESO Craft CP

Previously known as the Thief constellation, Craft cp affects your more casual, day-to-day ESO endeavors.

Dubbed by some as “The RP Constellation”, the Thief Constellation concerns more of your casual ESO endeavors. Think: riding your mount, harvesting and refining materials, deconning some gear after a dungeon, opening chests, fishing, etc.


Noteworthy Craft CP Passives

The following passives have either been reworked or are entirely new with update 29! I will only be going over the passives that are relevant to making gold and being gold-conscious! For a full list of all of the craft CP passives, as well as the other passives (warfare and fitness), be sure to check out Alcast’s thorough guide on the subject [coming soon]!

Something to keep in mind is that while individual passives require a certain amount of CP to unlock, more CP would be required to be able to even have the chance to unlock the CP passive in question.

For example: While it may cost 100CP to unlock the passive “Reel Technique” (decreases amount of time for fish to bite by 25%), you will first have to spend 245 CP in other CP “stars” to even be able to get to the point where you can have a chance to unlock “Reel Technique”. So in reality, it will cost 345 CP to be able to attain the Reel Technique passive if you count the CP that goes into the prerequisite stars.


The homemaker passive requires 75 CP to unlock. Once unlocked, you will have a 10% chance to find a second furnishing plan whenever you find a furnishing plan out in the world. If you do not already loot all sorts of backpacks and urns and desks whenever you are out questing, update 29 may be a good time to start!

Homemaker ESO


The haggler passive increases the cost which merchants buy goods from you for 2% per stage. Fully maxing out this passive costs 50CP, and will increase the cost by 10%.

Haggler ESO

Plentiful Harvest

You can have a 20% chance to gain double the yield from normal resource nodes per stage, and each stage costs 20 CP to unlock (5 stages total). This is an absolute must have for node farmers!

Plentiful Harvest ESO

Master Gatherer

Reduces the time it takes to harvest by 10% per stage, and each stage costs 15 CP to unlock (5 stages total). This passive also seems essential for time-efficient node farming – to make the most out of your time!

Master Gatherer ESO

Meticulous Disassembly

Improves the chances of extracting woodworking ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful resins from raw materials. This passive costs 100 CP to unlock, and since the crafting passives that normally increase your chances at refining powerful resins and extracting crafting ingredients from deconstructing gear still exist, we can only presume that this CP passive will stack with your crafting passives! Crafters rejoice! If you don’t normally refine mats or decon gear, you should consider it now!

Meticulous Disassembly ESO


Increases the value of fenced items by 15%. This passive costs 25 CP to unlock. If thieving is already a habit of yours (and if it isn’t, maybe it ought to be – you can get some pretty expensive recipes from looting homes and npcs) then this passive will further reward you by granting you a bit of extra gold for your laundered goods. Since the Legerdemain passive that increases the value of fenced items still exists, we can only presume that this CP passive will stack with your Legerdemain passive!

Infamous ESO

Fortune’s Favor

Increases the amount of gold you find in treasure chests and safeboxes by 10% per stage, and each stage costs 10 CP to unlock (5 stages total). This would be a handy passive to have not only when thieving, but also when traversing a chest-farming route.

Fortune's Favor ESO

Reel Technique

Decreases the time it takes for a fish to bite by 25%. This passive costs 100 CP to unlock, and it sounds like a must have for an evening of fishing. If you are catching fish at a quicker rate, then that means that you will have a greater amount of fish within a select amount of time. The more fish you have to filet, the more chances you get at retrieving a [Perfect Roe] from filleting them! Unfilled fish also sell for a handsome amount if you’d rather make your gold from fishing that way!

Reel Technique ESO

Angler’s Instincts

Increases the chance of catching higher quality fish by 10%. This passive costs 25 CP to unlock, and it sounds like it would pair nicely with the CP passive mentioned previously. If you are looking to make some humble earnings by means of fishing, this passive seems very complimentary to just that.

Angler's Instincts ESO
ESO New CP Passives

How The CP Changes Affect Existing Items

Regardless of your thoughts on the new CP system, one thing is for sure: because the CP cap has been increased to 3600, there is now a NEW heightened demand for gaining experience in ESO.


Prior to update 29, players would only seek to grind experience when levelling alternate toons that had not quite yet reached lvl 50, or perhaps to level up alternate skill lines for characters that were already cp level, or even grinding out cp to reach cp810. But now that there is a greater reason to grind cp because of the increased cp cap and new cp system, there will be a greater demand for the items that make the process of xp grinding much more efficient.

ESO New CP Changes

ESO XP Consumables

The following items are craftable experience-boosting consumables that should experience an increase in demand, and subsequently, an increase in value/price once update 29 hits the live server:

Psijic Ambrosia (50% boost)
Aetherial Ambrosia (100% boost)
Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia (150% boost)

Psijic Ambrosia

If you require a more thorough explanation on what these items are and how to go about crafting them yourself, I implore that you read my post that is all about making gold during ESO events, as it goes into much more detail about xp-gaining items; what they are, and how to get them.

While farming mobs in Skyreach or Spellscar or a public dungeon is a preferred method of xp grinding for many players, many also prefer to power level by turning in master writs. Master writs reward the player with an extensive amount of xp, and this amount of xp is susceptible to being increased if the player has an xp boosting buff active upon turning in the writ.

The master writ of choice for power leveling is the:

Alchemy Writ

because they are the easiest writ to complete, and most accessible, seeing as not everyone is an experienced crafter or has all of the motifs known for other kinds of master writs. It would make sense then for alchemy writs to also experience an increase in price the same way they do during ESO events that reward double XP (side note: I was selling master alchemy writs for 60k each during the new life festival! I made so much gold my Rawl’Kha trading guild leader had to reach out and ask me wtf I was doing haha. Playing the market!).

ESO Craglorn
A lot of players like to farm mobs in Craglorn. Running with a partner in Skyreach as well as running with a friend through Spellscar and slaughtering all of the mobs in sight are very common xp grinding methods. Some people even offer to sell “carries”, in the sense that for a sum of gold, they can be your partner while they farm mobs with you and help you gain xp.

ESO Experience Boosting Materials

In order to craft the experience boosting consumables mentioned above, you will need specific ingredients. If ambrosias do indeed experience an increase in price because of the increased demand for grinding cp, then the materials needed to craft ambrosias should also experience an increase in price. These materials consist of:

Aetherial Dust (an extremely rare drop obtainable from nodes in base game zones)
Perfect Roe (a rare drop from filleting fish)

ESO Aetherial Dust

Fishing For Perfect Roe

Looking to farm some perfect roe? Why not take a peak at this quick video that I made that goes over the best way to make gold while fishing – it’s not just perfect roe that can earn you gold while you fish!


Contents in the PTS patch notes are subject to change; this article has been compiled given the latest PTS data. Furthermore, I can not see into the future (as neato as that would be). While I can exercise my best judgement and make educated guesses about market trends in the future, ultimately the outcome that these changes have on the market will depend on the players – specifically the traders. Traders that are ignorant and unaware of these changes and the impacts that they bring may not follow the logical proceedings of an increased demand for a specific item (example: Impenetrable Eternal Vigor sold for 2k during Greymoor’s release, and then for 80k several months later, once sellers finally realized it was a BiS pvp set. If only these traders were aware eh?). We can do our best to educate, but ultimately, if enough people are content selling the items mentioned above for the same prices despite a surge in demand for them, the prices for the aforementioned items will likely not experience a significant increase.


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