Tribunal Celebration Event Guide & How To Make Gold During The Event

The Tribunal Celebration Event is an event on ESO that celebrates the releases of the Morrowind Chapter and Clockwork City DLC. I’ll give you a brief rundown of what the actual event entails, and if you keep scrolling, you will find my gold guide, where I will share with you my recommendations for making the most gold during this event!

Vvardenfell Event

Tribunal Event Guide

A quick guide regarding the Tribunal Celebration and what it entails

What Is The Tribunal Celebration Event?

Much like other zone-specific events, the crafting nodes that are in the zones that are specific to the event (In this case, Vvardenfell andThe Clockwork City) will yield double nodes! Drops from bosses in these zones (world bosses, delve bosses, even trial bosses) are also doubled!

Because this is an ESO event, you will also be able to receive event tickets! You will be able to receive a total of 2 tickets per day; one for completing a daily quest in Vvardenfell, and one for completing a daily quest in the Clockwork City.

There will be a chance to collect many new and unique rewards during the Tribunal Celebration Event, such as the new Doctrine Ordinator style. Tradeable versions of these gold style pages have a chance to drop from defeating any kind of boss in both Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City, or bound versions can be purchased for 5 tickets from the Impresario.

Doctrine Ordinator Style

Watch Tianlein’s showcase of the Doctrine Ordinator style!

Once a day, upon completing your first daily quest in these respective zones, you will also receive a Glorious Tribunal Coffer. These coffers guarantee you a fragment of the following collectible items:

  • The Slagtown Diver Skin
  • Microtized Vermonous Fabricant Pet
  • Thetys Remarys Bait Kit Memento

If you continue to participate in daily activities in either zone, there is also a chance for you to receive regular Tribunal Coffers, which have a reduced chance at providing the fragments for the new collectibles listed above. These collectibles may also be purchased with tickets at the Impresario.

Tribunal Celebration Event Video Guide

For a very thorough explanation of this event and the Vvardenfell and Clockwork City dailies, I would highly recommend watching ESO content creator Tianlein’s video on the Tribunal Celebration event!

Vvardenfell Event

Gold Guide

The best ways to earn gold during this ESO event

How To Make Gold During The Tribunal Celebration Event

Like other events in ESO, there are many great opportunities to make a lot of gold throughout the duration of the event! Follow the tips below to earn as much gold as possible during this event!

Selling Doctrine Ordinator Style Pages

As is the case with all event-specific style pages, you’ve gotta act fast! You can sell the Doctrine Ordinator Style pages for around 20-35k gold (PC/NA value) on the first day. Be sure to browse all of the traders in the popular trading locations (Mournhold, Rawl-Ka, Stormhaven, Vivec City etc) to see what others are listing these pages for, and base your price off of this data. I’m on PC/NA, and I often sell my event style pages for around 35k each on the first day.

The value will only depreciate from this point onward, so it’s best to sell everything that you get on the first day.

But Arttea, what if I get a style page that I really wanted to use for myself?

Sell it anyways! You can always re-acquire your desired style pages at the end of the event, when the style pages are significantly cheaper. It’s what I do! I sell my style pages at 35k each for the first day or two, then I will sell them at 10-20k for the following week or two, and then on the last day I buy all the style pages that I want for under 5k each!

Vvardenfell Dailies + Clockwork City Dailies

Because of the double drops that are active during this even, now is as good a time as ever to really grind out those daily quests in these zones. The style materials that you can get from opening the daily reward coffers as well as deconning the gear in Vvardenfell and Clockwork City are used to craft a lot of different kinds of furnishings, making them very valuable! The different style materials worth gathering to sell are:

  • Tempered Brass (Clockwork furnishings)
  • Refined Bonemold Resin (Hlaalu furnishings)
  • Polished Scarab Elytra (Redoran furnishings)
  • Wrought Ferrofungus (Telvanni furnishings)

Flipping Items From The Tribunal Celebration Event

As is the case with any event or circumstance that inflates the supply of specific items on the market, items such as the motif pages from these zones and the style materials mentioned above are going to experience a price decrease from the influx of players completing daily rewards. Around the end of this event is when you are going to find that these style materials and motif pages are as low as ever. If you have gold to spare, I’d recommend purchasing the cheapest instances of these items at the end of the event to hold on to for a while and eventually resell at a much higher price.

This notion is referred to as “flipping”. If you have ESO plus, flipping style materials will be the most comfortable endeavor as they do not take up any inventory space given the fact that they are stored in your craft bag. Flipping Apostle motif pages or any of the Vvardenfell motifs is also another worthwhile endeavor, except these motif pages do take up inventory/bank space, so that is something to consider!

If you want to know what I will be looking to flip during this event, it’s going to be the Refined Bonemold Resin (I made a whole post discussing how I created a monopoly with this item!) and the Apostle Chests and Legs. I know that these particular items are worth a lot of gold, and that they are going to be selling for a fraction of their valued prices during the event!

ESO Tribunal Event Tickets

Take Advantage Of Double Drops

If you’ve found a nice material farming route in either zone, now is the time to farm it! Not only are crafting nodes doubled, but so are drops from defeating bosses, such as gear! Deconning the gear from these zones provide valuable style materials (mentioned above).

Do recall that the final trial boss in veteran Halls of Fabrication has a chance to drop refabricated motif pages (guaranteed drop on hard mode!), and these drops are also doubled during the event! You are also usually rewarded a singular Dwarven Construct Repair Part (you get two from completing the HM), but because of the event, these drops are doubled as well, making this a great time to run some vHoF with the guildies if you are looking for some gear from this trial.


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