Proc Sets Disabled In Cyrodiil – How These ESO PvP Changes Affect The Market

Over the course of the past several months, the ESO developers have implemented a series of varying “performance tests” in Cyrodiil on the PC servers. In the middle of February, they implemented a test wherein proc sets were disabled in Cyrodiil. The devs concluded that, much like all of their other tests, the no-procs test did not impact performance in a significant manner.

However, because of a surge of overwhelmingly positive feedback from players in regards to Cyrodiil gameplay and how healthy and enjoyable these no-procs changes have been for the ESO pvp scene, it has been decided that proc sets will continue to remain disabled in Cyrodiil until update 31 launches in Quarter 3, some time in the Fall. Community Manager Gina Bruno released a post on the ESO forums that discusses this notion.

These changes promote a skill-based pvp meta, where players must rely on executing clever combos and utilizing stat-dense sets if they wish to dish out some serious damage. Players must learn how to properly position themselves and kite out the enemy if they wish to survive in this meta, as opposed to relying on proc sets to protect them, or do all of the damage for them.

If players want to pvp in Cyrodiil, they have no choice but to utilize non-proc sets. All of the sets that will work in Cyrodiil until update 31 are listed below:

Not included in this list is Shaklebreaker, which SHOULD appear on this list because it IS working in Cyrodiil

Moreover, if players wish to pvp with meta sets (the strongest and arguably best sets) until update 31, then they will be wearing the sets that I will discuss in this article.

Proc Sets Disabled In Cyrodiil? What Does This Mean For The ESO Market?

The disabling of procs has forced the hands of those interested in pvping in Cyrodiil to acquire and incorporate the aforementioned sets in their builds. Some of these sets can be obtained from dungeons, while others can be crafted or attainted from overland zones. The latter two examples provide some great ways to earn gold during these ESO pvp changes.

Because of the heightened demand for the best sets in the list above, sellers can afford to raise the prices of those set pieces and reap the benefits of these pvp changes! It may be worthwhile to dedicate some time towards getting your hands on these sets to sell for lucrative amounts of gold!


Whether you are looking to sell overland gear that you have acquired, or pvp gear that you have crafted, you are going to want to sell gear that has a pvp trait, since those are the only traits that players are going to be interested in. PvP traits include primarily Impenetrable and Well-Fitted. Sturdy is another great trait for tankier builds, so it would be wise to sell tanky sets in this trait

Selling Crafted Gear To Earn Gold

Now is a great time to craft and sell the gear sets that can be used in Cyrodiil during this period of time where procs are disabled. I’d highly recommend crafting and selling the following sets because of how prominently they are used in pvp builds during these changes to Cyrodiil:

Fortified Brass: Good for those players that still wish to play as tanks, although they will struggle to deal any damage with these changes

Shacklebreaker: A great bread-and-butter set for mag and stam builds that is very stat-heavy

Hunding’s Rage: A good damage set for stamina builds

Law of Julianos: A good damage set for magicka builds

Critical Reposte: Since everyone has lower CP in light of the new changes, stacking crit resists is also a good idea. People use Critical Reposte to do just that. The two-piece is still useful in no-proc cyro, and likewise still valuable to sell

If you are crafting weapons to sell and wondering what traits you should craft these weapons in, consider the following: staves are preferred to be sharpened, infused, or charged. Stamina front-bar weapons (like mauls) are preferred to be sharpened or nirnhoned. Backbar weapons should be infused or defending.


Selling Overland Gear To Earn Gold

Whether you find yourself questing through a zone that drops one of the following sets, or if you wish to farm these sets by means of chest farming or killing world bosses, or if you are looking to flip the following sets, you’ll find that you are partaking in a very profitable endeavor.

Consider acquiring and selling the following sets during these pvp changes, seeing as they are very commonly used in good pvp builds:

Spriggan’s Thorns: A great stam pvp set for heavy-hitting damage dealing builds

Spinner’s Garments: The mag equivalent of Spriggan’s, and equally as sought-after

Crafty Alfiq: Even prior to the disabling of procs in Cyrodiil, Crafty Alfiq has always been an incredibly strong pvp set, the only difference is that now it is more desirable than ever!

Beekeeper’s Gear: Another set that was popular before these pvp changes, Beekeeper’s is the last saving grace for players that like to play incredibly tanky during these changes. If you get any pieces in impen or sturdy they sell for a whole lot!

Farm Spriggan’s Gear

Check out this pretty amazing chest-farming route for Bangkorai. If you follow it you will run into plenty of chests, and likewise run into the opportunity to find some valuable Spriggan’s gear that you can sell during these pvp changes, when Spriggan’s is worth a LOT of gold!


Flipping Gear To Earn Gold

Not everyone knows that the previously mentioned sets are in high demand, and likewise, worth a lot of gold right now (but you do, because you’ve found a site that teaches you all about ESO trading secrets hehe). Because of the fact that there is still a substantial amount of players that are unaware of the changes to the ESO economy that the disabling of procs has caused, it is completely possible to find low-priced set pieces that you can purchase to then re-sell at a much more reasonable price.

I’ll be real with you – I’ve been spending some of my free time playing Valheim (amazing game by the way, you should totally check it out if you haven’t already – believe the hype!) and that has meant that I haven’t been spending as much time on ESO as of late. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just not on ESO nearly as often as I used to be. Despite this, I am still logging on to around 1.5 million gold each day!

How? Because I will spend about 15 minutes each day flipping sets! I spend a bit of time going around to all of these traders that are selling cheap Spriggan’s and Crafty Alfiq gear in impenetrable. I buy up all of these items for cheap (around 100g – 15k each on PC/NA), and then re-sell them at much more reasonable prices (35-85k each).

Granted, using TamrielTradeCentre’s website and advanced search tool has helped me locate these cheap items with ease, and I understand that this is a tool that is not accessible to all of the ESO player base – particularly the console players, which is truly unfortunate. However, you can still use ESO’s trader search tool to specify exactly what items you are looking for (example: “Spriggan’s”, trait: “Impenetrable) and go from trader to trader, searching up these parameters and seeing what steals you can find! Buy low, sell high! That’s the name of the game!

Regardless of how you feel about these changes to Cyrodiil, one thing is for certain: these changes create great opportunities to earn lots of gold! Good luck!


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