What’s Hot: Flames Of Ambition

The following items are in high demand for the Flames Of Ambition patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

-Because proc sets do not wok in Cyrodiil, the PC meta revolves around burst damage and stat-heavy builds

Spriggan’s Thorns

What a throwback eh? Given the fact that procs will continue to not function in Cyrodiil, Spriggan’s is one of the only sets that can be used in open world pvp. It is preferred by many stam pvpers as it is one of the heaviest-hitting options that still work in Cyrodiil, thus, the demand for this set is relatively high. This means you can charge much more than usual for Spriggan’s this patch!

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Stamina weapons (particularly maces, swords, greatswords and mauls), Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted, Jewelry.

Spinner’s Garments

This oldie (but a goodie) of a set has seen a resurgence in demand for the same reasons as it’s stam cousin, Spriggan’s. Pvpers looking to deal out massive damage in Cyrodiil this patch will have no choice but to get their hands on a set like Spinner’s, seeing as there are not a lot of other options in light of the no-procs rule that has been implemented until Q3.

Malabal Tor
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Magicka weapons (inferno & lightning staves), body pieces in Impen and Well-fitted.

Crafty Alfiq

Crafty Alfiq has always been a sought-after set, as it has always been a strong option for pvp builds. Now that it is one of the only sets that can be used in Cyrodiil, couple with the fact that it is already common knowledge that this is a great set, the prices for Crafty Alfiq have experienced a significant increase.

Northern Elsweyr
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Magicka Weapons (Inferno, Lightning, Ice & Resto Staves) , Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted


How To Get Spriggan’s Gear Easily

I have a well-received video on my YouTube channel that quickly depicts a really efficient chest route in Bangkorai! Check it out to see how you can run into a whole bunch of chests in such a little amount of time – it’s a great way to quickly accumulate Spriggan’s gear!

Hold up! Did you know that DAGGERS are considered BiS this patch for MAGICKA builds? Well, when it comes to parsing that is. Be sure to sell any daggers that you get in popular mag sets (like Mother’s Sorrow) for high prices to accommodate the overwhelming demand for them!

For reference, a PRECISE MOTHER’S SORROW DAGGER sold for up to 750k on PC during the pinnacle of the melee mag hype. As of updating this post, they currently go for around 200k.

ESO Flames Of Ambition

Featured Post

ZOS announced that procs would remain disabled in Cyrodiil (on the PC servers, although console players will be experiencing this soon enough) until Q3. Find out how this massive change affects the ESO economy.

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the FOA patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in FOA.


Because the CP cap was increased to 3600 and the entire CP system was re-worked, earning XP is a top priority for a vast majority of players. Thus, consumables that help promote this process are experiencing a surge in price. All three ambrosias have increased in price significantly!

Learned From Recipes
Psijic Ambrosia Fragments are received from completing provisioning writs, the Aetherial Ambrosia recipe can be purchased with vouchers, and the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia recipe is obtained by combining an Aetheric Cipher with an Ambrosia Recipe. Aetheric Ciphers are insanely rare drops from nodes/adds and from the jubilee event.

Aetherial Dust & Diminished Aetherial Dust

Seeing as Ambrosias are flying off the shelf this patch, naturally, the materials required to craft them are just as sought-after!

Purchased or Found
Diminished Aetherial Dust can be purchased for writ vouchers and Aetherial Dust is an incredibly rare drop from harvesting nodes in base-game zones.

Perfect Roe

Perfect Roe is necessary for making Psijic Ambrosias! Although it is the consummable that rewards the lowest amount of XP boost (50%), it is still integral to the crafting process of the other more powerful ambrosias!

Perfect Roe can be acquired as a rare drop from filleting fish!

Alchemy Writs

Completing and turning in writs (especially if you have an xp boost active) is one of the fastest ways to gain a whole bunch of xp! Seeing as all of your characters are going to want to be alchemists (for that juicy potion passive) and alchemy writs are fairly painless to complete, they are the writ of choice to spam for maximum xp gain. In light of this, their prices have tripled on PC/NA!

Daily Writs
Alchemy Master Writs have a chance to drop upon completing a daily alchemy writ, received from a writboard in any major city that has them.

Culanda Lacquer

Culanda Lacquer is needed to craft Summerset furnishings. It has been a long time since the Summerset event, which means that this valuable material’s price has fully recovered! With the introduction of all of these new lovely houses in ESO, the demand for equally lovely furnishing materials has flourished!

Summerset Dailies
You receive one (1) Culanda Lacquer in every reward coffer that you get from completing Summerset daily quests for the divine prosecution and Battlereeve Tanerline (World Boss, Delve & Geyser Dailies)


The Best Place To Grind XP & Earn Gold In ESO

Looking to grind some cp so that you can invest in some more neat passives? Wanna earn a lot of gold while you do so? Check out my favourite lil’ spot to do just that, or peep the comments to see if there are any other xp-grinding routes that resonate with you!


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